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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 18 November 2012

David Cameron Actively Encouraged and Rewarded Energy Price Hikes and Eliminated Alternative Low Cost Competition

Energy Terrorists
Energy Terrorists, British Gas. Always leading the way to Fuel Price Hikes

In another week in which we witness more wealth and corporate terrorism, David Cameron comes up with another breadcrumb to toss to the baying peasants from his luxurious dining table.

During economic crisis, the energy companies began cashing in, making huge profits from customers. Alternative efforts were made by entrepreneurs to provide low cost renewable solar energy to everyone. It also created jobs.


However, because it denied David Cameron and his greedy wealthy friends from making a profit, Cameron decided to eliminate the competition and shut down solar panel companies, sacking workers who had hopeful new futures just before Christmas last year. In fact, he is on record as having specifically made a point of demanding the sackings take place at Christmas, just he had also just returned from a visit to Afghanistan to announce to parliament that he wanted to cut the salaries of serving soldiers, risking their lives. He also deliberately timed this to rendezvous with Christmas too.

Energy Minister, John Hayes fumbles his way through defending Energy Terrorism and promoting another of David Cameron's false pretenses

More policies specifically timed to coincide with the festive season last year were plans to axe the Winter Fuel Allowance, particularly targeting the elderly, with further attacks on them to follow, including raiding their pensions, proposals to force the elderly to work for their pensions, stealing their life savings and forcing them to give up their homes. He actively supported hikes in energy prices by rewarding his wealthy friends, such as `Sir' Roger Carr, former chairman of energy terrorists, British Gas (Centrica). His honour for services to business was to axe the jobs of hundreds of Cadbury staff and to hike up fuel prices by 7% just in time for the Arctic winter to hit hard-up families struggling to pay heating bills. Carr appeared on the Queens New Years Honours list last year and received a knighthood, among a list of Mr Cameron's other wealthy pals and city bankers.