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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: David Cameron, George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith, (a.k.a. Minister for Manslaughter)

Dumb Brits
Britain in 2013


On Hunger Strike, George Rolph
It is IMPORTANT that we share this as widely as possible and bombard the mainstream media with it and enlist the help and support of celebrities. Suicides are rapidly on the increase throughout the UK, with the case of  Stephanie Bottrill being only briefly covered by the media. If the TV news media refuse to highlight this desperate cry for help and continue avoiding it, then every journalist reading their daily script in front of a TV camera should hang their heads in shame.  If `we' fail in our obligation to protect and defend the human spirit, then we cannot weep for ourselves when it comes to us. George Rolph and Stephanie Bottrill are NOT just names or numbers. If you regard them as such, then you by default endorse their fate. My motto is, "If we continue to give Evil an acceptable level by rationale, then we become that evil by giving it sanctuary!"  WAKE UP.  IT'S NOT A BAD DREAM ANYMORE.

I saw this posted on Facebook. Please listen and help:

We MUST not forget how the criminals named in the title, above mocked and vilified the despairing people of Greece, while suicides were rampant. They mocked and vilified Cancer sufferers in parliament. The sickening depravity goes on, while we, (whether we like it or not) contribute to it by our apathy and indifference and succumb to the vicious and strategic "Divide & Conquer" socially engineered culture, implemented on May 2010 to incrementally eradicate compassion from society while we slumber. We wait and thank Government for providing us with an excuse, so that we can sleep soundly at night, while David Cameron's exported right wing extremism returns to Britain to draw attention away from him to find another convenient scapegoat.



We need something to take our mind off things

If you want an excuse, be prepared to set the old one aside, while a defenseless ethnic minority we prepared earlier can be put in place. But, never forget the old excuse. You know the one, "Why should we pay our taxes to provide a decent roof over people's heads and put food on their table and protect the most vulnerable and defenseless from a cruel virus, called recession? Let them suffer or die. Why should my taxes pay for hospital treatment or even a bed for the terminally ill, when they can die at home or on a nice quiet street? Most of them are only children or old people anyway. They are a waste on resources!" Besides. "What are our taxes meant to be spent on?" I'd rather have them spent on bullets and things like depleted uranium that deforms newborn babies, giving them diseases that continues on for generations. I'd rather my taxes are spent on bombs that are dropped on civilians and to pay for the media to deceive and distract me so that I need not concern myself with it. They already do a fine good job of helping me forget all about the world after a hard day at the office. You gotta look after Number One. Life is what you make it, and I've worked damn hard all my life to get where I am today!"

Cameron's Cull Victims Group

Cameron's Death Toll

Disabled People Against Cameron's Cull

Ignorance makes us all complicit.
Denial is the first stage of submission.

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Monday, 27 May 2013

UPDATE: David Cameron `again' invokes the Hegelian Dialectic by Exploiting a young mans brutal death

Murdered soldier Drummer Lee Rigby, R.I.P.

The savage and barbaric murder of Lee Rigby on a London street last week shocked many of us. However, already this has subsided, and it is this which is much more frightening. 

As a result of this brutal murder, two things happened which we have dangerously overlooked, and it once again demonstrates the sickening depths to which David Cameron will stoop. The attack ought to have focused our attention on how we, as a society have changed since Cameron's installment in power in 2010. Following this savage act in Woolwich, speculation flooded the internet that it was a staged False Flag incident, and I admit that I may be partly responsible for that, with a post warning of such speculation. However, this is not without its merits, as the wider point being made seems to have been missed, since while the family of army drummer, Lee Rigby were visiting the scene of his death, Cameron's vultures barely even gave them time to read the messages of condolence, as the Government quickly swung into action to cruelly exploit the horrific murder (see: . While the grieving family were at the scene, Home Secretary, Theresa May conveniently saw it as an opportunity to announce plans to revive what had previously been dubbed the Snooper's Charter to enforce internet privacy laws, allowing the British Government to further infringe upon our civil liberties with more spying on our internet activity. This had previously been blocked by Cameron's coalition partners. If we have learned anything by now, it ought to be how utterly predictable Mr Coincidence is, since he blatantly makes no effort to hide his sadistic intentions, often going to great pains to flaunt them right in our faces, consistently demonstrating his contempt for the people by his familiar gloating and rubbing salt into their wounds. Do we really need to list a catalog of examples? How quickly have we forgotten a week that could be characterized as being David Cameron's darkest moment, including the revolt against his gay marriage policy, another against his stance on Europe and a week that emphasized a growing threat from UKIP, amongst other problems that threatened his leadership. Amidst all this, in typically heartless characteristic form, Cameron made a brief statement on the murder to the media on Downing Street before swanning off to Ibiza on holiday immediately afterwards. The media focus on his woes subsided following the murder of drummer Rigby.

Enforcing Apathy:

As a society, we seem to have failed to notice how the murder of young Lee Rigby has changed us, and somebody somewhere was observing our changing behavior. This is the typical role of the Tavistock Institute. The media coverage, showing us the bloody aftermath of the soldiers killing ought to have horrified us to the extent where the mainstream press and media would have been deluged with public outrage. Instead, it gave the killers a platform and displayed an almost relaxed view of the barbaric slaying, with additional expressions such as `beheading' and `hacking' being applied for descriptive drama, while a young mans body lay in the middle of the street. In my efforts to alert the world to the dangers of "Apathy", public reaction couldn't have demonstrated the urgency for awareness of this esoteric `virus' more clearly. As feared, on the day afterwards, newspapers throughout the country openly displayed on their front pages the image of one of the killers presenting the fresh blood of the victim soaked onto his hands and on the weapons he had just used. It seemed that this guy was putting on a show, and that his expressions and gestures had been choreographed. This graphic display was on view for children to see throughout every shop and store in the land. I felt helpless seeing all this horror on exhibition while parents seemed oblivious. However, much worse than this, it epitomizes the character of the society we have become, desensitizing our social acceptance, perhaps in preparation for what is yet to become and validating David Cameron's strenuous efforts to eradicate compassion from society completely.

A young man lay dead on the street, who moments before could have been contemplating his future or something as simplistic as his plans for the weekend. He could never have imagined that shortly afterwards, he would be a subject for a voyeuristic nation, incrementally disconnecting from its humanity. 

Familiar Patterns:

Since 9/11, it has not been difficult to identify familiar patterns in alleged terror incidents, more recent example being Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings. Of course, the `Coincidence Theorists' would dismiss this immediately without bothering to cross reference each individual incident as every worthy meticulous researcher must do. For example, nobody in the mainstream media has challenged the striking similarities to the events surrounding the 7/7 London bombings in 2005.

Update 17 July

Having just been sent this compelling article from a follower of the Apathy Kills Facebook page it was noticeable how the latest alleged revenge attacks on mosques in the UK have lately been dubbed, `terrorist' related by the deceitful mainstream media, who had previously dubbed the alleged killers of drummer Lee Rigby as `terrorists?' In light of other carefully designed global events this wasn't too difficult to predict. After the news of the brutal killing was widely reported, I wrote in my blog article how Jon Snow, Channel 4 News anchorman referred to the killers as `Gunmen', implying `terrorists'. Hmm!!! Notice another pattern emerging yet? I'm sure I wasn't the only one who's instant reaction to his comment was, "Where the hell did that come from?" The Tavistock Institute know that by the application of the word `Terrorist' into the public mindset, that it will justify imposing further violations on Civil Liberties, which David Cameron has been bending over backwards to enforce insistently. For example. During George Osborne's recent spending review, where everyone was hit by yet more cuts (a.k.a. raiding national assets), the only place to actually receive funding, and by no small amount was GCHQ, the Government public spying operations centre, as well the other intelligence services. The mainstream media only mentioned this briefly on passing.

Also, as a result of this update, I was kindly sent this video from the Kent Freedom Movement. It is well presented walkthrough in which author, Nick Kollerstrom sets the stage for the events surrounding the apparent murder of drummer Lee Rigby. As a film maker myself, Nick guides us through the events of that fateful day in an almost movie director like fashion, revealing a carefully laid out plan, choreographed in the now familiar pattern focused on throughout this blog. Having planned to visit Woolwich myself, I'm grateful that this demonstration has saved me the time. Please listen carefully to what both Nick and Deborah are saying, as I do realise that this request is lost in the minds of Coincidence Theorists:


Saturday, 25 May 2013


  This helps explain how our view of the world and our place in it is grossly manipulated and exploited to the extent where we no longer know who we truly are.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

Chatham house: 

The Brookings Institute, a Tavistock brainwashing think tank. It is closely associated with Chatham House, a branch of the Rothschild “Round Table”, being funded by Lynn Forrester de Rothschild as well as the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Milgram Experiments





  More to follow.........














Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Oklahoma Tornado and Weather Modification

Right now as we witness more evidence on the escalation in climate and environmental devastation as seen in Oklahoma, no doubt there will be speculation on the involvement of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), an ionospheric program. However, we ought to exercise caution in giving ammunition to the `Coincidence theorists', who will be on standby to savage any suggestion of a Conspiracy without any due consideration whatsoever. Of course, speculation is inevitable and we MUST be prepared to draw a line before pursuing the events in Oklahoma any further. I don't know enough about the frequency of Tornadoes in that particular region to make an informed judgement, although apparently it is Tornado season in the U.S. and given the particular geography of the area, they are quite common. Having said that, such a storm as Hurricane Sandy hitting New York in close succession and the escalation in False Flag attacks is another story though.

However, one thing we can rely on is the inevitable illogical character of the Coincidence theorist. Any suggestion of weather modification will undoubtedly be met with instant rebuke and mockery, without even considering or contemplating any remote presentation of evidence. This typical response is what I call, "Taking the batteries out". In other words, they just switch off and any hope of reason or rationale is lost in something that is already `dead'.

Fact: There has been a dramatic and substantial increase in erratic environmental and climatic global devastation in just 10 years alone.  

Fact: Weather modification technology is hardly new. So, if anyone challenges it, first point them to 1977, then surprise them further by directing them towards Hungarian Scientist, Nikola Tesla in 1910. 

Fact: As integral to the globalist agenda of population reduction, they must:
  • Justify a reason for introducing a `Tax on air', i.e. Carbon Tax. 
  • Convince us that we are to blame, so must be `culled' (a word incrementally socially engineered into our mindset so that we eventually find ourselves accepting it and quoting the word more frequently in terms of rationale)
Fact: Follow the pattern, as so often referred to throughout this blog. Since the global economic crisis (approximately 2008), a radical Eugenics program has been implemented by design. For example, a rise in `right wing extremism' throughout Europe to scapegoat ethnic minorities and the most vulnerable (a.k.a. imperfect or non-productive humans) in society, with the sole aim of creating a culture that views `people' as a waste on resources. This is already becoming socially acceptable in the UK, gradually developed since 2010. This is also to draw attention away from the Globalist "New World Order" agenda.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

David Cameron & Syria: A Sadistic Bloodthirsty Demon In Our Midst - Please Wake Up

So-called Syrian rebels follow familiar barbaric patterns throughout Arab Spring. Script prepared on behalf of so-called Free Syrian Army

As demonstrated throughout this blog, we know by now that the Arab Spring, as it became known was instigated by David Cameron, almost immediately upon his `installment' into Government by the UK arms industry. However, the media has kept us distracted long enough to overlook the part of "Mr Coincidence" in the Arab regions. This is aided by a determined effort to avoid the same public outcry as Cameron's bench-warmer, Tony Blair provoked. With this in mind, instead of committing British military forces on the ground, as War Criminal, Tony Blair did in Iraq, Cameron surreptitiously had British special forces sent into the region to ignite instability and arm proxy rebel fighters. This had been reported on UK mainstream media news from the onset as British intelligence operatives were apprehended in Tunisia, prior to the overthrow of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. Similar news stories emerged afterwards in Egypt, where British Government agents were caught again in preparation for the overthrow of President Mubarak. The same pattern was repeated throughout the whole region, with a bloodthirsty David Cameron strategically visiting each conquered Arab territory in the aftermath of the bloodshed, with his arms teams tagging along to sell British made weapons

In the subsequent horror that followed, it has become incrementally safe for the mainstream media to refer to the manufactured proxy rebel fighters as "foreigners", `only' because they are drawn from a database of former Mujahideen and other fundamentalist groups that the CIA (a.k.a. Cocaine Import Agency) used in other covert operations in places such as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo. This database is better known in its Arabic translation, "Al-Qaeda", and they are the same people sent in to destabilize each region, from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria, funded, as we know, by the British Government.

These proxy rebel fighters follow a familiar traditional pattern of barbaric depravity, as demonstrated in my films. We have previously seen what they do to captured Government defence forces in all the aforementioned regions. Commonly repeated horrific scenes have been public hangings, beheadings, prisoners tortured, organs cut out and trampled on, limbs being hacked off with machetes, children being mutilated in Sirte, Libya in David Cameron's determination to capture and execute Gaddafi. (WARNING: These films do contain disturbing and distressing scenes.)

How much more will it take to show the British public what kind of demonic sadistic psychopath they have in Government? How much longer are we going to tolerate people making excuses for an increasingly depraved society? Ten years ago there would have been national public outrage if anyone had so much as even taunted someone who had some form of disability or illness. It would have been regarded as cruelly immoral, unethical and inhumane and totally unacceptable. Today, amid a deliberate erosion of compassion, we adjust it to make it more palatable for acceptance.

The gradual destruction of the NHS to `sacrifice' patients in order to justify selling it to Goldman Sachs, as arranged on 15 March 2012

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Shame on UK Mainstream Media For Failing the Victims of Cameron's Cull

R.I.P. Stephanie Bottrill. Murdered By Government

Remember the name, Stephanie Bottrill.  If we were expecting to hear more on the despair of this poor woman and the rapidly increasing suicides caused by the man known as "The Minister For Manslaughter", Iain Duncan Smith, we were shamefully let down by the British mainstream media, with the occasional exception of Channel 4. Most of the main TV stations barely even mentioned the story during `peak' evening news time, avoiding drawing too much attention to the despair of the most vulnerable and defenseless people throughout the UK. Since May 2010, David Cameron (former PR man/Spin Doctor) has embarked on a vicious, sadistic campaign against the sick, disabled and terminally ill and the most vulnerable victims of the Bankster crisis. He has established a cruel record for ruthlessly "vilifying and mocking" the weak and defenseless, while rewarding his banker friends with huge bonuses, honours and tax avoidance and implementing a "Divide and Conquer" strategy to "scapegoat" the first victims of the recession virus.  Sadly, the subdued Brits have a reputation for being malleable and naive and are completely oblivious to the fact that they are being exploited and manipulated, unaware that they are endorsing their own fate when it reaches them.
Iain Duncan-Smith
The Minister For Manslaughter,
Iain Duncan Smith

The only place that the distressed could have hoped to hear their desperate cry for help was the mainstream media. They have bowed to substituting a British Humanitarian crisis for a political one, thus giving human suffering credibility. Frankly, the British media ought to be bloody ashamed of themselves for abandoning and betraying people crying out in despair. However, since David Cameron lost in his attempt to gain BSkyB for Rupert Murdoch, he has found other ways to control the media. He has exploited every opportunity to blackmail, bully and intimidate them to bend to his will, even to the point of `again' wasting more money spent on the Leveson Inquiry, so that he could arrogantly dismiss its recommendations.

Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls pathetically attempts to rationalize such barbaric cruelty, while his party turned its back on the most vulnerable by sacrificing them to become the target for political debate, resulting in giving evil an acceptable level. Bankers bonuses or the £10,0000 wasted on Margaret Thatchers funeral could have saved this poor woman and so many others. Baroness Thatcher's funeral was stage managed by David Cameron in another one of his familiar demonstrations of utter contempt and twisting the knife into victims to maximize the pain. We can reasonably assume that feigned tears of George Osborne focused on at the funeral, was on the public relations advice of David Cameron, especially when they are tears from someone who has openly expressed disdain for compassion.


What have they done in your name?
David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson and the rest of the Tory `Nasty' Party mocked the people of Greece after a wave of suicides. They mocked and abused Cancer sufferers and Charities in the UK, even to the extent where they attempted to block Charities from receiving charitable donations. They make no secret of their disdain for the Human Rights Act, which they want abolished. They abolished Legal Rights to the poor and most vulnerable to prevent them from defending themselves.  Now, unbeknown to an increasing number of gullible working Brits, they too are victims by their own choosing through endorsing division, which is traditionally designed to prevent revolution. Little do they realise, they are surrendering their own rights, as nobody will hear their cries when it comes to them.....

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Saturday, 11 May 2013


Would you let serial killers Ted Bundy or Jack The Ripper be your Government?

Silly question, right! The most common form of unnatural death is Democide. It is responsible for over a staggering 290,0000 deaths. That is an equivalent to the population of the U.S. And, it gets much worse. When you watch your loved ones die from illness, the cause of their deteriorating health is not the illness itself, but the prevention of a cure. As well as the heart-wrenching TV ads and campaigns on the countless suffering and deaths throughout Third World regions, such as Africa, these deaths along with the loss of those you love are preventable, saving millions of lives. And, I'm afraid, it gets even worse. Most of these illnesses, viruses and diseases are manufactured in an increasingly manufactured world. However, there is no `profit' in a cure, but huge `profit' in suffering and death. 

I have expanded much more on this on my 2009 website, currently under repair. It refers to the manufacture of AIDS by the Rockefeller Foundation, distributed by the UN, using the Smallpox vaccinations as a Trojan horse throughout Africa in 1977, under the Carter administration. The evidence is made available on my website, which I hope to have up and running again, after repairing my blog, since posts are starting to disappear. (If anyone knows a better method of restoring deleted blogger posts, I'd be immensely grateful for any help).

Frighteningly, more of us today are proposing arguments for population control. This is due to the Globalist media churning out propaganda on climate change, thereby accusing mankind of its own fate, thus justifying the necessity for our incremental eradication. This debate leads us into the realms of science and religion, both of which are volatile subjects. So, I will try to find common ground. Let us refer to Jesus Christ as a scientist, and actually give thoughtful consideration to the things he said. For example, the Parable of the Birds of Heaven and the Lilies of the Field. He's talking about how nature provides balance. He's talking about how an animal dies and its corpse provides nutrients for other creatures or fertilizes the ground. He's talking about how nature provides natural remedies for our ailments. In many ways he's also endorsing Paganism, which only the controlled religious institutes sought to make a divisive issue of.

(I will elborate further on this topic in an extended article and films currently being prepared. More to come...)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


David `Lucifer' Cameron
Today, he is in the UAE selling weapons as always, just as he has done on his now frequent arms dealing tours in the region ever since he began the "timely" Arab Spring in 2010, immediately after being placed in power by his former cabinet minister Liam Fox's defence industry friends. Cameron feigned concern over the latest British soldiers killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan while in a Mastiff armoured vehicle, deemed one of the safest. David Cameron said he would consider "carefully" how the deaths had occurred. Yet, notice how the media `again' neglected to focus on the familiar consistencies in Mr Coincidences outrageously overt pattern. Only the media could distract us from noticing the blatant convenient timing, a record of which I have kept track of, as detailed in my films included on this blog. The only reason why this heartless psychopath expressed any concern over the bombing is because he was `coincidentally' in the United Arab Emirates, with the UK manufactured `Mastiff Armoured Vehicle' on his shopping list for Sale. So, in the event of any "Coincidence Theorists" disputing my claim, why haven't the corporate mainstream media recorded every trip that David Cameron has made to the middle east since May 2010?  The only broadcaster to do so was Press TV, and guess what? David Cameron had them thrown out and banned from the UK.

Not a single dissenting voice to be heard in a shameful UK public silence

"So, where are those who support `welfare' cuts now?"  "Why is the `corporate' media NOT asking the relevant questions?" And, "What was the real reason for David Miliband quitting UK politics?

Don't be surprised if instability follows in the United Arab Emirates in the aftermath of Cameron's visit., since as his record shows that anyone who does not comply with him, always suffer drastic consequences afterwards. Did anyone else notice the backup plan, should the UAE refuse to buy UK weapons, re. the news of the UAE being guilty of Human Rights violations and torture? Since when did Mr PR, David Cameron give a damn about Human Rights violations and torture, when he is guilty of sadistically inflicting it himself, as the obvious evidence shows? You always know when the Globalists are about to invade, since their trademark calling card is to accuse target regions of Humanitarian violations. The point is that despite such regions are actually guilty of such abominable crimes against humanity, it never bothered the globalists before, since in most cases, it was them who placed these so-called dictators in power as caretakers of greedy globalist wealth. Another sign of globalist invasion is how the target regions change from being referred to as Governments to `Regimes' and `Dictatorships' to plant the seed of disdain in the gullible sheeple back home.

Charity launched to help feed starving UK kids | The Sun |News

Charity launched to help feed starving UK kids | The Sun |News