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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Price that Charlie Sheen has to pay for questioning the 9/11 lie

Other celebrities who question the 9/11 lies

It was predictable that it would only be a matter of time that Charlie Sheen would pay the price for speaking out on 9/11. If they can't assassinate you in a way that would expose the assassins and their motives, they assassinate your character instead. The CIA rule is that, "Celebrities aren't entitled to an opinion. They are public figures placed in a glamorous position to promote only the messages we want them to. If they stray from this, we will destroy them by any means at our disposal!"

It's the classic, traditional modern form of assassination by the CIA. Gone are the days of a bullet through the head from a sniper, or a staged suicide. Today, they create scandal about you, so out of proportion that you cannot even venture out into the public or show your face, until you become a virtual prisoner in your own home. This will eventually weigh heavy upon you, to the extent that the expected result is that you finally buckle under the pressure and take some form of medication, prescribed or otherwise. You can no longer trust your corporate controlled doctor, since the pharmaceutical companies rely on them to sell their products, and it is obviously much more profitable selling them to celebs.  The more broken stars, the better for them. (see my Michael Jackson post) The only other option is to turn to alcohol and drugs. Your friends can't gain access to you while you are constantly under siege by the media. The only option you have for companionship is hiring a prostitute, who will profit from selling their story. Charlie Sheen is being battered until he breaks, so that his challenge to the 9/11 myth will be so severely discredited, that the result will make everyone who challenges that myth look like unstable crackpots.

Of course, Charlie Sheen has a reputation for being a bit of a wild guy, perhaps more so in his early days. He'll admit that himself and openly confess about his transgressions. That is a stigma hung around his neck, ready to be manipulated and wheeled out at any given moment. Charlie will admit that some of what is currently being said by the corporate owned media is true, but most of it, approx 90% is utter garbage. Those who believe the media are undoubtedly more unstable that he is accused of being.

Charlie Sheen's crime was his contribution to history. He is telling the 9/11 story in the hope that it will be recorded in the history books that your great grandchildren will read. He simply wants the "truth" to be recorded, not manufactured.