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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 24 December 2010

Other unheeded warnings before 9/11

The above article comes from The Christian Science Monitor. I have deliberately omitted one word included in the title, that word being Christian, anticipating a particular response. What does that tell us about ourselves and our Pavlovian conditioned mindset? Edward Bernays would be proud. If it will induce slightly more comfortable reading, this has nothing to do with bible thumping or ranting. It relates to an article in a journal. It is in relation to 9/11, taken from a link on my websites media page: Apathy Kills 

It explains the intelligence operation codename for the 9/11event, The Big Event. Incidentally, "The Big Event" was actually the codename for the JFK assassination. The CIA False Flag operation to slam passenger planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was codenamed, The Big Wedding. (aka: Al Ourush al-Kabir). The reason for the this name is in homage to a Rothschild wedding. Sir Evelyn De Rothschild and his new bride, millionairess Lynn Forrester, spent their honeymoon in front row seats on the morning of 9/11. You may not understand any of this if you aren't already aware that for over 200 years the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have historically used their agents to infiltrate and bring down Governments. Every major war, revolution or insurrection from the crusades (Knights Templar, aka: Freemasons > Illuminati) onwards can be attributed to the Rothschild family. The Rockefellers initially came to prominence as agents for the Rothschilds to establish a branch in the Americas, while the Rothschilds conquer the continents of the eastern hemisphere, eg. Europe, Africa, Asia etc. Their 9/11 initiated plan is almost complete, as nations fall like dominoes as a result of the 2008 designed global recession. From 2009, one by one nations were plunged into eternal debt, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal etc, while the more impoverished regions of the world fell victim to the esoteric weather modification technology, known as HAARP, eg. New Orleans, the 2005 Tsunami, Haiti and Pakistan, (the latter subjected to $900bn in eternal debt). From 2011, more alleged natural disasters are scheduled, as are false flag terror events. These will accelerate because the apex of an event expected to occur in late 2012, which the elites fear. However, at that time, it may barely be noticeable. That event is an awakening of a collective conscience of mankind, although, some have wrongly misinterpreted the Mayan calender to signal the end of times. It simply means that more of us will be enlightened and aware, and should not be narrowed down to some doomsday galactic collision course with Nibiru, aka, Planet X. Although, it does raise the question about D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Bases) but that's another topic on my website.
HAARP facility, Northern Alaska

However, I digress. In time, agents of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers would eventually be consolidated into the CIA (1947), MI5/MI6, Mosad and others.

Below, I have taken an exert from my website to explain the definition of "False Flags".

False Flag Operations are what the Government uses as pretexts or excuses for war. Its the age old method the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have been using for some time now, whereby they set up and carry out bogus terror attacks and blame it on the nations enemies. These enemies are often deliberately created. Such common examples are Pearl Harbor, the attack on the US Maddox in the Gulf Of Tonkin to ignite the Vietnam War, the Arab/Israeli conflict in 1967, 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Martial Law UK

UK police chief and Freemason, Sir Paul Stephenson is demanding that martial law be imposed by the UK's Nazi Tory Government coalition, following violence at student protests over the betrayal by puppet, Nick Clegg on the hike in student tuition fees. At this point nobody can fail to have noticed how Clegg has more recently significantly changed his rhetoric when being interviewed by the media. On a Channel 4 News interview on 22 December 2010, over a further betrayal by Clegg on his own party colleagues, Vince Cable and others, it became apparent that Mr Clegg had spent some considerable time rehearsing his interview, like a best man before a wedding reception. The interview was clearly staged, as I found myself beginning to lose count of how many times he'd blamed the previous Labour Government for the current economic crisis, when we all know by now that it is a global crisis, caused solely by the bankers, and cannot possibly be attributed to "sovereign" Government. 

When British PM, millionaire David Cameron took office and received his orders from Rothschild representative, Mervin King, he was made aware of what was to come, since it had already been planned as integral to implementing the New World Order. We already know of Cameron's timely lambasting of Pakistan as a terrorist state, while he visited India, just as Pakistan was hit by catastrophic floods, his deliberate remarks causing considerable apathy, thus lack of charitable aid, which incidentally, the banks takes back and pockets, with interest, as debt. We already know the lack of media coverage, choosing instead to cover an irrelevant cricketing scandal and the already established healthy well being of a group of trapped Chilean miners.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the Nazi agenda is being gradually implemented by truly evil people. Already, we have been conditioned to accepting that UK police officers can literally get away with murder and GBH, following their murder of Brazilian Charles De Menezes, followed by that of Ian Tomlinson and continuous unprovoked brutal assaults on peaceful protesters. It is hardly surprising then that students, exercising their civil rights know what to expect from them. Imposing martial law now officially sanctions such brutal force.

It is now apparent that police officers and intelligence agencies infiltrate demonstrations to deliberately stir up violent confrontation. This is the reason why it is now "illegal" to record police activity during such protests, and undercover officers have been seen returning back to their police stations following disturbances. These tactics are certainly nothing new, as the state has to exert controlling the masses over galvanizing public support through the media in order to make evil look good. After all, Vince Cable's critical remark about Media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch was no coincidence.

As has already been demonstrated, traitor Nick Clegg over exaggerated his role to the media, and already, due to the ongoing Pavlovian conditioning, we'd barely even noticed Cameron's role in the suffering of the people of Pakistan. We must wake up. "None are so deceived than those who want to be blind!"

Monday, 20 December 2010

Julian Assange is a NWO excuse for censorship. Hero or agent?

Senator Jay Rockefeller's pursuit  for an end to the internet on behalf of his family interests can now be seen as being gradually implemented. Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is one of the first victims. Assange, an active supporter of the Truth Movement exposes the NWO and is conveniently hit with trumped up charges of invented sexual assault. If they don't make you disappear in an accident or suicide, they'll character assassinate you. It should be pretty obvious to everyone by now that this is what is happening to Julian Assange. The NWO is attacking our free speech and Mr Assange is being used as an excuse for internet censorship. However, is Julian Assange a hero, a patsy or an agent for the NWO?

It is increasingly laughable how the US continuously portrays itself as a freedom loving democracy, when it should be abundantly obvious to everyone that this scrotum of Babylon has the most appalling record on human rights than any other country in the world, and any rogue state outside the US  that engages in such hidden abuses almost certainly has the stench of CIA encrusted all over. Upon the illegal imprisonment of Julian Assange, the immediate response from sitting and senior US politicians was to call for "the execution of Mr Assange!"  Execution? Hello! Didn't anybody else pick up on this? Hasn't `anyone' noticed the deliberate media downplay of this? For God sake, "WAKE UP!" These lunatics are openly calling for the execution of people for exercising their human rights for Free Speech and exposing their criminal activities and corruption. Which is more deplorable and frightening, advocating capital punishment for exercising civil liberties OR the grossly apathetic lack of outcry for such frightening statements?? It is another attempt to break the will of the people, and perhaps more worryingly we will succumb and submit to it by the means of denial, as always.

Since 9/11, global environmental devastation has  increasingly accelerated, notably killing millions in the most impoverished regions of the world, e.g. Hurricane Katrina, The Boxing Day Tsunami, Haiti and Pakistan etc. In addition, to cruelly and sadistically twist the knife in deeper, the World Bank invades these "crippled beyond repair" regions, while the suffering die, to pick out survivors for enslavement by eternal debt. All this while illegal wars are being engineered,  increasing the mountains of human bodies and unimaginable, and untold hidden suffering, thus further enslaving more in eternal debt, while the raids by the world bank for natural resources escalates, to steal and sell back to the distressed and despaired. Designed global recession to enslave nations, as they tumble like dominoes, continued increased false flag terror attacks, sexual assault at airports. Next, the embedded chip.

Isn't it only a matter of time that since 9/11 people would start asking questions? When they become so  dangerously empowered to the point where they can, they get assassinated in some form, just as Bobby Kennedy was.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Journey

"A man should not be measured by his wealth or status, but by his natural intelligence, intellect and humanity. To do otherwise is to worship a fool. For, if a pauper can disarm a man without having to raise his sword, then who is the more virtuous and honorable man? Then, what worth is a woman who lays beside the fool? If a lonely man can carry the head of a demon in one hand, and his bloody sword in the other through rugged terrain, how courageous is the fool on a gilded horse, protected in glamorous palaces in the company of fools? When a man works tirelessly for his own servitude, without the virtue of awareness, then how false is his existence, while a wise man looks upon the earth with enlightenment, his sword drawn and wings unfolded!" (To be contd.) - Glenn Gordon

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

JFK and the 5 Presidents

If we know that the leader of the most powerful nation in the world has access to the most secretive information, then why wouldn't he disclose what we all know to be true? Why wouldn't he reveal the real identities of all those involved in the JFK assassination? The truth has to be that he doesn't possess such authority, or at least, the information that he is privy to is on a "need to know" basis. However, on becoming US president, Bill Clinton assigned an old friend, Webster Hubbell to the justice department as associate attorney general, with two specific instructions - one: to find out who killed JFK and to find out if there were UFOs . He was stone walled. It is not unreasonable to conclude that as a consequence, Monica Lewinski was wheeled out as a warning. It should also not go unnoticed that there is an increasing body count of people connected to Clinton's past. If Obama was to release all the classified records on the assassinations of JFK, his brother Bobby and Martin Luther King, imagine the consequences. So, the question then becomes, who or what prevents any president of the US from releasing such information? Who could possibly have such power and authority? The answer to such a question has to be whoever holds the purse strings. Who controls the Government budget? Whoever it is, also obviously controls information. The answer is the banks, and owners of the banks, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Each president is provided with an adviser. The adviser is the liaison between the Whitehouse and the Rockefeller family. The Rockefellers have been mentors or very closely associated to every US president since 1910. Also, every CIA Director from its inception in 1947 has been appointed from Wall Street. All this means that Obama is no different to any other president and is in some way complicit in the JFK assassination, which would make it much more easy for him to denounce a new 9/11 investigation.
  1. LBJ was under investigation for the 1947 Box 13 incident and other serious crimes and was about to be indicted in 1963. If so, all his powerful oil buddies and personal assassin, Malcolm Wallace would go down with him. That disappeared with the death of JFK. Wallace had previously been charged with the murder of LBJs alcoholic sister Josefa Johnson and her lover, Douglas Kinser. LBJ had him released.
  2. Incidentally, Wallace’s fingerprints were the only ones categorically identified in the TSBD.
  3. It is well known that LBJ hated the Kennedy's, especially Bobby. LBJ blocked Jim Garrison from calling sacked former CIA chief, Allan Dulles to give evidence, along with other key witnesses.
  4. LBJ was a close friend of J. Edgar Hoover. Indeed they were neighbours. Hoover also hated the Kennedy's and was about to be fired as FBI Director.
  5. LBJ reversed JFKs plan to withdraw from Vietnam. This order was dated 21 November 1963, the eve of the assassination.
  6. Nixon's Operation 40 group of assassins were set up while he was Vice President to Eisenhower. They were assigned to bring down Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs. When this failed, JFK was blamed.  As a consequence they were re-assigned to Dallas to kill JFK. They included, Frank Sturgis, David Morales and E. Howard Hunt.
  7. Nixon was later to be rewarded by becoming president.
  8. Gerald Ford served on the Warren Commission. He was later to be rewarded by becoming president.
  9. Gerald Ford's Vice President was Nelson Rockefeller (1974-1977). Incidentally, it was Rockefeller who ordered the killings of prison rioters in Attica State Prison. Also, former Vice President, Dick Cheney was President Ford's Chief of Staff, and was responsible for keeping information on the assassination buried.
  10. Ford later admitted that he changed his description of JFKs wounds to make Arlen Spector's magic bullet theory sound more plausible. Spector was to be rewarded in becoming a senator.
  11. In 1975, two attempts were made to assassinate President Ford. One on September 5 by Lynette (Squeaky) Fromme.  She was a follower of Charles Manson. The second was on September 22, by Sara Jane Moore. President Ford was not hurt in either attempt. It is reasonable to assume that this was secure Ford's silence.
  12. Bush later made a speech in which he declared he trusted the word of his old friend Gerry Ford.
  13. Shortly after becoming president Ford gave a full pardon to Richard Nixon for the Watergate scandal (Sept. 8, 1974).
  14. In 1976, Ford appointed George HW Bush as Director of the CIA. Bush could not account for his whereabouts on 22/11/63 and has always denied being in the CIA. Bush was again to be rewarded by becoming president.
  15. Immediately after the assassination, Bush phones the FBI to inform them that he may know who carried out the assassination, thus placing himself in Government records as being helpful and being in another place (Tyler, Texas) during the assassination, while photographs show him standing outside the TSBD.
  16. A wealthy Russian born businessman, George DeMohrenschildt befriended Oswald on his return from the Soviet Union. It is generally agreed that DeMohrenschildt was Oswald's CIA handler.
  17. DeMohrenschildt was a lifelong close friend of George Bush.
  18. In 1976, while head of the CIA, George Bush received a letter from DeMohrenschildt, congratulating him. He asks for his help, as he feels he may have been indiscreet about his connection to Oswald. Six months later in 29 March 1977, just moments before he is due to give evidence before the House Select Committee, DeMohrenschildt is found dead, with a shotgun bullet to his head. Conclusion was suicide. Coincidently, Charles Nicoletti was murdered in Chicago on the same day. He had been shot three times in the back of the head. Both men were due to appear before the Select House Committee. According to James Files, Nicoletti was one of the gunmen who took part in the JFK assassination. Charles Nicoletti was a leading figure in the Mafia in Chicago. He worked under Tony Accardo and Sam Giancana and got the reputation as an effective contract killer. He was also involved in the CIA plots to overthrow Fidel Castro.
  19. As president, Nixon wanted all evidence connecting him to the "Big Event" destroyed. So, he ordered the raid on Watergate to recover the notebooks that would incriminate him. Those involved in the raid were the old Operation 40 gang, Hunt, Sturgis and Morales. It should also be noted that Henry Kissinger was Nixon's presidential adviser. Kissinger is the long serving aide to David Rockefeller.
  20. Gerald Ford's Vice President was Nelson Rockefeller (1974-1977).
  21. As Governor of California, Ronald Reagan denied Jim Garrison's request to extradite Edgar Eugene Bradley, (also known as Jim Braden) to provide crucial evidence on the JFK assassination. Reagan was later to be rewarded by becoming president. (Braden was identified and arrested in the DalTex building following the shooting. He said he was in the building looking for a phone. Braden was already known as a mafia man. The DalTex building is also where Nicoletti is alleged to have been located.)
  22. An assassination attempt was made on President Ronald Reagan after he vowed not to have any members of secret societies on his team. He was referring to George Bush. The assassin, John Hinckley’s family were close friends with the Bushes. In an unprecedented move, Reagan suddenly changed his mind at the last minute and hastily appointed Bush as his Vice President.
  23. George Bush’s son, Marvin owned the security company in charge of the World Trade Centre during 9/11.      - Glenn Gordon  (See Update)


Friday, 10 December 2010

Student protests



Monday, 22 November 2010

Sexual Assault at airports. What next?

What next? So long as we accept Pavlovian conditioning, who knows what we will submit ourselves to next. Its as "Brave New World" author, Aldous Huxley had said in 1961, "We will learn to love our servitude...!"

Even children are being sexually assaulted at airports now. This is what we have allowed ourselves to become by believing the official 9/11 nonsense, and the more we sit in front of that box at home, the more subdued and dumbed down we become.

We can no longer afford to simply dismiss conspiracytheorists, while the overwhelming evidence is revealing itself so openly today. Stop being taken in so easily by false flag stories of fake terrorist incidents. It should more apparent to us all by now of what is really going on in the world. The globalist elite have stepped up their New World Order agenda, so visibly that to dismiss it now is to submit yourself to it. Nations throughout the world are falling like dominoes due to the engineered global recession. The people of each nation will no longer have an elected sovereign government, as each country is enslaved to the World Bank. For God sake, "Wake up!"

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Atheism: The God Delusion or the Acerbic Derision of a Fool

Modern atheism has become more aggressive in recent years, partly due to high profile academics, who place more faith in mankind's exploration of knowledge beyond its limitations. Although, academics are so often consumed with incredible arrogance in their quest that they are dangerously neglectful, failing to take into account that before we go looking for intelligent life beyond our own world, we should first begin our search closer to home. Some prominent atheists are so radical that they hurl abuse at the divine being  most cultures  believe in and worship, blaming him for all the worlds woes. Dawkins describes religion as, "Two evils at war!" Yet, it begs the question, how can the target of their vitriolic attacks be so deranged, if they don't believe in him? If evil is a concept of religion, how can they even entertain the notion that evil  exists? Yes, it's true that religion is used as a tool to beat us all with. and to maintain order. Both atheism  and religion are  loaded with contradictions. Surely, it is unreasonable to assume that either one holds all the answers? Therefore, a crucial distinction needs to be made somewhere. Faith in mankind, or faith in God? Mankind has to accept responsibility for its own destiny. All men are corruptible, including priests, rabbis, Imams and spiritual/religious leaders. Therefore, either way, like it or not, it all boils down to a question of faith, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Coming soon....

The Illuminati diary, from the masonic "legend" of Hiram Habiff to the Knights Templar to1776 - present: Chronicling choreographed momentous events in history. Here, I will present the time line of world events, including the French Revolution, London 1888, Jekyll Island, JFK and 9/11....

I have already written some of this on my website, but I will present it here for easier reading, in the format of a diary or time line. I may make brief references to the Neo-Assyrian Empire and the Sumerian inscriptions discovered in the ancient province of northern Mesopotamia (modern-day northern Iraq). The idea is to present it in a form to enable you to see the obvious undeniable connections for yourself, including modern physical representations, such as the Statue of Liberty, Britannia etc. (aka, Queen Semiramis Assyria). I am tempted to make mention of Hitlers, Spear of Destiny, said to be the spear that pierced and killed Christ on the cross. This is now in the hands of an American Museum. However, I doubt it is genuine, as it has been replicated down through the ages so many times, and I've examined the inscriptions on it, and it they don't appear to be written in Aramaic. Besides, the reasons for writing on a Roman spear is questionable. I mean, what's it going to say, "Made in Rome?"

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The ongoing elites HAARP induced crisis in Pakistan and Haiti.....

I was absolutely disgusted when I heard the World Bank had "loaned" Pakistan $900bn.

These bastards know that Pakistan could never afford to pay that back, so the elite can steal it from their resources. This is why I am convinced that the floods were HAARP induced. If you doubt this, let me point out that in 1977, the UN signed a resolution that the US, under the Carter administration, and the USSR would agree not to use weather modification technology as a weapon. How much further do you think they would have developed by now. The US HAARP site is based in Northern Alaska.

What astonishes me is that nobody has noticed that all the regions to be hit by alleged natural disasters in recent times have all been the most impoverished regions on earth. This is because it has always been a traditional Rockefeller ambition to reduce the global population, especially of those who are too poor to contribute to human or global development, hence the Rockefeller funded Third Reich. This is the ultimate goal of these evil eugenicists. Therefore, the Rockefeller/Rothschild associated interests move in to steal whatever resources they have, i.e. oil, water, and soon the very air we breath. However, these scum are so insanely clever, they know that the masses are increasingly aware that war is used as population control. Therefore, the next stage is to pollute the skies with toxic chemicals (Chemtrails), and increasingly vaccines and domestic pharmaceuticals, which is also highly profitable to the elite.

Its no coincidence that Britain's newly unelected PM, David Cameron blasted Pakistan as a "terrorist" state during his visit to India, right at the moment when the floods hit, therefore reducing any chances of any charitable donations, which I might also add is also stolen back as debt, with interest by the world bank, despite the fact that it is given with a generous heart from your own pocket. However, what was more alarming, was that after Cameron had returned to Britain, having fulfilled his duty to Rothschild, there was almost an entire media blackout of the situation in Pakistan. Instead, we had to endure the ongoing saga of a bunch of trapped miners in Chile, who's good health and well being had already been established, yet we had to suffer an immature, sycophantic, dribbling Jon Snow on Channel 4 News, behaving like an exited child upon their release. This was followed by the ludicrous, pathetic and irksome coverage of a Pakistani cricketing scandal. All this while hundreds of thousands are dying and in utter despair in Pakistan, while our attention is being deliberately distracted. Was I the only one shouting at the TV screen, "For God sake, help these people?" Perhaps I should have been more concerned about an worse affliction to befall mankind, that malleable affliction of apathy.

Think this is all paranoid conspiracy theory? Do your own research, or better still, visit my website at:

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Quotes of Apathy

"Most human beings have an infinite capacity for taking things for granted".
- Aldous Huxley

"Facts don't cease to exist because they are ignored". - Aldous Huxley

"It’s nothing to die; it’s frightful not to live.....". - Victor Hugo

"Business! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!"
- Charles Dickens, Jacob Marley's ghost, A Christmas Carol

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Future or The Premises of a disturbed mind

At what point did our tap water become so poisoned that it was no longer drinkable and that we’d end up having to pay for each time we flushed the loo? At what point did our air become so polluted and poisoned that it was no longer breathable? At what point did we accept that abusing children was a systemic symptom of our society? The honest answer is that we cannot remember. At what point did we become so dumb down and indoctrinated that contemplating such questions were seen as signs of paranoia or mental breakdown? At what point did apathy become the most serious affliction ever to befall mankind? - G. Gordon (1988)

“The only burden we should carry in life is the heavy sword by which we must behead the cursed beast of apathy!”

The human spirit has the overwhelming capacity to love, but not just to love that which we possess or hold dear, for that only lasts for a fraction in time. It is a fraction that we must discard on earth one day to embrace the magnificent glory of humanly unimaginable love. We must love all of our fellow man, regardless of earthly distinction. We must guard against the nature of deception, which threatens our ability to feel guilt or shame for our hurtful and bitter deeds, and we must harness the energy of love to reveal mankind in its true form. We must be aware of the conditioned growing compassion fatigue that seeks to forever distract us from human suffering. The only burden we should carry in life is the heavy sword by which we must behead the cursed beast of apathy. - Glenn Gordon

The Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Author of "The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", John Perkins confirms my long held suspicions of the economic crash of Iceland and the subsequent falling of other countries. I believed at the time that the volcanic ash cloud was HAARP induced, just as it was used in Haiti and Pakistan. Poland were to suffer a different fate when their political leaders were murdered in a plane crash and not one world leader attended the funerals, citing the ash cloud as prohibiting them from flying. German premier, Angela Mercel was only four hours drive away, as were others. When Pakistan was hit by devastating floods, new UK leader, David Cameron was on a timely visit to India, where he branded Pakistan as a terrorist state, thus deliberately deterring any charitable financial aid to the suffering. While thousands were dying or displaced, the corporate owned world media chose to distract attention onto a pathetic cricketing scandal and 33 Chilean miners, whose well being was already confirmed as safe. The media did mention that Pakistan had just been hit with a huge "loan" of $900bn by the World Bank, which they cannot possibly repay, unless of course they surrender all their resources.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The RFK Assassination

This is the man who murdered Robert F. Kennedy, Thane Eugene Cesar, who was sent into hiding to live out the rest of his life in the Philippines, where he has never been tracked down and interviewed. 

Who Is Thane Eugene Cesar?

Friday, 15 October 2010

A question of priorities or deliberate media apathetic abandonment?


Dear Sir

I was absolutely disgusted by the coverage that Channel 4 News has given to the Chilean miners, since we have all known for some time now that they were all in good health and coping well. However, given the horrendous suffering, despair and distress of the people of Pakistan due to the HAARP induced flood devastation, Channel 4 News only saw fit to broadcast brief hit pieces on Pakistan, and most of that was overshadowed by a stupid cricketing scandal.

On Wednesday evening, (13 October `10) I felt sick having to listen to a grovelling sycophantic, slimy Jon Snow immaturely delight in the freeing of the miners. To be frank, most people don't give a shit, when peoples lives and livelihoods are being destroyed on the other side of the world.

It was the same story in the wake of the HAARP induced Haiti earthquake. Those poor people were abandoned too by a media blackout. It's too simplistic to accuse Channel 4 News of getting its priorities wrong. This is another demonstration of the media power to inspire apathy and compassion fatigue upon the masses.

Unfortunately, some people can sleep at night without a conscience.

Kind Regards,
Glenn Gordon

Truth Movement News

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Secrets can't be kept?

In 1939, they were building the atomic bomb in the US. The world only learned about it six years later, in 1945 when it was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. In those six years there were 43,000 people working on it in 39 facilities in 19 states in the US and Canada, while their immediate families thought they were working elsewhere.

- Barrie Zwicker, Media Critic and author of "Towers of Deception"

The Tower of Babel: The JFK Legacy

No matter what conclusions we draw from the assassination of JFK and the ensuing events of the 1960s, none of us can escape the consequences of that momentous event in world history, especially in light of Kennedy’s speeches and strongly felt approach to secrecy.
We cannot afford to simply dismiss it today as an event that happened a long time ago, and move on from it. Otherwise we live in complete denial, which makes us all complicit in our own destiny. A destiny being decided by dark forces. We cannot abandon cause and effect. Either way, the JFK assassination was not and is not just an American issue. It has a major global impact today, since every major world leader ever since is in some way privy to the truth, making them accomplices in endorsing the greatest lie in a holographic fabricated world, leaving us to fiddle behind the curtains, anesthetised to it all, while apathy increasingly becomes a global epidemic. No one wants to entertain the possibility that each of our own destinies have been moulded within a certain preferred order. Everyone likes to believe that they are responsible for their own destiny, refusing to acknowledge that it is restricted within the confines of a controlled environment, and they are just part of the mechanics of deception. It suits our Freudian ego to believe otherwise, and few of us are prepared to sacrifice that, based upon a malleable interpretation of the truth. Not knowing the truth makes us comfortable and more submissive. The prospect of an esoteric agenda since the 22 November 1963 is too frightening to contemplate, so we choose the false safeguard of electoral procedure within the false doctrine of democracy. Instead of “Cause and Effect”, we are more comfortable with “What we don’t know can’t hurt us!” After all, “ignorance is bliss!” There are those who seek to reassure us that such dark events in human history are the products of disillusioned individualism. Such assurances are well meaning in nature, but only because the messenger feels more secure in cohesiveness rather than face confronting the nature of the beast on their own. When complicit evil glances upon itself, it can be disturbing. When evil gazes upon the abominable ugliness of its own reflection, it shall be destroyed forever. It’s easier to control the collective than it is to control the individual. If the ship is sinking fast, it is preferable to convince others that it isn’t than to face it alone.
Does this not suggest that the sanctity of the human spirit has been so savagely and severely compromised to the extent that so long as we live in oblivion, we are responsible for our own damnation.
The reality we choose today is already portrayed for us. All we do is adapt to it, and the carefully choreographed, manipulated illusion always falls neatly into place. This we conveniently call, “order” until we no longer recognise reality and truth to the extent that the line has become so blurred that someone can easily attach “new” to the order, unchallenged, while we sleep. The boiling frog is only being seasoned and garnished.

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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Notes on JFK assassination:

Detective Gus Rose said that he went to Ruth Payne's home to question Oswald's wife Marina about his ownership of a rifle, asking her to show him where the rifle was. Marina led them out to the garage, where she confirmed the identity of Oswald's rifle, wrapped in a blanket. Ruth Payne confirmed her own shock at discovering this, as she was unaware that he owned a rifle. Meanwhile back at the TSBD, police had already found Oswald's rifle, initially identified by a gun shop owner as a German Mauser, later re-identified as an Italian Manliker Carcano??

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hitler's New World Order

Nazis - The Occult Conspiracy - Complete:

This film reveals how Hitler was recruited as a young German soldier in the aftermath of WW1 to infiltrate a radical left wing group of political extremists. Unbeknown to him, he was recruited as a Rothschild agent. Once inside the group he'd found all the hallmarks of Illuminati indoctrination. The group was not as communist as he'd expected to find, but was instead actually extremely right wing, masquerading as something totally different. Inside the group Hitler heard radical right wing ideology and increasingly liked what he had heard. This had sewn the seeds for what was to become Hitler's New World Order. Rising to lead the group, it soon became known as the Nazi Party. It grew to encapsulate all the doctrines of the Illuminati agenda first implemented by Adam Weishaupt as instructed by Rothschild in 1770s Bavaria. The operation to build the Nazi war machine was entirely funded by the Rockefeller's and associated interests.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

20th Century countdown to an esoteric luciferian agenda

In 1947 US president Harry S. Truman signed the The National Security Act. This was to have a significant impact on world events thereafter. What this effectively did was to hand the US over to what is known today as "The Shadow or Secret Government". This was to be administered by the newly formed CIA, now that the US had raided all the remnants of Nazi Germany, including their entire scientific and technological research expertise, in a program that became known as "Project Paperclip". Of course, one might argue that the US president would not willingly submit the national sovereignty of the USA to these people. However, if the president already knew that it was his dutiful right and destiny to place the tenancy of the nation into the hands of these people, then he would gladly and obligingly do so.

The USA was founded by, established by, and a constitution written by Freemasons. Almost all signatories of the constitution were masons, old including wooden teeth, George Washington. He knew and was indeed informed that the Bavarian Illuminati had infiltrated and taken dominance in the freemasonry. Harry S. Truman was a 33+ Freemason and was duty bound to fulfill his role to his brethren. Mission indeed was accomplished on that day in 1947. Global dominance was next on the Illuminati agenda. Of course, this was just advancement to another stage. The objectives had been set as far back as 1776. Prior to Truman, other US presidents had expressed fearful dismay, once they'd learned their true function and destiny once they'd entered the Whitehouse. Woodrow Wilson was inconsolable when he'd learned that he'd been deceived into handing over powers to wealthy elites in 1913 as was planned during a secret meeting of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds at JP Morgans secluded estate on Jekyll Island, close to Georgia. The US Supreme Courts had just denied these bankers a new tax, and had previously been refused it on a number of prior occasions, declaring the tax on labor as unlawful, ever since the elites had assassinated Abraham Lincoln for his attempts to introduce Government issued currency. This tax is still to this day "unlawful". US citizens DO NOT have to pay tax on their labor. If a taxpayer is brought before the courts for not paying taxes, then they can request that the sitting judge shows them where it is written in law that a citizen must pay such a tax. If the judge cannot produce such evidence, then he cannot legally pursue the case.

We already know that the successor to president Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower was equally destiny bound and chosen to fulfill a specific role in history, albeit reluctantly. This was vastly implied in his outgoing address to the nation. Ike made it painfully clear to us all that throughout his presidency that he was being manipulated by forces beyond his control, and that he was just a caretaker. When JFK inherited the role from Eisenhower, he wasn't aware that it came with such vast conditions, and that as the US President, his powers would be extremely limited, hence JFK sought Eisenhower's consul. The Kennedy's were idealistic, with big ambitions for America and the world in general. So, it's easy to imagine the brother's reaction when they realise that their only function is to be a figure head for the American people, and nothing else. They were to represent the family values that were so intrinsically indoctrinated into the American Dream. That manufactured bastion of American Capitalism to be protected from any infringement. The birth of the American nuclear family in the 1950s was to be the perfect ideology for all things USA.

Of course, the real reason why the family unit is held with such high esteem in American social ideology is because it makes it much easier to control the masses - Form the people into social units so that certain programmed values can be easily embedded and passed on and handed down to each generation. Upholding such values inevitably becomes competitive between units, which serves only to distract them from the bigger picture and of what is really going on. However, that indoctrinate programming of the masses was to be put to the test on 22 November 1963. If the cohesion remained intact, then it could be manipulated and built upon. Over a period of time, such units became an integral part of society, as they expanded and modified into new units with various labels. In time, they were to be tested again to measure the strength of cohesion among the groups. 9/11 signaled a recognition that the units had grown and evolved into much larger groups, much more manageable and controllable because there were now fewer of them. Now, they could be divided into mere handfuls and terms, such as Globalisation and New World Order could be used freely, wheeled out on cue to be fed into the mass psyche.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Narrating the future of mankind

Imagine if earth was invaded by malevolent beings, who had at first approached us in peace before they gradually conquered us through indoctrination/assimilation and proceeded to enslave the rest of humanity. Imagine how they watch over us and monitor us from crafts, stationed at various positions around earths orbit. The likely response from many of us would be resistance. Small groups would emerge to fight back for our freedoms. They would be labeled as terrorists and ruthless murderers, and widespread media propaganda would demonise them.

Sounds like a familiar, popular plot for a classic Sci-Fi movie, doesn't it?

While such a scenario is not difficult to imagine, what is difficult to imagine is believing that it may already have happened! Doesn't anyone ever remember what happened to the "Star Wars Program", or were we supposed to forget about that??

How would we cope if our cell phones or SatNavs were taken away from us, or if all our television channels were drastically reduced, along with our ability to communicate and use the internet? Now, how would we react if every single aspect of our lives were being meticulously scrutinized? Imagine if the chip buried beneath our skin becomes compulsory. You pay for everything by Direct Debit from it. You cannot eat, sleep, take your medication without it. If you're having sleeping problems, the chip can even induce a small pulse that sends a signal to your brain, telling you to sleep. It can even wake you at a specific time.

Then, one day you stop and remember how life used to be. You're telling your grandchildren what the 1980s were like. You find yourself letting slip that we used be free back then.....

How did we get to this? How did we become robots, controlled by the eye in the sky? We can't complain about it. We asked for this. We demanded it. We willingly surrendered ourselves to global servitude. You're dong it right now as you read this, and you aren't even aware of it. That's because you're being programmed not to be........

Me and Lee Harvey Oswald, Dr. Mary's Monkey Cancer Monkey Viruses