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The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Tower of Babel: The JFK Legacy

No matter what conclusions we draw from the assassination of JFK and the ensuing events of the 1960s, none of us can escape the consequences of that momentous event in world history, especially in light of Kennedy’s speeches and strongly felt approach to secrecy.
We cannot afford to simply dismiss it today as an event that happened a long time ago, and move on from it. Otherwise we live in complete denial, which makes us all complicit in our own destiny. A destiny being decided by dark forces. We cannot abandon cause and effect. Either way, the JFK assassination was not and is not just an American issue. It has a major global impact today, since every major world leader ever since is in some way privy to the truth, making them accomplices in endorsing the greatest lie in a holographic fabricated world, leaving us to fiddle behind the curtains, anesthetised to it all, while apathy increasingly becomes a global epidemic. No one wants to entertain the possibility that each of our own destinies have been moulded within a certain preferred order. Everyone likes to believe that they are responsible for their own destiny, refusing to acknowledge that it is restricted within the confines of a controlled environment, and they are just part of the mechanics of deception. It suits our Freudian ego to believe otherwise, and few of us are prepared to sacrifice that, based upon a malleable interpretation of the truth. Not knowing the truth makes us comfortable and more submissive. The prospect of an esoteric agenda since the 22 November 1963 is too frightening to contemplate, so we choose the false safeguard of electoral procedure within the false doctrine of democracy. Instead of “Cause and Effect”, we are more comfortable with “What we don’t know can’t hurt us!” After all, “ignorance is bliss!” There are those who seek to reassure us that such dark events in human history are the products of disillusioned individualism. Such assurances are well meaning in nature, but only because the messenger feels more secure in cohesiveness rather than face confronting the nature of the beast on their own. When complicit evil glances upon itself, it can be disturbing. When evil gazes upon the abominable ugliness of its own reflection, it shall be destroyed forever. It’s easier to control the collective than it is to control the individual. If the ship is sinking fast, it is preferable to convince others that it isn’t than to face it alone.
Does this not suggest that the sanctity of the human spirit has been so savagely and severely compromised to the extent that so long as we live in oblivion, we are responsible for our own damnation.
The reality we choose today is already portrayed for us. All we do is adapt to it, and the carefully choreographed, manipulated illusion always falls neatly into place. This we conveniently call, “order” until we no longer recognise reality and truth to the extent that the line has become so blurred that someone can easily attach “new” to the order, unchallenged, while we sleep. The boiling frog is only being seasoned and garnished.

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