Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ukraine Crisis and ISIS Were Manufactured By U.S. Government and its Allies

Unfortunately today there are still those on the Human Assembly Line who are conditioned to believe the lies they are being spoon-fed over their programmed routine of the TV dinner while preparing for their daily dose of misery in the early evening soap opera, whose characters they are meant to identify with. They don't want to know about the `real' world because the prospect of such an abomination frightens them, so their incrementally controlled instinct is to argue defiantly against such a diabolical existence, applying the pre-programmed derogatory term, "Conspiracy Theory". Subconsciously, they fear any confirmation that they are responsible for the chaos in the world today by their indifference, which of course they are and will do anything to rationalize it, with the aid of a helpful mainstream media. One day they may be called to account to a greater power whom they cannot possibly justify their apathy to.

If you are a regular subscriber to this blog, you'll already be aware that the 2010 so-called Arab Spring was entirely manufactured and choreographed by the west (i.e. CIA, Mossad and MI5) for the corporate seizure and consolidation of the earths natural resources into established Central Banks. If you have watched my films about #DavidCameron you'll already be aware of the identified familiar CIA trademarks and their history for staging coups to overthrow what they brand as, "dictators" for our daily malleable consumption. The aforementioned films present an in-depth explanation for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, and the subsequent domino effect fall of all the leaders of the oil rich Arab regions. This next obvious step was to create the same kind of instability throughout the continent of Africa, since the likes of Muammar Gaddafi provided a lifeline of cheap oil to the continent, which, like Saddam presented a serious threat to the west, since it locked the greedy bankers out of the oil trade market. However, if they were to own all the oil and the earths other remaining natural resources, then they would have nothing to fear from competition and they could establish Central Banking Systems in each conquered region to consolidate its wealth. They also needed to take control of any region that stood in the way of their pipelines that crawls across the globe like some Jurassic serpent. The only threat to the #NewWorldOrder bankers was Russia and its neighbours in the Russian Commonwealth. Therefore, the jackals were required to be sent into Russia to implement the same destabilization pattern, hence the failed Pussy Riots fiasco and now Ukraine. Here, we were to witness the familiar CIA lamb to the slaughter, a recognizable pattern since Operation Northwoods in 1962 where airplanes full of passengers are sacrificed to their Masonic God, the most recent being the downed MH17 plane over Ukraine.  If ever the western alliance and Russia were to reach an agreement and we foolishly bathe in the prospect of a false peace, the settlement would not be for the benefit of the people, it would be for the benefit of the few wealthy elite, who are merely splitting the spoils of their greedy plunder. While we consume the daily lies of international summit agreements, believing it to benefit each national citizen, little do we realise that it is the people who are regarded as the enemy whom the earths natural wealth is wasted upon. According to traditional Muslim doctrine, usury (a.k.a. interest) is regarded as a diabolic sin, as demonstrated by Christ himself in his attack upon the money changers in the holy temple. Little wonder why the Illuminati bankers consider any allegiance to a benevolent deity as a serious threat, albeit a deity widely misinterpreted and corrupted to justify our view of the world.


Poland's Government opposition to the imposition of #NWO Globalist Banking system is assassinated. Note that there was an international media blackout to cover the incident and no international heads of state even acknowledged it nevermind attend the funerals. Poland was inspired by Iceland's lead.


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