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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

David Cameron's Nazi Party furious after their Slavery Program, WorkFare fails

Iain Duncan Smith could not contain his wrath today as conscientious companies pulled out of his Nazi governments slavery program, which forces people to work for no pay. Some of the businesses pulled out of the scheme on the grounds of ethics and morals, something that David Cameron has overtly expressed his abhorrence for. When challenged by a news correspondent, Iain Duncan Smith launched into a blistering vitriolic tirade of spiteful and abusive name calling and false accusations of "Human Rights" protestors. David Cameron is reported as being absolutely furious, calling Human Rights protestors, a bunch of "Anarchist Trotskyists", and we all know what Adolf Hitler thought of Trotskyites. They ended up in death camps. 

How can we fail to notice that since May 2010, Cameron, Osborn and the rest of the Fourth Reich have resorted to branding their despised weakest and most vulnerable in society with hateful abuse, constantly venting their vicious spleen at the sick and terminally ill.

The man in question, Andy Coulson, mastermind of the hacking
scandal disappears from the media spotlight after threatening
to reveal more.
However, the Human Rights protestors who forced the Government climb down should NOT rest easy. Right now David Cameron is plotting a vicious and merciless revenge. Anyone who crosses Cameron has a nasty habit of ending up dead, disappearing or some other grave misfortune. The only problem is, the media does not report it.
Sean Hoare found dead, allegedly from suicide. Whistle blower who exposed Cameron's right hand man, Andy Coulson.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

David Cameron: The Rise of The Fourth Reich & The Silent Pogroms (Part 1)

This is part 1, revealing the true story of David Cameron and his Government. It is an expose of what the mainstream corporate media will not tell you and a revelation of what is being kept from the public about the atrocities and the increasing human rights abuses by David Cameron. New laws are being brought into effect that are not brought into the public domain. David Cameron has a private agenda to serve only the banking elite and to sacrifice anyone and everybody who gets in the way.

When he was chosen at a secret Bilderberg meeting, the elite banking families wanted someone to replace Blair, without the reluctance and somebody so ruthless and devoid of any conscience whatsoever, who had no moral or ethical dilemmas. They wanted someone who enjoyed cruelty and could sell it into society. David Cameron was perfect for the job. He was chosen while Blair was still in office.

Prison » George Osborne: UK has run out of money

Prison » George Osborne: UK has run out of money

The worst thing anyone could do is to believe this BS. George Osborn is lying. 1. Cameron plundered the Gold & Oil reserves of Egypt & Libya, hence the current unrest by the starving. 2. If the banks radically increased interest rates for debt, then that means that Government DOES NOT issue `sovereign' currency. Therefore, this is an admission that national Governments have no real power, making them subservient to the banks, consolidated into one Central Bank, to be followed by a One World Bank, thus rendering elections as nothing more than an illusion to give you the false impression that people elect Governments. Cameron is taking us one more step into slavery, while he and the elites rule over us. DO NOT FALL FOR CRAP COMING FROM CAMERON'S PR SPIN MACHINE.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

ITV News prejudice, actively promoting modern right wing extremism

Since when was ITN's Lucy Manning allowed to voice her right wing opinion as a so-called reporter. After watching her biased report on ITV's early evening lies, where she deliberately emphasized her support for a blatant Tory fabrication about protestors at Tesco's falsely accusing them of bad behavior, I was stunned at how she ever got to be a journalist. However, it got worse, Miss Manning then declared herself an authority on what tax payers think, supporting the Government "Slave Trade" program. Since when did we give her permission to mouth off on our behalf?

Just who the hell does this incompetent brat think she is? She obviously suffers from serious delusions of grandeur. As an independent writer and researcher who exposes downright arrogant so-called journalists like her, she has absolutely no journalistic integrity whatsoever. She is exactly what John Pilger was talking about, who disgraced his profession. Having spoken to some of her own colleagues, Lucy Manning is well known for her arrogance and looking down her nose on others.

I shall be petitioning ITN to fire Lucy Manning and at least hire competent journalists who respect a certain code of conduct and who know how to keep their gob shut and keep their views to themselves, instead of forcing their unwanted opinions down the throats of viewers, claiming that she represents them. She is what prominent Trends forecaster, Gerald Celente calls, a "Media Whore for the Presstitute Media". If ITV has any credibility at all left, they should sack her and give Miss high and mighty a taste of what unemployment is like under a Tory Government, and no self respecting news network will ever even consider hiring her. With this in mind, I ask all concerned about this matter to petition ITV to do the decent thing. ITV News are by no means the only channel pushing a right wing agenda, as Channel 4, BBC and Channel 5 are equally as guilty.

It has also recently been exposed that all are guilty of fabricating and manipulating news stories, Syria and the so-called Arab spring being the perfect examples. According to one source, David Cameron has them over a barrel.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sky Trumpets - Acoustic Phenomena

I have a theory about the strange acoustic noises being heard all over the world. It may be BS, but bear with me. If it is a natural phenomena, then it may be friction between earth and the moon, amplified by an expected increase solar flares. We already know that the moon generates a magnetic force on earth, affecting tidal behavior. However, if something interferes and comes between that magnetic field, it may cause friction, perhaps even disrupting polarity. So, the upper layer of our atmosphere might be trying to re-adjust back to it normal direction.

Or. It could be those arseholes up in Northern Alaska screwing around with HAARP again. HAARP is like a tuning fork. Drill deep enough into the earths surface, and it will vibrate for each layer it touches. It was originally used to discover oil. Therefore, as it drills deeper, it vibrates a different tone etc. However, since HAARP has been used in weather modification and to generate earthquakes, the noises we could be hearing could be differing tones, as the `tuning fork' drills deeper and reaches higher above the earths atmosphere.

Or. It could just be some really massive giant dude trying to play the didgeridoo :0) 

Anyway. Those are my theories. I'd be interested in hearing more or if a physicist could enlighten me.

Friday, 10 February 2012

David Cameron, Absolute Evil: The sadist is accumilating more victims

The utterly "Evil" Tory scum really cannot sink any lower, yet they always do. These coldhearted sadistic bastards stole the winter fuel allowance from the elderly, causing them to freeze to death in harsh winters. Then, they close down nursing homes all over the UK to sell off for a profit. Then, they want to force the elderly to give up their own homes that they raised their families in, so they can sell them off for profit. Now, they want to force them out of retirement to force them to work. On top of this, the sadistic scum, Cameron, who has a callous reputation for gleefully watching the pain he inflicts flies off to Afghanistan to visit the troops, only to return to the House of Commons to announce that he wants to cut the wages of troops on the front line. This was after he had deliberately timed the sacking of workers in the solar industry just before Christmas. He did this because solar power offered much cheaper energy than his gangster mainstream suppliers, such as British Gas, NPower, Severn Trent Water etc. The thieving scum who hiked up all the energy prices in recent years, Roger Carr received a Knighthood on Cameron's New Years Honours list.

Cameron now wants to increase the retirement age to 73. 


After selling weapons to Egyptian forces to kill protestors with, he has now just purchased "Nerve Gas" for use on protestors in the UK. Nerve Gas was banned from the military 20 years ago because of Human Rights concerns. Amnesty International have expressed concern. Incidentally, the reason for the upsurge in civil unrest in Egypt is because after Cameron had stolen Egypt's Oil and Gold reserves, the military had no wealth to feed the starving Egyptian people. He did exactly the same thing in Libya, and now has sent in special forces to do the same in Syria.

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Prison » Syria regime change PR in high gear: More ‘newborn baby slaughter’ propaganda

Prison » Syria regime change PR in high gear: More ‘newborn baby slaughter’ propaganda

ITV, Channel 4, BBC and the rest of presstitute media are at it again. After watching the disgraceful ITV news falsely portraying Syrian forces killing children after Cameron had sent in his embedded journalists, I have it on good authority that the images shown were implanted from completely different news stories. It has already been proven that David Cameron and NATO forces deliberately targeted civilians in Libya. This was after he enthusiastically rushed to Egypt to sell weapons that now kill Egyptians. (see my YouTube Channel for more details)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Madonna’s Super Bowl salute to Baphomet

Madonna’s Super Bowl salute to Baphomet 

Madonna's Illuminati symbolism pays tribute to Satanism. The queen of pop, who converted to kabbalism, included the Luciferian `All Seeing Eye' in her extravaganza homage to Lucifer, with a message of World Peace if the world converts to worship lucifer. This was all unbeknown to an oblivious Super Bowl audience. I should point out that the UN's own publishing company is called, the Lucias Trust. It was originally called the Lucifer Trust, but Aliester Crowley disciple, Alice Bailey had to rename it in 1920, due to the attention it might draw. I explain more in my book.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

ALERT: Sadist, Cameron preparing for False Flag to distract from intensified torture

War Criminal and child killer, David Cameron is again sabre rattling over the Falklands, deliberately trying to provoke Argentina. But, former PR man, Cameron really does think we are that dumb, and if we buy it, then he's right:
  1. Cameron's sadistically cruel onslaught on the weakest in society is increasingly becoming unbearable, especially as the elderly freeze in expected harsh weather conditions, since he abolished their Winter Fuel Allowance. Cameron is determined to launch further vicious attacks on the most vulnerable and exposed. However, in order to enjoy it more, he needs a distraction. Since his mass murder campaigns in Egypt and Libya, the "Economic Hit Men" are growing impatient after the manufactured conflicts in the Gold & Oil rich regions. Cue, Argentina?
  2. Cameron desperately wants to emulate his idol, Thatcher.
  3. Argentina is so financially unstable and broke, it cannot afford a war, never mind support the Falklands.
So, don't be too surprised to hear the soundbites increasing on the complicit pressitute corporate mainstream media, along with the "prepared in advance script" from Jon Snow on Channel 4 news about a "false" first strike from an impoverished Argentina. (Note: Some of the News reports today that allegedly came from concerned Falklanders, were actually shot from the Shetland Islands or some other abysmally similar bleak region in the UK.)