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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sky Trumpets - Acoustic Phenomena

I have a theory about the strange acoustic noises being heard all over the world. It may be BS, but bear with me. If it is a natural phenomena, then it may be friction between earth and the moon, amplified by an expected increase solar flares. We already know that the moon generates a magnetic force on earth, affecting tidal behavior. However, if something interferes and comes between that magnetic field, it may cause friction, perhaps even disrupting polarity. So, the upper layer of our atmosphere might be trying to re-adjust back to it normal direction.

Or. It could be those arseholes up in Northern Alaska screwing around with HAARP again. HAARP is like a tuning fork. Drill deep enough into the earths surface, and it will vibrate for each layer it touches. It was originally used to discover oil. Therefore, as it drills deeper, it vibrates a different tone etc. However, since HAARP has been used in weather modification and to generate earthquakes, the noises we could be hearing could be differing tones, as the `tuning fork' drills deeper and reaches higher above the earths atmosphere.

Or. It could just be some really massive giant dude trying to play the didgeridoo :0) 

Anyway. Those are my theories. I'd be interested in hearing more or if a physicist could enlighten me.

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