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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

(Draft extract) Hollywood: Its Seizure By The CIA, Witch Hunts, and The Plausible Alien Agenda

(Please note: This is only a draft extract from another article I am currenly working on)

The character of Superman originates from the romantic Hollywood portrayal of the Titans. The Titans are regarded by modern society as Greek mythology, and so is treated as just that, myth. Hollywood perpetuates this in the Illuminati ongoing control of the history books being fed to countless generations and passed onto our children. In my previous articles on the Illuminati, I explained how the overall objective of their Kabbalist doctrine was to infiltrate every single aspect of society, the Freemasonry being the ideal vehicle in which to do this in 1776, thus creating their first nation and re-establishment of Babylon, the US, as a base.  By consuming all aspects of society, this includes our education system, from which everything we think we know and take for granted comes from, e.g. professions/career, our culture, religion etc. This is why those who we may refer to as, `sheeple' disavow and denounce `Conspiracy theories'. This is perfectly understandable, since `fear' is what controls us. People instinctively defend what they have become accustomed to and has essentially become part of their lives and lifestyle. To put it bluntly, the real battle is for control of our consciousness/souls. They have incrementally being doing this for some time. Some have asked me why would they wait this long? Why wouldn't they just take us. The answer to this is our free will. We have to submit to it. Three hundred years is only a few minutes to the devil. Two thousand years is only a day. He has an eternity. With the illuminati consuming all the earth's natural resources, human resources is only a step away. So, we must act today.

However, I digress. I have already written at length on Hollywood and the character of Superman. The Greek myth of the Titans tells us how Zeus cast the Titans upon the earth. It describes them as being giants and possessing super human qualities. By viewing it as nothing more than mythology, it detaches and reduces its relevance to the Holy Bible, thus subduing us to treat the bible as myth. Genesis relays the real events as the Titans being fallen angels cast out from heaven upon the earth, where they were thrown into the abyss. They were the Nephilim, sons of Anak, fallen from heaven and against the commandment of God, took human women and had intercourse with them, thus planting the seed of their tempter, Satan.  Hollywood re-tells this story in a variety of versions and is not limited to Superman. There is a more in-depth discussion on this in my dissertation. The Aliens Sci-Fi horror series, including a significant element in Alien V Predator, and of course the more recent, Prometheus are much more overt in their portrayal of the Bible.

It is also for this reason why I believe that the sinking of the Titanic (titan, sinking into the abyss) was an Illuminati ritual. I shall go into the connections to other historical Illuminati rituals, including 9/11, in the complete article later.....