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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 6 September 2013

The Power of Alternative Media Vs Mainstream Media & The Battle For Our Souls

Remember how they referred to the Gulf War as "The Battle For Hearts & Minds?" Of course, this psychological warfare propaganda has been applied to all major globalist conflicts, including Vietnam.

The resistance against David Cameron's renowned sadistic blood-lust and both UK and US intervention in Syria is due to the focus being directed at "Evidence" that Assad (or the more derogatory media dubbed term, Assad `regime') having used chemical weapons on its own citizens. This was largely due to the `alternative media'. It is an indication that more people are becoming increasingly aware and are now familiar with terms such as `sheeple'. However, while this is certainly positive, it is absolutely crucial that we are fully aware that dark forces are observing and scrutinizing this transition, particularly those affiliated with Chatham House and the Tavistock Institute. Complacency is our greatest enemy. It is also equally crucial that we understand the modus operandi of the Illuminati is "infiltration and Subversion". (I should emphasize at this point that former PR man/Spin Doctor, David Cameron is almost certainly a member of the Order of Illuminism and was chosen by the Rothschild's while at Oxford.

The Illuminati will undoubtedly seize the opportunity to maximize their influence on the alternative media. We must also be aware that they take particular pride in the oldest doctrine, "Divide & Conquer". We MUST NOT in any way underestimate the intellect of these people or their determination. Their motto is, "The Illuminati Must Rule The World", and there is a reason why they are particularly proud of their modus-operandi of "infiltration and Subversion". This is because `our awareness' is a two edged sword, since while we may feel some sense of triumph, it also generates `paranoia' and I am abundantly aware that what I write here will contribute to this. Sewing the seeds of distrust and suspicion and generating widespread disharmony is their overall objective, so we should expect plenty of disinformation and those that we have come to rely on and trust will betray us. The Illuminati are depending on this and we are witnessing divisions in the great awakening already. It is their capacity for controlling us that they believe sets them aside from the rest of humanity as supreme beings. However, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this, "The one thing that is their mortal enemy is "Faith" in a divine being of unfathomable love and compassion", since they have spent the centuries destroying our individuality and ability to trust ourselves, thereby obliviously placing our trust in them as our guides by everything we take for granted today. Your ancestors were subject to this and it has been passed down to each new generation. How many of us spend time looking at ourselves in the mirror, wishing that we had not inherited certain traits in our personality and that even those closest to us could see us as we truly are? We know where these particular traits came from. They came from the seeds of our parents, and that they inherited them from their parents and it continues to travel way back in time through our bloodline. Yet, we have been conditioned to forget where we are among all this? For many, it is extremely difficult to even contemplate that moment when we look at ourselves in the mirror. It can be distressing and daunting, but only because boundaries have been subconsciously programmed into our imagination and few of us can perceive or are prepared to engage with our very souls. It is this that makes our souls eternal, since before we came into this world, such boundaries did not exist and the seed that our ancestors passed down to us originated from somewhere. It had a natural home. Somehow it become deliberately corrupted and blemished, preventing it from returning to its natural place. This place is where I come from. It is where `you' come from and your natural magnificence and beauty is beyond what you have been allowed to imagine. The true you and your real self is your limitless capacity for selfless and unconditional love and compassion for others. To be empowered with love and forgiveness is such a gift that so few of us realise we have, since we measure our own existence in relation to those we see every day. We must realise our individual blessing and help those who are not aware of it. They will resist and despise you for it, but love is not love if you expect a reward in return. A great man once once said, "What good is love if you love only those who love you?" Therefore, should we not pity those who do not possess the awareness that we have, rather than judge them? You may go through life and never experience being loved or cared for. But, remember your natural place of existence, and be cautious, for love is NOT subject to interpretation in a corrupted world. Learn to distinguish your mind from your soul. Faith is the guiding principle of the soul, and we live in a world that hates it. They will deride and mock it until it almost becomes a profanity to even utter it, forcing many to abandon it. Neither priest, rabbi, imam, monk, philosopher or scientist can provide you with explanations, for no man is infallible and all are corruptible. It is already within you. You were born with it and it was there before you became flesh.

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