The Human Assembly Line

The Human Assembly Line
Refuge in Denial....


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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

While You Were Sleeping

Human Rights Abuses done in Your Name
"Watching these films is a challenge to your own humanity. It is an opportunity to capture a sense of who you truly are, by evoking that emotion of Love and Compassion before these bastards devour our very souls. It is intended to remind us that we are not robots, to be sucked into that fucking Pavlovian Maze, anesthetized by popular culture and intoxicated by material distractions. The torment, degradation, human despair and suffering you see here is you. It is your mother. It is your dad, your gran, your little sister or brother . It is your son or daughter. It is your favourite teacher. It is the one person who has been the most inspirational in your life. It is that moment of sadness you weep for alone in bed at night. It is the person who lays beside you. It is your best friend. It is the song that makes you weep. It is when everyone else thinks you are the strong one, that only you know the truth. It is that person who can bring a smile to your face when you are feeling down. It is the one person in your life who you can truly say is special. Now, think about this while you watch what you are about to see, because it is how it makes you feel afterward that makes you truly unique. It is what makes you special. It is that part of you that when feeling lonely, forgotten and abandoned, that you desperately wish others could see in you. It is what makes you feel guilty or ashamed for the people you've hurt and the wrong you've done in your life and tried to rationalize and justify. It is the missed moments of selflessness. It is that opportunity you missed to say thank you, sorry or I love you. It is that moment you had wished that you'd just taken that someone in your arms and held them tight. It is that little child you've seen who makes you feel good inside, and will grow up one day and be forgotten.
You are wonderful. You are beautiful. You are truly more special and valued than even you can contemplate. 
The Project For A New American Century

When you've seen all you can here, capture that almost subliminal moment of love and compassion you feel inside, then let it go. Then ask yourself, "Where does that go? Surely, it cannot be wasted energy?" Then imagine, if all that energy could be gathered together, what it could do........
The War & News You Don't See
Young Private Bradly Manning languishes in a tiny prison cell in Guantanamo Bay for exposing such atrocities as the opening sequences of this film, while the murderers are free, rewarded for Human Rights violations.

Lifting the Veil  Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy {Full Film}
This is the real face of Barak Obama, aka Barry Soetero ex-CIA, War Monger and Child Killer. This demonstrates how easy it is to fool a nation and the masses globally. How do you tell people who hail Obama as a "New Beginning" that they are dumb? Even as they're being gradually boiled for the dinner table, they are still asking for the seasoning!!!

 All I ask is not to spare these victims a penny, but to at least spare them a tear or a thought?"
Thank you!  - Glenn Gordon