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The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

CAMERON'S CULL: Benefit Blitz and Mass Displacement



Divide & Conquer: part 3

Unfortunately, the Brits are either unbelievably gullible or just plain stupid. Admittedly, it does sound harsh. However, when trying exhaustively to waken these people up to their own entrapment, it is their stiff upper lip mentality that subverts them most and utterly subdues them. George Osborne knows exactly what he is doing here. His Spin Doctor former PR man boss would have rehearsed the script with him, familiarly mocking how dumb the people truly are to fall for it, again. Yet, rather than admit that they have been duped, the people would prefer to sacrifice human morals, forgoing how they have changed in just 3 years in the social engineering of an acceptable level of evil and the incremental eradication of compassion. Sadly, at the cost of their own pride and arrogance, they would rather disavow themselves of any such conditioning and remain in denial, oblivious of their own complicity in human carnage.

So. I write this as I have previously done, as a "Warning". Permitting An Acceptable Level Of Evil today is an endorsement of increasing the level tomorrow, thus sacrificing completely the will of the Human Spirit. When at some point in the future we reap what we sew, we forfeit our right to cry out for help, since the children of the next generation will turn their backs on us for submitting them as a sacrificial offering.

Being deceived by the masterful art of "Divide & Conquer" forces us to choose our place at the cost of others. Abandoning them is the damnation of our very souls.

Denial, like our earthly possessions can only last a lifetime, but the treasures we gather in our hearts through the selfless love and compassion for others can be a legacy inherited by the next generation, observed from afar by the natural home of the eternal soul.