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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Paranormal Activity and The Occult Elite

There is a widespread idea among paranormal researchers that ghosts emit an electromagnetic field and that their presence can, thus, be detected by EMF meters. A related idea is that ghosts may disturb the existing background (geo)magnetic field when they are present. Either way, 'unexplained' changes in EMF meter readings are often taken as a sign of ghostly or paranormal activity. In spite of these claims, there appear to be no formal studies to support such ideas. That should in no way be construed as meaning that this assertion is untrue. There is just no scientific exploration in this field as yet and unfortunately we rely too much on science when addressing the unknown. However, there are important considerations to be made.

In some cases electro magnetic frequencies can cause hallucinations, dizziness and nausea in locations that depend on significant power output or are in close proximity to electrical masts. However, spirits also rely on energy to manifest, which is why the energy generated by water can be an area of significant paranormal activity. Try to imagine a ghost as someone who only in death becomes aware of how much they had taken the human form for granted while alive and due to that disconnection they experience helplessness and frustration when they no longer have a body to inhabit in order to communicate. The dead far outnumber the living, and most of us are unable to contemplate what we are surrounded with everyday. Our natural senses adapt at birth to adjust to the material world around us. We rely on our parents to guide us through it. This is why a child or our pets can sense paranormal activity since as children we are still in tune with our natural energy form, so it is not supernatural to a child, which is why we should focus on our definition of terms such as `paranormal' or `supernatural' since we perceive `normal' or `natural' only to what we can see or bear witness to. It comforts and assures us of our security knowing that we all share what we can see or hear. From birth we are persuaded to abandon our individuality, since controlling us is much easier as collective units. I elaborate more on this particular topic in my dissertation covering Hollywood and the American Dream.

It is rather presumptuous and arrogant for us to tell a child that it is just their imagination when they connect to something that they are already familiar with. We only rebuke them because it is unknown to us as adults. After all, we tell our children that `monsters don't exist', despite knowing that they do. We just embellish them to protect our children. While our kids are developing they become so accustomed to the artificial material world that they depend on it, forfeiting their natural connection to the spirit. Equally, dogs are more in tune to such frequencies which is why a dog whistle is audible only to dogs. From birth we are corrupted by materialism and are placed onto a human assembly line to adapt to the `false' world around us that we are accustomed to today. As we develop our natural sixth sense becomes fragmented and deteriorates. Psychologists and scientists have a lot to answer for since they deal entirely on how we adjust and interact with a material world or what they might arrogantly refer to as the `real world'. Anything other than that is an enigma to them, so since they rely completely on human dependence and trust they are quick to dismiss anything beyond their comprehension rather than lose face. (I develop this subject further in my articles on Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud). Yet, perhaps contradictory to that, so much is spent on searching for intelligent life in other worlds when we have yet to discover it on our own world. If aliens are observing us it may only be as a source of entertainment as they may find us too primitive to reveal themselves yet.

Our brains operate on very low frequencies. For example, when we are thinking, our brain generates approximately 14 cycles per second. That energy does not just dissipate. It has to go somewhere, which is why it is increasingly believed today that we can send out positive and negative energies and why in such a corrupt and artificial world, we are deterred from selfless, compassionate love from the moment we are born. For example, imagine the possibilities if every one of us actually spent our days in genuine compassionate thought for the suffering of others. This is why most religions rely on `prayer' as a means of generating positive energy. A typical analogy would be when we miss someone familiar to us who shares the same environment, such as a housemate. How often have you found yourself subconsciously avoiding a particular chair in your home that is usually occupied by someone you share your home with who has gone away for some time or found yourself interacting with that person, forgetting they aren't there? Their residual energy remains where they were more comfortable with. There are various types of hauntings, such as intelligent, residual or elemental hauntings. Cases of intelligent hauntings are when spirits interact with us in real time, although caution should be exercised. Residual hauntings are when the energy of an event are absorbed into the environment they happened in. In some cases,`walls can talk' since the emotions of a particular incident remain in place. Residual hauntings are the memories of the dead. If they cannot find a once loved person or a happier time that they had in life, the memory will replay and the living may tune into it. When we do sense it, the dead may attach to the living in an attempt to reconnect with that particular moment through the living since we are also in a position to deal with traumatic experiences and memories while living. How often have we entered an environment and felt a bad atmosphere or instinctively knew that people in that environment had been talking about us? Elemental hauntings occur in nature. Some are the spirits of wild animals and are often very territorial and protective when humans interfere with nature. Native American Indians and Pagans pay homage to them. In Ireland folklore acknowledges elemental spirits, such as `fairies' a term adopted by Irish parents to lesson the fear of their children. The Banshee is another Irish elemental, heralding the arrival and passing of a death in the family.

The secretive High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is capable of generating all the frequencies of the brain. We are already immersed in extremely low frequencies (ELF). However, I digress. Today, there seems to be a rise in ghost hunting paranormal groups which is almost as popular as the UFO craze of the late 1970's. Its rise is mostly due to ghost hunting TV shows, some of which now stress at the start of each episode that "It is for entertainment purposes only". This is mostly due to shows such as "Most Haunted" which has been exposed as fake so that the shows host, Yvette Fielding and her husband, Karl can profit from deception and causing some to distance themselves from any association with the show. Another is "Living with the Dead", which borders on hilarious due to the appalling acting by its hosts, alleged exorcist and psychic medium, Ian Lawman, and American-born fake medium, Johnnie Fiori. Lawman is more likely to be a drama school reject, due to his catchphrase, `I ask of you' when feigning to be addressing spirits. It is due to the rise in paranormal investigation being seen more as a form of entertainment that causes many to be skeptical, and rightly so. Video footage and images can be manipulated to create convincing but false impressions of paranormal activity, although many are certainly genuine. Either way, it only serves the purpose of attracting us to the unknown and many would agree that perhaps the unknown is best left undisturbed. The supernatural was a favourite pastime of the Victorians as a form of entertainment. Indeed, the Victorian elite classes relied heavily on seances and psychic readings to the point of obsession. I discuss this matter further in my articles on the development of the Illuminati and New World Order contained in this blog, which includes Theosophy and the work of occultists, Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, although that is another subject. However, I digress. Unfortunately some of the legitimate paranormal TV shows today are potentially dangerous, as they encourage amateur ghost hunting, and while some paranormal groups may appear to be professional, equipped with hi tech equipment, they are ill-equipped for what they may be dealing with when approaching a serious subject. A priest or a real exorcist should be consulted before embarking on such adventures, or at least some detailed expert information should be sought. A clearing should be conducted before and after an investigation to deter attachment. Prayers, holy water or smudging the location with burning sage are just some steps that can be taken. Researching the history of an alleged haunted location is equally as important. Spirits may be bound to a location due to issues that were unresolved in life. Some spirits may be interpreted as being `angry' or `malevolent' due only to their frustration at being unable to communicate or get their message across to the living. This is where it becomes potentially dangerous, since it is often very difficult to distinguish between a malevolent spirit and a demon. A demon consumes negative energy and uses it to manifest and influence the living. That negative energy may be due to some tragic event in the locations history and since a crime such as murder would have been encouraged or influenced by dark forces, it seems logical that the entity which provoked such an act would want to soak up the result. While attempting to communicate with the dead, some paranormal investigators may be in danger of exposing themselves to such demonic influence. Therefore, it is important that certain safeguards and precautions are taken.
  • Use caution when entering into a dialogue with a spirit. Do not attempt to establish a relationship just because it appears to be friendly, a child, a beautiful young woman or grieving widow. These are common deceptions adopted by demons to gain entry to this plain of existence through you. 
  • Do not provide an opportunity for a spirit to tell you their story, as it is a deceitful method of gaining your permission. 
  • If a spirit divulges something which is only personal to you, then end all contact immediately. Demons exist in a realm where every aspect of your life is known, no matter how secret you may think it is. They will use your past against you. Every misdeed or folly throughout your life is due to them corrupting you from birth and that is locked away in your subconscious (pineal gland of the brain), which they can access.
  • Never use a Ouija Board since this is an invitation. The term `Ouija' is a combination of the Franco German for `Yes'. The names of known demonic entities that can gain access through the use of a Ouija Board are Zozo and Molech/Moloch. Moloch is a Canaanite deity and resembles a horned owl like being. Many alien abductees have described disturbing and traumatic encounters with such beings. In Biblical texts, the laws given to Moses by God expressly forbade the Israelites to do what was done in Egypt or in Canaan which was to sacrifice children to false gods such as Moloch. Moloch is also the deity worshiped by the elite which includes politicians, royals, industrialists and bankers at the Cremation of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove, California every summer.

Remember that such beings were once magnificent and beautiful, with amazing intelligence. They served and bathed in the glory of God and his kingdom with infinite joy and knowledge. When they had fallen, they grew further from the influence of God. As they fell further from the light, they became malformed and their powers diminished and were greatly limited. Since they were no longer within reach of the glory of God, they grew very angry and filled with hatred for humans since we were the object of their fall.  (See my articles on the pyramids and ancient structures pointing towards heaven) They envy us and want to destroy everything that we have and take for granted, such as family or loving relationships. Since they were not willing to serve what they regarded as "Gods pet monkeys", knowledge was given to man by their master, which is why certain secret societies worship him today. To them he is seen as "The first free thinker or the great emancipator". Human consciousness is their means of gaining access to us, since we are unaware of so much, which is the reason why we are brought up to rely solely on the material world, since it is artificial and corruptible. I believe that UFO sighting are in fact, fallen angels. (see articles on the Nephilim.)

You can read more on this subject here on the influence from inter-dimensional beings.  Also see the linked labels displayed at the bottom of this page.

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