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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 30 September 2013

The Familiar Government art of Exploitation. Immigration used as a front to End of the Human Rights Act?

The End of the Human Rights Act?

If you are a voter, dwell on that prospect for a while. What does it mean?

It means, "Humans Have No Rights!" Yes. It really is that simple.

Believe it or not, most Brits live in critical fear, so they look to Government to set their minds at ease to assure them that the wider consequences of this don't mean what it really means. In other words, they will accept any fabricated rationality and breathe a sigh of relief over a false sense of security, oblivious that they have been complicit in condemning the next generation, including their own children to hell on earth. Here are just some examples of the consequences, bearing in mind the sadistic onslaught on Human Rights since 2010:
  • Everyone 'to be research patient', says Strawman, David Cameron. (another front)
  • There has already been a huge cash injection for GCHQ to develop spying techniques on the public. Further infringements on privacy.
  • Prevent public from withdrawing from their bank accounts, as demonstrated in the U.S., Cyprus and Greece.
  • The public no longer have any legal rights. The first step was to withdraw `legal aid' from the vulnerable and defenseless to prevent them from defending themselves against the Government or anyone else.
  • The consequences for children. For example, pedophiles in high society and Government being protected.
There are much worse implications at stake. However, you have a human duty to elaborate on that frightening prospect or convince yourself that it's all perfectly innocent, and the points being raised are just fear mongering by conspiracy theorists.

Apathy = endorsing the illusion of democracy that provides a rationale for evil for the palatable acceptance of the people.

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