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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

UPDATE, 2nd Draft: Cyprus Bailout: Savers Lose Money In EU Deal. The Real Warning

Anyone old enough to remember either of the two World Wars would see history being repeated today, as they listened to the old wireless radio announce that another country has fallen to the Nazis, as the dominoes fall in their rampage across Europe. If there is one thing to be said for the Illuminati, they are certainly consistent in their patterns.

If ever there was a reason to withdraw all your cash from banks, this is it. Remember in the U.S. how they prevented savers from withdrawing their own money from banks? What they are not saying is that the person who pushed for this on Cyprus was, the most malevolent being in the world today, "David Cameron". This is why his Chancellor, the equally viciously sadistic, George Osborne is busy trying to secure Bankster Bonuses without capping, in a bid to retain the city of London as the Financial Capital. 

Every asset and resource is being drained from each country, so that nobody can redeem against it, hence the reason why the globalists are grabbing all the worlds gold and oil stock, (eg. Syria, Libya etc.) since they, along with our natural resources are all that is left to redeem our currency against, thus devaluing every currency globally, making it worthless. In other words, we are forced to sell off our assets, including our "human" resources to pay for the very air we breathe, eg. Carbon Tax propaganda. Next the bastards are coming after our very souls.

However, it would be foolish to believe that in withdrawing all our cash from our Bank accounts would save us, since those paper IOU's are to be rendered worthless. What our action will do is to remove us from being traded on the stock market, since "we" are products on the stock exchange. Take your birth certificate number into any bank and ask them how much it is worth and they can look it up for you. Withdrawing your cash will prevent them from offering you up as collateral and remove you from their stock listings. Of course many of you will have encountered hostility from your Bank Manager when you withdraw particularly large amounts of cash from your account. The reason for such hostility is that since the manager is most likely a Freemason or has been indoctrinated in masonic principles, they view you as an ungrateful serf, who has enjoyed all the privileges of life from birth, due to them. Since the Banking System is the fundamental cornerstone of Freemason predecessors, the Knights Templar, it only seems a natural process to appoint their own as custodial guardians and accumulators of earthly wealth, just as they purchased the five most powerful and influential newspapers in 1917 and appointed their brethren as editors, followed by the accumulation of all the world media ever since, which has manufactured and shaped each new generation up to the present day, hence controlling the population and preventing revolution. They are keen to encourage you to set up a Trust Fund for your new born child. In other words, willingly offer it up as a sacrificial lamb for enslavement, giving them the authority to raise the child by indoctrination, which you are expected to be grateful for. When the child reaches puberty, it will have already been prepared for payback, just as you were, hence the masonic term, "debt to society". It will be subjected to further programming through all the various mediums of youth culture, eager to please their hidden masters through egotistic and self deluded ambition by elevating their status after coming out of university. In all likelihood, they will meet and marry someone with the same built in program, equally as keen to ascend the career ladder by becoming the career `minded' professional. You may notice how attractive that term is in the job ads, but how many actually stop to think what it really means? The falsely happy couple may divorce after a few years and with very little effort, almost immediately find a new partner, and with insentient ease, forsake all the feelings and emotions they experienced with their previous partner, who is not the only person they left behind, since they are oblivious that the other person left behind is themselves. There is an order to this pattern, almost like a package. However, our `humanity' was already surrendered from the moment we were born and at some point in life we must pay the price for being restrained from returning to it, most commonly through repeating the same cycle when another soul is sent into the world to continue the corrupted process, and we witness another familiar Illuminati pattern. 

However, I digress. When all the cash is withdrawn, with little or nothing left to redeem it against, it is most likely that we will instinctively return to our primal behavior, and panic in the streets grows out of control, as we selfishly kill each other for the last loaf of bread. This is entirely due to reaching the point where we are suddenly confronted with the realisation that we had lost our humanity and are so frightened because we cannot reconnect with it, since all our lives we have been conditioned to be completely oblivious to it. Many will suddenly find religion and all the churches, mosques, synagogues and temples will be crammed with people in despair crying out for mercy from the God they abandoned in life. How many of us will realise that in such an apocalyptic scenario, the best we can do is to selflessly tend to the most vulnerable first, even to the point of self sacrifice? We must be prepared to renounce our ego and our material value. How many of us would be prepared to walk through the panicking hoards to grab that last loaf of bread and take it back to a sick old woman or a mother trying desperately to save her child? Of course, it raises the question that in doing such good deeds, we are only prolonging their agony. However, it is not the bread that feeds them. That is of little consequence. It is the love and compassion you give that comforts them, forsaking your own needs. In realising your own humanity, it brings faith. It takes you back to who you once were before the world corrupted you and prepares you for the journey back home. Even a small act of kindness can have a huge impact. How often do we use the term, "...restores our faith in human nature?"