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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 2 December 2012


Satanic Cameron and Osborne
Mocking mercy for Cancer sufferers
Try to imagine what addiction is like or the ultimate arousal. This is what David Cameron gets off on. He has SPD (Sadistic Personality Disorder). Not only does he enjoy inflicting pain. He'll sacrifice anyone and anything to get it, even his own child. Remember how he exploited the illness and death of his child during his election campaign? He still does this today at every opportunity to rationalise and justify his sadistic cruelty to children. By its nature, the objective of evil is to redefine it, where "Evil is Good, and Good is Evil". Cameron is a former PR man and he uses this most effectively. We've heard him brazenly hijack the the term, "Morals" and redefine it for his own sick, sadistic pleasure. The media will NOT focus on this because they are terrified of him.  We have already witnessed the consequences they suffer for crossing him. Nick Clegg is so frightened of Cameron that he became a chain smoker, loses sleep and is close to a nervous breakdown. Of course, this won't be revealed until much later, when Clegg writes his `tell all' book. We already know that even the Generals were frightened of him when they expressed concern about dropping bombs on innocent civilians in Sirte, Libya. He outrageously hijacked the term, "Witch Hunt" when it is exactly what he embarked on from the moment he was unelected and placed into power by his arms dealing, bankster and corporate buddies. Don't be surprised if Philip Schofeild's career goes down the toilet in the near future. We watched him hijack the paralympics to justify the vilification of the disabled with the aid of his friend, Seb Coe. We saw him hijack the Jimmy Savile sex scandal to justify the vilification of the BBC. Then, he saw an opportunity to overshadow his party being involved in paedophile rings by using the exact same strategy to twist the knife in and vilify the BBC again. What are the chances of BBC's Newsnight screwing up twice in a row, all within a short period of somebody new taking the top post at the BBC? Mr Transparent cannot be exposed fully because he blocks the media at every attempt. He knew Andy Coulson was involved in dirty tricks. That's why he hired him. Cameron's intelligence and security advisers would have thoroughly checked him out as a matter of protocol, not to mention being a former PR man himself, he would have been fully aware of the tactical involvement. Expect Coulson and Rebecca Brookes to walk free, with a hefty payout. He knew the best way to get back at the BBC was to hire a former BBC editor, Craig Oliver, to replace Coulson. Now, he has hijacked the Leveson Inquiry because it didn't go his way, once again, heartlessly spitting in the faces of victims. People have got to wake up and be fully prepared to completely focus on all Cameron's coincidental conveniences. The pattern cannot be ignored. He is so utterly self confident that he insists in shoving it right in our faces because he knows he can get away with it.

If we want to be rid of this abomination, we have to be prepared to take the place of the mainstream media. We need to ambush this bastard and his demonic legion at every opportunity.

Politics provides us with the means for making excuses for evil, thus we interpret it to justify our view of the world. If anyone views this as a "Political issue", then they are complicit in Human Carnage by denial.

Just take a good look at the world around you now. Apathy and Compassion Fatigue has eroded our very souls since 2010. We MUST be more aware of what is happening to us.