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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Syria: The Deafening Silence of the Banksters Killing Fields

David Cameron learnt a valuable lesson from the mistakes of war criminal, Tony Blair, "If you are going to commit mass murder and genocidal atrocities, do it quietly".

I attended the huge anti war in Iraq protest in London in 2003. It demonstrated mass public outrage against Tony Blair's lies to justify a war in Iraq. Today, he is unrepentent. So, why wasn't there an equal or much worse outcry against David Cameron's overthrowing of the regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria? Because, former PR man, Cameron did it using proxies. In other words ciAl-Queda. We already know that British intelligence sources are highly active in Syria. And, because the media keep quiet about it, the much more cruel and sadistic Cameron brazenly overtly flaunts weapons for sale to the Egyptian forces to be used on its civilian population, after the initial insurrection. He even told his military generals to shut up over concerns about civilian casualties in Libya, as he blew up babies and residents in Sirte.

The western media keep referring to the anti Government Syrian forces as "rebels' or "Free Syrian Army", when in fact they are niether. They are the exact same people used to topple Gadaffi and Mubarak. They are MI5 and CIA foreign assets, Al-Queda (aka, database). These people are hired mercenaries being choreographed around oil and gold rich Arab regions by western NATO Governments. So, while deformed babies are born in record numbers in Iraq, due to Depleted Uranium, much worse atrocities are being committed in our name right now, and the only reason you are NOT being kept informed about it is because it is being done quietly with no British or NATO forces on the ground.

Since the controlled media prevents us from asking the most obvious and logical questions, here is one. "If `real' terrorists were a threat today, who would be their prime targets, given the current global crisis?" In other words, "Why are there no bombs going off in financial institutions and bankers being assassinated?" Yet, Goldman Sachs, the proprietors of world Governments still remains, and not a single corrupt Wall Street or City of London Bankster even in silver bracelets, nor a hangmans noose in sight.

Ask the "logical" questions. Stop relying on the "Controlled Corporate Mainstream Media". Our Silence is consent, and we have to decide whether or not we want the current status quo of the establishment media to buy our silence? It is this apathetic silence which makes us all complicit. And, when the human carnage come to our door, we may be forced to recall how we sold our right for mercy.