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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Illuminati Indoctrination of the Masses - Emergence from the Darkness into the Light

While the Illuminati may no longer exist in `name', since by its definition it is more of a set of clandestine doctrines spread through infiltration and indoctrination rather than a title. Today, the objectives of Illuminism are prevalent and they exist in a global network of secret societies such as The Council On Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, The Tavistock Institute, Common Purpose, The Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, and Skull & Bones etc.

I only have one problem with this video, and that is its title. This is because I believe that the Antichrist is already here and has been for some time. Although, the video may only be implying that his presence has been concealed and he may be preparing to reveal his true identity to the world. However, throughout this blog, there have been several articles explaining how the Illuminati began to emerge from the dark into the light during the occult obsessed Victorian era and specific patterns from the turn of the 19th century have been identified, including Darwinism, Eugenics, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, the UN, the seizure of the Banking system, energy and the media etc, all leading to specific events within the short period of only 10 years between 1910-1920 that would determine the future of mankind. In recent years, the Illuminati have made no attempt to hide their presence and their agenda. They have just spent over the last 100 years subduing the global population, therefore by now they are increasingly confident that they have achieved incremental control of our minds, thus the human spirit, with our very souls being prepared to be served up to their master. We need only reflect on how we have changed in the past five years and how our divisions and prejudices have evolved within such a short period, with most of us oblivious to what they have turned us into. Nobody is prepared to admit the loss of compassion. The result - Many will vitriolically deny this change and will be extremely defensive. This is because our natural instinct is to be at our most defensive when confronted with the notion that we are being controlled, especially when it is by dark forces. We even attempt to rationalize and justify what we have become, rather than admit that we have been offered up as a sacrifice since `fear' is the most controlling factor and most people would rather denounce the existence of benevolent and malevolent beings since our ultimate destiny is in its hands. Perhaps we can deceive ourselves. However, if there is a benevolent supreme being such as God, we cannot fool or justify ourselves to him and it is indeed this dilemma that is cleverly exploited by design. When we have been conditioned to dismiss that such an entity even exists, everything is just fine, especially considering that since its inception in 1776 the main objective of the Illuminati was to eliminate God from human consciousness and our evolutionary development. Astonishingly, more people are prepared to believe in the existence of a higher alien intelligence rather than believe in God, since they are not accountable to such beings. Science tends to dwell on the unknown, which is the driving force of the Illuminati, since they control all access. However, life is extremely short. Hatred, bitterness, revenge, anger, selfishness, greed and all else associated are easily accessible and convenient and as such provides an extremely deceitful guidance. It is much more challenging and difficult to love, forgive and to be compassionate and selfless, therefore we can easily denounce what we can no longer access within ourselves, despite it being our natural born state of existence. Instead we reinterpret such benevolence to suit ourselves and fit into our view of an increasingly morally corrupted world. Science will convince us that such behavior is our natural instinct, yet it is science that is the bedrock and very foundation of the Illuminati. Science cannot account for the spiritual, so it is easier to reject it. A dove cannot survive in an eagles territory unless it becomes an eagle.

There are those who are sent into the world to observe, while the rest willingly and obliviously step onto the human assembly line. It has been gathering pace over the past hundred years. The frightening reality is that with each new generation indoctrinated and passing it onto the next, it is very difficult for us to attain our individuality and our true identity, since we have lost sight of the original corrupted seed. We have been told of this by countless messengers, but our response has been programmed into the human conscience and we have lost our ability to listen. We blame God and if we don't believe in him, we blame each other. Can we really believe that once we die we are nothing more than worm bait? With this in mind, the only option is to place our fate in the hands of mankind, whom whether we like to admit it or not, we have unofficially elected as god, despite our contradictory insistence in searching for a higher intelligence other than the God of the holy books. God did not create religion. God created man. Man created religion and as the flesh is weak, used it as a corrupted means of control. Today we measure our individual success in life based on our career progression or financial and material gain. We neglect to consider `human' success or the consequences of our success. Is the promotion to managing director really without sacrificing others? Is the particular career vocation really moral, especially if we are not willing to consider that one small minor misdeed can have a major impact on the life of another? How have we come to re-interpret and reinvent human morals and ethics for our own acceptance and how far are we prepared to shift the goalposts? Science calls it `evolving' or `adapting to change'. However, just because science dictates the agenda, it somehow makes the diabolic rational. How has child abuse become an acceptable but unfortunate symptom of modern society when it once would have caused widespread disgust and outrage to the extent that the masses would have taken to the streets in protest? Not so long ago, those in denial would have declared that a highly respected pillar of society was incapable of wrongdoing and that the wealthiest and most powerful who are paraded in front of us each day are infallible.

Somebody somewhere is watching and observing our increasingly primitive behavior. There are those who will weep for us while there are those who will control us. Those who deny it are the same people who don't know they have been sleepwalking during the night until somebody tells them. When there is no one to tell them, how will they ever know? When we lay on our deathbeds and see our lives flash before us, what will we really see? What will our achievements have been? Wealth is not measured in material gain. It is measured in the selfless love, compassion and forgiveness we have for others. To be empowered with such love is rare and when we meet someone who can truly achieve this, we are in the presence of an extraordinary human being who has really reconnected with the person they were born to be. Among the last words of the crucified Christ, he said, "Forgive them for they know not what they do". You don't have to be religious or atheist to understand what those words mean. If they were quotes from a legendary music icon or leader, they would have a profound impact on our moral judgement and would have been re-quoted in modern merchandise. Few today are governed by their hearts, but rather by the mind, which is corruptible. As previously mentioned, those in denial only remain so because of fear. The prospect of our inhumanity through apathy is too frightening to consider, so we pacify it for social acceptance with the helpful aid of a controlled mainstream media. We may donate to a charitable campaign once a year, but do we only do so in a bid to exonerate ourselves of guilt for our complicity in other human suffering to justify our place in the world? How much human suffering is committed in our name, while it is the job of the politician to convince us that it is okay while we are grateful to the controlled media for preventing us from knowing the truth? Money cannot relieve human suffering, especially since it is no longer redeemable against gold and increasingly redeemable only against our national assets and natural resources, including `human resources', hence modern slavery. How many of us even consider the value of our currency once it reaches its destination? Yet again, the media prevents us from such contemplation. Only we can relieve human suffering by our thoughts and our prayers, the latter of which we have been programmed to denounce, since the dwindling belief in a God means that we need not be troubled by events in some far off place. When our belief in the human will has been completely eradicated, who will hear our cries and who will walk among the human carnage?? A human thought is an energy. Our brains operate on very low frequencies. When we are thinking, our brain generates approximately 14 cycles per second. Together, perhaps we can generate enough love to save those who need us most. A thought for a stranger costs nothing.

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