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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 9 December 2012


I have been interested in the Mysteries of The Bermuda Triangle since being a kid, reading books by Charles Berlitz and rushing home from school to see Cosmos, hosted by Carl Sagan, whom I came to greatly admire. Unsolved mysteries captivated me and I had an insatiable appetite for thoroughly investigating further. If something didn't quite seem right and there was cause for doubt, it niggled me, so the search to uncover fact or fiction was paramount and highly stimulating. Learning to trust your own instinct develops naturally and it never let me down in my pursuits. Like many I had my own theories about what was causing ships and aircraft to mysteriously disappear in what became known as "The Devils Triangle". One early theory was that it was Atlantis resurfacing to claim the living. This might explain the phantom land mass. Although admittedly, this was in the imagination of a kid.

There are natural explanations too. For example, a combination of methane and salt water eliminates buoyancy, causing anything on the surface of the water to plummet straight to the bottom of the ocean. Methane can be filtered through cracks on the ocean floor, caused by earthquakes or slight eruptions.

As a 15 year old, reading about the Philadelphia Experiment, also known as Project Rainbow, this provided another possible explanation. I remember even writing to the American Consulate, requesting info on US Naval Intelligence Ops during WWII. In July 1943, the US Government was interested in finding a way to make ships vanish, without being detected by radar. The destroyer U.S.S. Eldridge arrived at Delaware Bay for a Naval Intelligence experiment. According to eye  witness, Carlos Allende, the Eldridge vanished completely. It apparently reappeared moments later in Norfolk-Newport dock for just a few minutes before returning, with horrific results on the crew, causing the project to be immediately shut down. Although, there has been some speculation on the authenticity and credibility of Carlos Allende (aka, Carl Allen) as a crank and disinformation agent, he communicated extensively with astronomer, Morris Jessup, author of The Case for UFOs (1955). Jessup came to believe in an elaborate UFO conspiracy involving two races of aliens. Allende heavily annotated a copy of Jessup's book, causing Jessup to become increasingly obsessed and confused by their correspondence. The navy later had  Allende's version of the book published. However, despite their best efforts, neither Jessup or the Navy could ever track down the mysterious Carlos Allende. In April 29, 1959, Morris Jessup was found dead in his own car, apparently from suicide by asphyxiation.

Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle.
Meanwhile, four years after the alleged Philadelphia Experiment, in July 1947, the scientists working on the project had been reassigned to the Roswell UFO incident, where an object is said to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in June or July. The same objects witnessed over the Bermuda Triangle area are similar to those seen in Area 51. Working alongside these scientists were former Nazi doctors and scientists, rescued from WWII Nazi war crimes prosecutions, and transferred to work in projects in the US under Operation Paperclip. This was to prevent the Russians seizing them first, which suggests, premeditation. However, that's another story. Among the German experts was "Wernher von Braun". It was von Braun who developed NASA and the Apollo missions later. As mentioned in previous articles, "Apollo" is the Greek name, "Apollyon" for the Hebrew, "Abaddon", meaning the "Destroyer", a demonic deity that Freemasons are introduced to upon reaching the 17 degree of masonry.

When the Nephilim and fallen angels/titans (Hollywood) were expelled from heaven, they built structures on the earth to replicate their place in paradise, all pointing upwards in alignment with the structures in heaven. The stars may serve as a map to that place. There is a configuration between certain points on the earth, connecting the pyramids, which may match a celestial map. This is what I suspect might be going on in Area 51, hence its ever increasing expansion. The technology behind HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) shows indications of a pattern, modelled on that of what is going on in the Bermuda Triangle. When aircraft or ships pass over a certain point, they may be crossing the path of a cylindrical signal, connecting the point of one pyramid to another in another dimension. Since they get caught between this portal, the natural, living energy in humans is dragged through it at the same time, since matter cannot be transported through it. There is theological evidence of fallen angels replicating the place they long to return to. "The Tower Of Babel" is just one example. Lucifer and his legions are known for such impersonations. In the Book Of Enoch, these fallen angels disobeyed God by mating with human women, hence planting the seed of Satan, which has corrupted humanity ever since. They approached Enoch to ask him to act as an intermediary to God, to appeal their case and to be allowed to return to heaven. God refused, since they too had become unclean and turned to flesh. However, upon seeing that Enoch was a righteous man, God took him and transformed him into the Metatrone, an angel who serves as the celestial scribe. Metatrone loosely means, "Beyond the Matrix" and is associated with Sacred Geometry.

The Consequences Of Submission

Apathy submits us all to be damned, and the first act of submission is an oblivious sacrifice of the next generation.

Save The Human Spirit. Love Is Not Love If You Love Only Those Who Love You.