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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 23 July 2018

The Kennedy Assassination: What really happened?

Malcolm (Mac) Wallace was the shooter in the Texas School Book Depository. He was the personal henchman and bodyguard for LBJ throughout his early career. Throughout the late 1940's LBJ was also aided by his sister Josefa who had an affair with Wallace. Josefa was an alcoholic who had a reputation for being wild and outrageous. She later dated Douglas Kinser who apparently attempted to blackmail LBJ after learning of his corrupt activities, especially the box 13 vote rigging scandal that won LBJ a local election during the late 40's. As a result Kinser was visited by Wallace who murdered him with several shots at close range. Wallace was tried and convicted of the murder and sentenced to the death penalty, however this was overturned when the judge and jury received bribes and death threats from connections to LBJ. Shortly afterwards, LBJ had his own sister Josefa murdered. We know that Wallace fired the shots from the TSBD because prisoners from the neighboring jail identified him and tried desperately to raise the alarm. Police officer Roger Craig was one of the first to arrive in the TSBD after the assassination. He was adamant that the gun found was a German Mauser and NOT the Mannlicher-Carcano. Craig's fellow officers who arrived there with him also witnessed this, however they were persuaded to change their minds. Craig remained steadfast and refused to change his story. He was murdered in 1975 after several failed attempts since 1967. However more importantly, fingerprints from the TSBD were sent for analysis to Nathan Darby, the highest ranking fingerprint expert in the U.S.  Darby had many years of expert experience. He positively identified those fingerprints as belonging to Malcolm Wallace. Wallace's fingerprints were obtained from his prior conviction for the murder of John Douglas Kinser. The FBI buried the fingerprint results and refused to release them, much to the consternation of Mr Darby, the foremost authority on fingerprint analysis. Despite Malcolm Wallace firing the shots from the TSBD, he missed his target with the fatal shot that killed JFK coming from the Grassy Knoll. Wallace may have missed his shot intentionally to draw attention to the TSBD to frame Oswald, with the other shots from behind coming from the neighboring Daltex Building. 

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