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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Monday, 4 February 2013



How has the world changed since 2010? How has your view of it changed since 2010? How aware are we of the dangers of adapting to it? 

Since 2010, doctors have been forced to abandon patients, telling them that they are costing them too much money. Elderly and terminally ill patients, including children have been put on what has now become commonly known as "Pathways to death", sent home to die, with their medication reduced or stopped. A socially accepted view is emerging that such people are a "waste on resources", just as a vicious campaign has been waged to vilify the sick, disabled and terminally ill as such. We live in a society where political leaders mock and verbally abuse charitable causes, such as Cancer charities in parliament and even attempt to prevent them from receiving charitable donations.

If I had written this as recently as ten years ago, people may have thought it was the screenplay for a futuristic horror movie. However, the most frightening aspect of this not that this actually occurring today. The most frightening and dangerous aspect is that "We are becoming accustomed to it".

Surprisingly, there are people in the US, UK or elsewhere in the world, who while they may appreciate what I write here will choose to see it as something that is just going on in some other part of the world and does not affect them. The abomination in the image below has been openly engaging in persuading other world leaders to adopt a eugenics agenda. He has been rigorously campaigning on this since 2010.  He has established a record for gaining immense pleasure from inflicting pain and watching the response. So, if you think that this only pertains to the UK, you are already infected with the "Apathy virus". Cameron's Cull has been underway since 2010. However, it was first initiated long before then. The only difference today is that it has emerged more into the open since we have been given time to become accustomed and adaptable to it. The reason it has become so prominent is due to this creatures impatience.

Undoubtedly, there will be those who may dispute any of this. However, they only do so out of fear of complicity and to protect their own programmed view of the world. They will even label this as "Leftest propaganda", as an excuse. When "hell on earth" arrives, there will still be those who will remain in denial, despite it being so in their faces today.

Master Of Deception

When we rationalize and justify evil, we damn ourselves. By our apathy, we attempt to exonerate ourselves of the human carnage committed in our names.

From the very moment we begin to rationalize malevolence, we give it an acceptable level, thus we justify it. We place a price on compassion, thus we turn something that is good in the human spirit and make it rancid and diabolical. Selfless compassion and love is not to be measured by men. Likewise, the human spirit is not for men to be sold, unless it be corroded and made so corrupted and violated that its stench attracts only ravens and vultures to feast upon.

Political ideology was created to keep us divided so that we would abandon our connection to who we truly are. I cannot stress enough how important it is that we see ourselves as individuals and reconnect with the birthplace of our spirit before our journey back home. It is not for us to create a better future for ourselves, but for the infant we see every day and its generation, until the seed of abomination becomes so diluted that evil shall destroy itself upon sight of its own hideous reflection.

ALERT: Divide & Conquer Is Evidence That David Cameron Has Much Worse In Store To Come