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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 8 March 2012

ALERT: More Tory Party Corruption Exposed: A Snapshot of Global Recession Causes

PLEASE MAKE THIS GO VIRAL: This news clip gives a revealing insight to David Cameron's agenda to force everyone into "debt slavery" through the corrupt activities of his Nazi Government. Few people are aware that the for the first time ever, freelance loan sharks such as began popping up, in advertising everywhere, profiting from peoples misery during the banker manufactured recession. However, what comes as a shock, but hardly surprising, is that these profiteers of suffering were established by Cameron's NeoCon Government. Norman Lamb was clearly taken by surprise and stumbled through his interview when Channel 4 News correspondent Cathy Newman confronted him, exposing the corrupt dealings of his party.  The full News item covered the story of one victim who has been forced into debt misery for the rest of his life. This is typically representative of how the global recession happened and this is just a snapshot to demonstrate this.

After the banks devalued all the national assets surrendered to the Central Banks, amid promises of lucrative returns, they radically increased the interests rates each sovereign nation has to pay back on borrowing, due to their assets being depreciated, making them worthless. Therefore, each nation has to surrender every available resource it has to pay back the interest, hence dramatic hyper inflation. These resources include "Human Resources", forcing people to work for very little. No nation can possibly pull out of the Euro, since it has nothing to trade with. Every nation surrendered all its assets into the kitty on the understanding that wealth would be distributed equally from the kitty. Once the Rothschild Bank had all the wealth of nations, it quickly lowered the value of all stock, making them unsellable, thereby increasing interest rates. If a nation wants its assets returned, it must buy them back at an extortionately increased price, plus the added interest. Since it cannot afford to do this, it must pay off its debts by giving up more, hence eternal debt slavery.


So, what happens next? Once the Arab regions have been robbed and plundered of all their Gold and Oil reserves and Central Banks established, all banks will be consolidated into "One World Bank", with all nations subservient to it. Cash will disappear and all transactions be become electronic. These transactions will be done by card only, which will soon contain not only your financial details, but all data on you, including your shopping habits, your private and most intimate details and even your DNA. Most of us already submit this, completely oblivious to what we are doing. All data will eventually be consolidated onto one chip. Once a cashless society is fully in place, this chip will migrate from card to embedded RFID chip, buried underneath the skin. It will likely be marketed and well publicized as a fashion accessory, probably in popular youth culture. Eventually, nobody will be able to buy, sell or trade or live freely without it. Where have we heard this before?  If you doubt any of this and want to dismiss it, please feel free to contact me for more information. I will provide you with more overwhelming evidence that it is already happening.