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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Movie: Systemic Evil

Forcing the sick, disabled and terminally ill to work while viciously assaulting and robbing the elderly was not only considered morally and ethically repulsive. It was ruthlessly inhumane. It would have caused an international outcry, just as would have sexually abusing children. Today, the sexual abuse of children is acceptable as an unfortunate symptom of our society, and they have even given it a name, `Paedophilia', to make it sound more palatable as a human condition. It is even accepted at airports as a security procedure, while helpless parents are subjected to equally disturbing intimate body scans. Disguising such practices with grand names for social acceptance is conditioned responsibility, making the destiny of our very souls much clearer. It is an abomination, taking us towards the stage of systemic evil. It was a time when every single aspect of our daily lives was recorded and stored on a database, even our most intimate, private details. Our image was captured 300 times a day. Those who could not afford to live, were simply left to die. The homeless on the streets were already commonplace, but were gradually replaced by the dead. Genocide had a new name, more socially acceptable to the public. Travel had become more restrictive due to rising prices. Cash began to disappear and was replaced with a card. The card began to disappear and was replaced with a fashionable, trendy embedded chip on the back of the hand. Communications and human interaction were confined to technology, where misunderstandings had a major impact on human emotions, as relationships were eradicated. Awareness of our social surroundings were stifled by a bustling traffic of people downloading information via headsets. Where collisions were once greeted with a cordial gesture and acknowledgement, they were now greeted with unpleasantness for interrupting the downloading process.

If this sounds like a plot for a Hollywood movie. Think again. I would suggest that you look out your window and survey the world around you. However, you don't even need to go that far. Think about what you are doing right now, and the things that you have gradually taken for granted, and ask yourself, "How the hell did I get here?" "Do you really want to be faced with asking yourself this question 30 years from now?"

"If this is what we are prepared to tolerate today. Imagine how much more we will accept tomorrow!"

However. You could just tell yourself, "It will never come to that. Would you have equally convinced yourself 30 years ago?"

WARNING: YouTube Sneakily Commits Further Violations of User Privacy

YouTube starts asking members to use their real names - Los Angeles Times:

WARNING: Google has just added new "spying" updates to YouTube without the permission of its users. You can no longer protect your identity. This is another step to further infringe on our privacy. YouTube craftily changes your YouTube username to your full name without consulting or even giving channel owners a choice. Once changed, you cannot change it back to protect your anonymity. This article falsely claims that you can, but in fact, you don't have an option.