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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 27 May 2013

UPDATE: David Cameron `again' invokes the Hegelian Dialectic by Exploiting a young mans brutal death

Murdered soldier Drummer Lee Rigby, R.I.P.

The savage and barbaric murder of Lee Rigby on a London street last week shocked many of us. However, already this has subsided, and it is this which is much more frightening. 

As a result of this brutal murder, two things happened which we have dangerously overlooked, and it once again demonstrates the sickening depths to which David Cameron will stoop. The attack ought to have focused our attention on how we, as a society have changed since Cameron's installment in power in 2010. Following this savage act in Woolwich, speculation flooded the internet that it was a staged False Flag incident, and I admit that I may be partly responsible for that, with a post warning of such speculation. However, this is not without its merits, as the wider point being made seems to have been missed, since while the family of army drummer, Lee Rigby were visiting the scene of his death, Cameron's vultures barely even gave them time to read the messages of condolence, as the Government quickly swung into action to cruelly exploit the horrific murder (see: . While the grieving family were at the scene, Home Secretary, Theresa May conveniently saw it as an opportunity to announce plans to revive what had previously been dubbed the Snooper's Charter to enforce internet privacy laws, allowing the British Government to further infringe upon our civil liberties with more spying on our internet activity. This had previously been blocked by Cameron's coalition partners. If we have learned anything by now, it ought to be how utterly predictable Mr Coincidence is, since he blatantly makes no effort to hide his sadistic intentions, often going to great pains to flaunt them right in our faces, consistently demonstrating his contempt for the people by his familiar gloating and rubbing salt into their wounds. Do we really need to list a catalog of examples? How quickly have we forgotten a week that could be characterized as being David Cameron's darkest moment, including the revolt against his gay marriage policy, another against his stance on Europe and a week that emphasized a growing threat from UKIP, amongst other problems that threatened his leadership. Amidst all this, in typically heartless characteristic form, Cameron made a brief statement on the murder to the media on Downing Street before swanning off to Ibiza on holiday immediately afterwards. The media focus on his woes subsided following the murder of drummer Rigby.

Enforcing Apathy:

As a society, we seem to have failed to notice how the murder of young Lee Rigby has changed us, and somebody somewhere was observing our changing behavior. This is the typical role of the Tavistock Institute. The media coverage, showing us the bloody aftermath of the soldiers killing ought to have horrified us to the extent where the mainstream press and media would have been deluged with public outrage. Instead, it gave the killers a platform and displayed an almost relaxed view of the barbaric slaying, with additional expressions such as `beheading' and `hacking' being applied for descriptive drama, while a young mans body lay in the middle of the street. In my efforts to alert the world to the dangers of "Apathy", public reaction couldn't have demonstrated the urgency for awareness of this esoteric `virus' more clearly. As feared, on the day afterwards, newspapers throughout the country openly displayed on their front pages the image of one of the killers presenting the fresh blood of the victim soaked onto his hands and on the weapons he had just used. It seemed that this guy was putting on a show, and that his expressions and gestures had been choreographed. This graphic display was on view for children to see throughout every shop and store in the land. I felt helpless seeing all this horror on exhibition while parents seemed oblivious. However, much worse than this, it epitomizes the character of the society we have become, desensitizing our social acceptance, perhaps in preparation for what is yet to become and validating David Cameron's strenuous efforts to eradicate compassion from society completely.

A young man lay dead on the street, who moments before could have been contemplating his future or something as simplistic as his plans for the weekend. He could never have imagined that shortly afterwards, he would be a subject for a voyeuristic nation, incrementally disconnecting from its humanity. 

Familiar Patterns:

Since 9/11, it has not been difficult to identify familiar patterns in alleged terror incidents, more recent example being Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings. Of course, the `Coincidence Theorists' would dismiss this immediately without bothering to cross reference each individual incident as every worthy meticulous researcher must do. For example, nobody in the mainstream media has challenged the striking similarities to the events surrounding the 7/7 London bombings in 2005.

Update 17 July

Having just been sent this compelling article from a follower of the Apathy Kills Facebook page it was noticeable how the latest alleged revenge attacks on mosques in the UK have lately been dubbed, `terrorist' related by the deceitful mainstream media, who had previously dubbed the alleged killers of drummer Lee Rigby as `terrorists?' In light of other carefully designed global events this wasn't too difficult to predict. After the news of the brutal killing was widely reported, I wrote in my blog article how Jon Snow, Channel 4 News anchorman referred to the killers as `Gunmen', implying `terrorists'. Hmm!!! Notice another pattern emerging yet? I'm sure I wasn't the only one who's instant reaction to his comment was, "Where the hell did that come from?" The Tavistock Institute know that by the application of the word `Terrorist' into the public mindset, that it will justify imposing further violations on Civil Liberties, which David Cameron has been bending over backwards to enforce insistently. For example. During George Osborne's recent spending review, where everyone was hit by yet more cuts (a.k.a. raiding national assets), the only place to actually receive funding, and by no small amount was GCHQ, the Government public spying operations centre, as well the other intelligence services. The mainstream media only mentioned this briefly on passing.

Also, as a result of this update, I was kindly sent this video from the Kent Freedom Movement. It is well presented walkthrough in which author, Nick Kollerstrom sets the stage for the events surrounding the apparent murder of drummer Lee Rigby. As a film maker myself, Nick guides us through the events of that fateful day in an almost movie director like fashion, revealing a carefully laid out plan, choreographed in the now familiar pattern focused on throughout this blog. Having planned to visit Woolwich myself, I'm grateful that this demonstration has saved me the time. Please listen carefully to what both Nick and Deborah are saying, as I do realise that this request is lost in the minds of Coincidence Theorists: