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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Weather Modification. The Evidence

In a socially engineered divided society, many people don't like to hear the term, "Sheeple" being applied to them. However, in our despair, we must escalate our efforts to make them listen for the sake of humanity. For instance, few are even aware of the global intensity of our climate in recent years, or to be precise, since 9/11. Many have been utterly oblivious to how our world has changed since then, relating it only to increased security, regional instability and alleged terrorist threats.

Mass mind control has been the aspiration of the global elite since the age of Darwinism, which gave birth to the Eugenics Movement. Those who are aware of my work will already know that I have followed the familiar patterns of what some refer to as the Illuminati throughout identifiable periods in our history. However, since they seized control of the media in 1917, it is difficult for many today to imagine the extent of our conditioned distractions.

The reason for focusing on our ignorance is integral to the "Apathy Kills" project. We have failed to notice the dramatic increase in environmental instability in recent years. To say that we just take the weather for granted is a testament to our own social conditioning and raises the frightening question on just how far are we prepared to let the bar be raised? When the extreme weather conditions reaches our own shores, it is only then that we selfishly take notice, and even then have a fleeting sympathy for those most affected. When it does reach us, do we really deserve any meaningful sympathy in return? This is not a reference to the abandonment of the people of Hiati, Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines and other regions devastated by extreme climatic conditions. It is a reference to the price we may well pay for our apathy, since by our indifference we endorse what is happening to humanity and our planet. Put simply, we can no longer afford to allow ourselves to accept the nonsense fed to us by the globally synchronized media. Global warming is a natural occurrence and is not of our doing. Just as we were deceived into paying illegal taxes, such as `income tax' in 1910, a levy on free sustainable renewable energy around the same period, and more recently, a levy on water, we are now being deceived into paying a tax on the very air we breath in the form of `carbon tax'. However, I digress. How many of us today can actually recall the moment our climate began to change? How many of us have noticed the economic contribution and rich natural resources of those regions hit by environmental catastrophe? We once referred to `Third World' regions as `Underdeveloped Countries', a term that has obliviously disappeared from our vocabulary. Such regions were once bribed by Henry Kissinger on behalf of the Rockefeller family to dramatically take steps to lower their populations. Those who failed to comply suffered the consequences. As mentioned in the labelled articles below, a treaty was signed in 1977 by the superpowers, agreeing not to use weather modification weapons. So, when the "Coincidence Theorists" dismiss the possibility of weather modification, remind them that Nikola Tesla discovered it as far back as 1910, a significant year for Rothschild banker, J.P. Morgan. It was Morgan who funded Tesla's work for $150,000, only to halt his funding once he learned that Tesla wished to supply energy for free. Tesla died a broken and bankrupt man in a seedy hotel room, where his scientific notes were stolen from by the FBI. However, in the usual manner of the Coincidence Theorist, they will refuse to even look at evidence.

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