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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 16 May 2013

David Cameron & Syria: A Sadistic Bloodthirsty Demon In Our Midst - Please Wake Up

So-called Syrian rebels follow familiar barbaric patterns throughout Arab Spring. Script prepared on behalf of so-called Free Syrian Army

As demonstrated throughout this blog, we know by now that the Arab Spring, as it became known was instigated by David Cameron, almost immediately upon his `installment' into Government by the UK arms industry. However, the media has kept us distracted long enough to overlook the part of "Mr Coincidence" in the Arab regions. This is aided by a determined effort to avoid the same public outcry as Cameron's bench-warmer, Tony Blair provoked. With this in mind, instead of committing British military forces on the ground, as War Criminal, Tony Blair did in Iraq, Cameron surreptitiously had British special forces sent into the region to ignite instability and arm proxy rebel fighters. This had been reported on UK mainstream media news from the onset as British intelligence operatives were apprehended in Tunisia, prior to the overthrow of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. Similar news stories emerged afterwards in Egypt, where British Government agents were caught again in preparation for the overthrow of President Mubarak. The same pattern was repeated throughout the whole region, with a bloodthirsty David Cameron strategically visiting each conquered Arab territory in the aftermath of the bloodshed, with his arms teams tagging along to sell British made weapons

In the subsequent horror that followed, it has become incrementally safe for the mainstream media to refer to the manufactured proxy rebel fighters as "foreigners", `only' because they are drawn from a database of former Mujahideen and other fundamentalist groups that the CIA (a.k.a. Cocaine Import Agency) used in other covert operations in places such as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo. This database is better known in its Arabic translation, "Al-Qaeda", and they are the same people sent in to destabilize each region, from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria, funded, as we know, by the British Government.

These proxy rebel fighters follow a familiar traditional pattern of barbaric depravity, as demonstrated in my films. We have previously seen what they do to captured Government defence forces in all the aforementioned regions. Commonly repeated horrific scenes have been public hangings, beheadings, prisoners tortured, organs cut out and trampled on, limbs being hacked off with machetes, children being mutilated in Sirte, Libya in David Cameron's determination to capture and execute Gaddafi. (WARNING: These films do contain disturbing and distressing scenes.)

How much more will it take to show the British public what kind of demonic sadistic psychopath they have in Government? How much longer are we going to tolerate people making excuses for an increasingly depraved society? Ten years ago there would have been national public outrage if anyone had so much as even taunted someone who had some form of disability or illness. It would have been regarded as cruelly immoral, unethical and inhumane and totally unacceptable. Today, amid a deliberate erosion of compassion, we adjust it to make it more palatable for acceptance.

The gradual destruction of the NHS to `sacrifice' patients in order to justify selling it to Goldman Sachs, as arranged on 15 March 2012