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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

David Cameron's Nazi Party furious after their Slavery Program, WorkFare fails

Iain Duncan Smith could not contain his wrath today as conscientious companies pulled out of his Nazi governments slavery program, which forces people to work for no pay. Some of the businesses pulled out of the scheme on the grounds of ethics and morals, something that David Cameron has overtly expressed his abhorrence for. When challenged by a news correspondent, Iain Duncan Smith launched into a blistering vitriolic tirade of spiteful and abusive name calling and false accusations of "Human Rights" protestors. David Cameron is reported as being absolutely furious, calling Human Rights protestors, a bunch of "Anarchist Trotskyists", and we all know what Adolf Hitler thought of Trotskyites. They ended up in death camps. 

How can we fail to notice that since May 2010, Cameron, Osborn and the rest of the Fourth Reich have resorted to branding their despised weakest and most vulnerable in society with hateful abuse, constantly venting their vicious spleen at the sick and terminally ill.

The man in question, Andy Coulson, mastermind of the hacking
scandal disappears from the media spotlight after threatening
to reveal more.
However, the Human Rights protestors who forced the Government climb down should NOT rest easy. Right now David Cameron is plotting a vicious and merciless revenge. Anyone who crosses Cameron has a nasty habit of ending up dead, disappearing or some other grave misfortune. The only problem is, the media does not report it.
Sean Hoare found dead, allegedly from suicide. Whistle blower who exposed Cameron's right hand man, Andy Coulson.