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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

David Cameron and His Allies hold Media to Ransom to Oust Jeremy Corbyn

The Devil's PR Man

Once known as “Mr Fix it” during his PR days for manipulating the mainstream media, to manufacture cover-ups for his wealthy criminal friends, #DavidCameron has successfully prevented the media from exposing the depths of his depraved corruption and that of his own party. When the Cameron regime was again forced upon us again in 2015, all the burning questions about paedophiles in his party were buried along with all the nasty dirty deals and fabrication of economic statistics. Prior to the apparently rigged 2015 general election, people in despair all over the UK were begging Ed Miliband to challenge Cameron on these issues and his sordid diabolical background, including arms dealing, the bombing of Sirte and his role in the current chaos in the middle east which conveniently began in 2010 subsequently leading to the rise of ISIS, and also his profiteering from human misery. Miliband effectively abandoned people who desperately needed a voice. He was prevented from challenging Cameron on these issues by the treasonous right wing faction within the Labour Party, known as `Progress’ a sinister organisation of Blairites established by the likes of Bilderberg member, Peter Mandelson, who do not respect the thousands of people who joined Labour in droves to gain a voice through #JeremyCorbyn. Progress will undoubtedly secure Tony Blair from ever being tried for war crimes in his role as bench-warmer for David Cameron. Now, as fellow Bilderberger, George Osborne exploits China's economic wows as another opportunity for his eugenicist purging of the most weak and vulnerable, Progress seeks to muzzle those in despair by sabotaging Corbyn at any opportunity using the dictatorship of David Cameron and his seizure of the mainstream media. In a dictatorship, all dissenters are silenced by various methods. They disappear through an untimely death and are given little media coverage. They are kept out of the public eye, such as Andy Coulson etc, or they are muzzled. Media sources, such as Press TV were banned from broadcasting in the UK amid trumped up charges. The offices of The Guardian newspaper were raided on the orders of Craig Oliver, David Cameron’s Director of Communications. Oliver stepped up his ruthless campaign of constantly harassing and bullying the media. The assets of RT Television network were frozen. The BBC was threatened of having its TV license revoked if they refused to tow the Tory line. The airing of BBC1’s Question Time was staged in favour of David Cameron during the election campaign. Now, the independent and relatively liberal, Channel 4 has been threatened with privatisation and Channel 4 News has adopted a noticeably bias and negative tone towards Jeremy Corbyn. What viewers may not have noticed is that each time the Government is in trouble and Channel 4 News wishes to present a Government spokesperson, the newsreader has to announce that they "approached the related Government department, but nobody was available for comment". 
"Tony Blair was my greatest achievement - Margaret Thatcher" 
No matter where our political or any other allegiances may lie, people are entitled to the truth, even if it is disparaging towards those they support. However, when there is a clear attempt to keep the public from knowing the scale of horror its Government is guilty of, then that makes us complicit in a humanitarian crisis. We chose to be persuaded by the lies and deceit that promises to protect our conscience every time we turn on the TV or read one of Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers. We will defiantly argue that the information we receive is the voice of God itself so that we can remain in denial of the truth. Even when the truth is revealed much later, a convenient excuse is on standby to pass onto the next generation so that our grandchildren won’t be ashamed of us. The indoctrination of each generation continues its cycle of deception as the victors write the history books.

Media onslaught on Jeremy Corbyn

Those who support Jeremy Corbyn only joined the Labour Party in their thousands to give him their voice and as a result Labour’s membership increased significantly. If they want to be heard, then they must change their focus onto the mainstream media and press. They MUST shout the loudest and be more prepared to confront the mainstream media. They MUST be the alternative media. Those within the Labour Party who wish to oust Corbyn are always given the media spotlight while Corbyn's selfless good deeds go unreported. The conspirators complain about `democracy', yet it is they who refuse to respect the wishes of those who support Jeremy Corbyn. It is a leader’s job to expect loyalty, not to them, but to the founding principles for which they stand for and aspired to, especially when it is the people themselves who take to the streets to remind them of those principles. If shadowy groups such as `Progress’ are so determined to cause disunity, then they are clearly doing the job of their alleged opponents. When they take the further step of attempting to overthrow their leader to pursue an alternative agenda, then according to history and the Oxford English dictionary, that is treason, once punishable by expulsion or exile. I'm not keen on utilising quotes, so if I may I'll present one of my own, "At least you can respect your enemy, but nobody respects something so low in the gutter as a traitor". Jeremy Corbyn did the most honourable and democratic thing by inviting those whom he knew to disagree with him to join his shadow cabinet. All he asked for was their allegiance to the people who elected him and to focus on bringing an end to heartless, sadistic Tory cruelty (now unreported). Instead, they adopted a typical Conservative trait of `Self Servatism' for their own selfish and egotistical ambitions while poor, weak and vulnerable people throughout the UK are denied a voice and the next generation are strangled at birth in favour of those who hold the country to ransom by bankrolling MPs.

If we are to save ourselves, then we must begin writing the history books today and warn the next generation and save them from the silent Tory holocaust. The carnage of a bloody humanitarian crisis can rage on unnoticed under our very noses when it is done incrementally by the devils PR man, David Cameron who has redefined the meaning of morals, ethics and compassion. It is up to us to set 2010 as a benchmark in history for when we gave refuge to an "acceptable level of evil".

The Devil's PR Man
The Devil's agent can be recognised by his mastery of the Art of Deception

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