The Human Assembly Line

The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Alien & Paranormal Investigation

The Scole Experiment

Scientific Evidence for the Existence of Ghosts

Also see: The Spirit Molecule


14 Degrees 
A paranormal documentary examining our various encounters and interactions with the supernatural.


UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

This includes contributions from my friend, Dr Richard Dolan and discusses the mysterious death of Dr Carla Turner, who got too close to the truth. Brief reference is also made DMT, and CIA experiment that involved extracting fluid from the brains of human corpses and induced to living subjects as a drug. The DMT drug is believed to have been a conduit to inter-dimensional beings, acting as an invitation to our plane of existence. 

  Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology

My initial impressions upon the first few minutes of this presentation was that the theory of sound being capable of boiling water is simple, as we know that the vibrations caused by sound causes matter to resonate. If the particles in water are compressed, the friction between them may generate heat before evaporating into steam. This theory is nothing new, as it has been suggested that this is what contributed to the creation of the universe and the compacted matter is what formed the planets. However, the origins of the soundwaves are open to speculation and may be attributed to anything from the collapsing of a star, a gas explosion/implosion to a black hole. 

As for the question of energy, this is such a huge subject and I have written on it in other articles throughout this blog, in reference to parallel dimensions and interdimensional beings such as aliens as angels and demons and the spirit realm. 

Approximately 30 minutes into the presentation a flaw began to emerge which adds doubt to its integrity due to the unfortunate reference to Sitchin as a reliable source. Zacharia Sitchin was exposed as a fraud with no background, experience or qualification on the whole subject. Sitchin even shamefully misinterpreted the writings of the ancients, which he based on his whole argument.


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