Death By Corporate Media

After their conquest for profit of Free Renewable Energy from Hungarian Scientist Nikola Tesla (substituted by JP Morgan for Tesla's bitter rival, Thomas Edison) in 1910, they seized the global banking system through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Then, upon fearing the awareness of the public, in 1917 the Rockefeller, Council On Foreign Relations (CFR. UK branch is the Royal Institute of International Affairs) seized control of the global media by the purchase of the 5 most dominant newspapers in the U.S., including the Washington Post, placing their own people as editors of all media outlets. This subsequently spread through the acquisition of Disney and others. Through my studies in Film and Media, my dissertation includes how Walt Disney had no particular fondness for children. By 1921, prominent occultist and Aleister Crowley devotee, Alice Bailey established the publishing company for Rockefeller's United Nations (UN), the Lucifer Trust, abbreviated to The Lucis Trust in 1922, due to unwanted public attention. Following his studies of Human Behavior and Mind Control, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, also known as the Father of Public Relations (Spin) published his book, Propaganda in 1928. Bernays quickly caught the eye of the Office Of Strategic Operations (forerunner of CIA and modern day Knights Templar) through his demonstration to convince an entire generation of American women to take up smoking. (also see: The Palovian Maze article)

NOTE: JP Morgan was hired as an agent for the Rothschild (translation: Red Shield) family of England, to coincide with the conquest and atheisation of Russia. The timetable for the implementation of Alice Bailey's Externalization Of The Hierarchy was 1910 - 1930. It is what the phrase, "Coming into the Light" refers to, as it is the gradual emergence of the Order of the Illuminati, upon the conquest of every nation on earth through corporatism.


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