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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WARNING: Economy And Family At Top Of Queen's Speech - BEWARE

The Rothschild representative delivered another malevolent threat from David Cameron, spelling out the focus on jobs and family (again). Now. Let us stop and take stock of Cameron's interpretation of that. He is using corporate business to smuggle in his state surveillance. Jobs creation means, forcing people to work for nothing or for low wages (expect an onslaught on the national minimum wage); a further eradication of workers basic human rights and the further theft of their pensions. 

Now let us reflect on the`family' aspect. So far, Cameron has broken a record in just 2 years in concerted efforts to destroy families. He has just announced plans to abolish "Free" school meals for poor children, (reminiscent of Thatcher, The Milk Snatcher, only more vicious). He introduced plans to abolish special housing needs for disabled people. He broke yet another promise and abolished education rights for disabled children, to deliberately discriminate against them (Eugenics policy). He was confronted by an anxious father over this particular issue. He has introduced a policy of mass population displacement to force the elderly and families out of their homes and into ghettos, under the guise of  "downsizing", then sell off their homes to his wealthy buddies for a profit. Remember, David Cameron has a distinct agenda to implement a policy of "Good is Evil and Evil is Good" to a point where we won't even recognize where the line has been crossed. He is the Devils PR man.

If any of what I have just described doesn't sound familiar, it should - Berlin 1930s/40s "Hell on earth in small doses is barely noticeable".

Reflect on this past 2 years. So far, David Cameron has utilized his PR background to force through unpopular draconian legislation, then tells us that it is for our own good. We are told by the corporate media that his redeeming quality over Ed Miliband is that he has more "charm". Cameron had a career that could be described as, "Selling ice cubes to Eskimos".

The evidence speaks for itself. This vicious, sadistic b*****d has got to go.