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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 29 October 2015

NWO Ambassador, Bono again Exploits Human Misery for a Hidden Agenda

Bono praises British generosity in the 'fight against extreme poverty'
Here we go again with another sanctimonious message from the worlds #1 shill and `New World Order' mouth piece. When I first read the latest gobbing off from the self-righteous Bono using the latest U2 concert to elevate his ego by praising the UK for taking the lead over the migrant crisis, I almost choked on my coffee. #1. Jeremy Corbyn, myself and many other campaigners have been desperately trying to force a cruel and sadistic Government into compassion and raise awareness on the plight of Migrants, and this guy comes out with this. #2. This so-called Irishman praises Britain, justifying the phrase, `Great' Britain. A `Great Britain' that adopted its title by building an empire through plundering every defenseless, impoverished country throughout the globe, including today, which is the very cause of the current migrant crisis. The so-called `Arab Spring' began immediately after David Cameron was placed in power in 2010 by the arms industry (not withstanding that Cameron himself is a former arms dealer). The region, which includes Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria are not only oil rich, but also rich in natural resources and were destabilized so that Cameron could plunder their wealth and sell it off to private investors. Libya also provided a vital oil pipe line throughout African countries at low prices, since in Islamic law, `Usury' (aka profit through interest) is considered the greatest sin against God (hence Christ's anger against the money changers in the temple). The destruction of Libya sent much of Africa into turmoil as a result, i.e. Somalia, Sudan etc. The destabilization of the middle east also provided a lucrative arms trade for the UK, which we witnessed Cameron making no attempt to hide his arms sales tours of the region during it's turmoil. #3. Ireland was one of the victims of the cruel Great British Empire. Yet, here we have Bono betraying his own country on two fronts, the first being his neglect of how his own country suffered to put the `Great' into Britain, the second being that he made no such well publicized praise of his own country's contribution to aid the suffering despite its proportion in terms of wealth and population.


 It is clear that this parasite has another agenda and is whoring on behalf of Monsanto, Big Pharma and the greedy Corporations who want to establish themselves in conquered regions, either by austerity or instability. Bono, alongside the likes of Angelina Jolie are nothing more than NWO whores and their activities has the distinctive stench of the Rockefellers. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Apathy Kills Film - 11 May 2010: The assault on our very souls begins, our ability for compassion gradually eroded through an epitome of malevolence

In the UK on 11 May 2010, a diabolic precedent was set in motion, oblivious to the masses who were to become so incrementally docile and critically infected by a most malleable, malevolent and esoteric virus, "Apathy". It was delivered from a manifesto and agenda of absolute compassion fatigue, upon which a rationale and justification of mass extermination could be reached. And yet still, many remain unconvinced or are in systemic denial, while their measure of pain is negotiated within the covens of global cabals, as these sociopaths distribute and devour every earthly resource at the UN dining table. Only our recognition and recall of our natural capacity for overwhelming selfless love and compassion can save us, since this was our natural state from where we came. Such unfathomable love cannot be contemplated in a corrupted state. - Glenn Gordon

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

David Cameron is solely responsible for the Migrant Crisis

The face of "Evil"

Let them drown

This monster started the human carnage in the Middle East we are currently witnessing today. As described throughout the "Apathy Kills" blog, he was placed in power in 2010 by the arms industry as revealed during the Liam Fox scandal. The media dubbed `Arab Spring' conveniently began shortly afterwards and news reports let it slip that British Intelligence Operatives were arrested in Tunisia and in Egypt. Later, Cameron flaunted a delegation of arms traders during his arms sales visit to Egypt at the beginning of his arms sales tour of the Mid East region. In his greed to plunder Gaddafi's oil and gold reserves, British defense chiefs expressed their growing concerns over targeting civilians and children in Sirte, Libya. Cameron responded, telling them, "Shut up. You do the bombing and leave the talking to me".

Cameron already had a reputation as an arms dealer during the Thatcher era and was caught along with Mark Thatcher, selling arms in South Africa.

Sadistic former Spin Doctor, who has no shame dares to talk of `Peace and Stability' on the crisis he created.

Now, as a result of the carnage he inflicted, refugees and migrants flee in despair and this child killing, pedophile protecting sadist says, "Let them drown", even as we see the shocking images of a dead 3 year old toddler being carried from a Turkish beach. 

David Cameron's victims
Another victim of David Cameron's depraved genocide that the media won't talk about

In prisons child murderers and pedophiles are targeted by other prisoners and in the U.S. psychopaths are executed, while in the UK, we have a cruel, sadistic abomination from hell in Government.

Given the overwhelming sadistic cruelty that we all have already witnessed from David Cameron, and the shocking, radical decline of morality in the UK since 2010, should we be surprised that at some point, Cameron will suggest a `Final Solution' to the Migrant Crisis? Are we to see the incremental Social Engineering of society to accept "human culling"?


In response to this article, it's critics will see the headline and immediately dismiss it without even bothering to read further, some asking for the evidence when it is already in front of their eyes. Some people choose to be blind. One day, they and those in denial will be held accountable.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The only thing that costs nothing is Love

Such a beautiful moment. The curious were wondering what all the fuss was about when they saw the crowd gathered in the street. After the cameras had gone, some approached the man and gave him money too. Some who happened to be passing by may even have returned to him. Yet, it took a group of anonymous individuals to embrace their own humanity and inspire others. Why wait for inspiration when you can be the inspiration? What is it that prevents us from going up to that homeless person on the street and just giving them a moment of our time or even to sit down and listen to their story? Is it the fear and embarrassment of being seen wasting our precious time on such a low life? We are so quick to judge, yet we have just met the most important person of our entire lives and if we believe in God, it is the closest to him we have ever been. Even a momentary gentle smile to a stranger can brighten their day and turn their private tears of despair, trauma and fear into tears of peace, joy and hope. We are each more wealthy than we realise, since the gift of love is something we can take with us when we're dead and leave with someone forever, and all it takes is a second of our time. Afterwards, we can return to being the career `minded' professional in front of the early evening TV dinner and daily soap opera.

Friday, 10 July 2015

#Indifference II

If we do not cease our indifference towards Tory radical moral decline `today', child sex abuse will be perfectly legal by 2020. It is already viewed as an unfortunate but acceptable symptom of modern society in 2015 and the British public have already forgotten how they have changed in just a few short years since 2010. When we start debating it, all we are doing is looking for excuses to rationalise and incrementally justify the diabolical, and not once does anyone stop to ask, "If this is what they have turned us into in such a short period, what kind of an abomination have we created and nurtured for the next generation to come?" However, when we are not prepared to envisage what our society will be like 50 years from now, why should we care, since we won't be around?"

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Money Changes People

Money doesn't change people. It unmasks them, and when it does, rather than admit to it, they'll defend it to the point where they'll abandon and even sacrifice their own friends and family. So, when they ask me if I would want to be a millionaire and I answer, `no', they say, "Don't be ridiculous. Everybody wants to be a millionaire". So, I say to them, "When I tell you that I don't want to be like everybody, you'll call me weird or a loner or every possible rebuke that isolates me, yet your blindness has caused your failure to notice that I am much wealthier than everybody".
- Glenn Gordon

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thoughts on Religious and Racial Freedom

Religious and racial freedom is not only a matter of accepting others. It is a matter of seizing the opportunity of exploring how others celebrate love and compassion, the only thing that defines us all as human. Today, we call this `life'. Don't wait until you are on your deathbed before you regret not exploring it, for there is a reason why someone once quoted that `Life is too short".
- GG

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Offer: 1776 - 2010

You cannot make a deal with the devil and expect him not to collect, because somewhere along the ancestral bloodline the debt remains unpaid. The most powerful people in the world today recognise that their ancestors made this pact. They also understand that the devil does not deal with flesh and bone, but the eternal soul, which travels through the generations. Anyone born into such a wealthy inheritance will not simply abandon it to save their soul, because temptation is insatiable to them. Once they realise that earthly material gain has its limits and that the body and mind can only last a life time, their only salvation is to pay their debt in human sacrifice. The modern version of this is not upon ceremonial alters, but in war, poverty and all manner of human suffering. However, being human has its weakness in not understanding eternity. As Satan himself said, "Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven", so shall the elite say, "Better to rule in hell than to serve on earth", therefore create hell on earth where they can rule. When Satan tempted Christ in the wilderness, Christ rejected him. However, he knew that the flesh was weak and presented the offer to other men, who were oblivious that it had been offered to their neighbour.

This is why we must recognise certain patterns in history and deal with the obstacles set against us. Messages are written for those who remember and forfeit all that life takes for granted. If a man is lonely, it is because he recognizes his time is short, even though he lives a thousand years in a world served only by the sun. His incompatibility with human love can only be truly understood when he is gone and returns to his natural place of infinite selfless love and compassion, but his spirit remains on earth to comfort the inconsolable.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Interview with Colonel Fletcher Prouty, aka Mr. X in Oliver Stones JFK Movie

This article is a prologue to another article I am currently writing with the working title, "The Bush family and the Second US Coup d'etat That Changed the World"

(Also see article, "JFK and The Five Presidents")

Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy, Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty

Between 1946--49 Fletcher Prouty was assigned by the U.S. Army to Yale University, where he also taught, to begin the first USAF ROTC program. From 1950--52 he transferred to Colorado Springs to establish Air Defense Command. From 1952--54 he was assigned to Korean War duties in Japan where he served as Military Manager for Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) during the US Occupation.

From 1955--1964 he was assigned to U.S. Air Force Headquarters where he directed the creation of an Air Force worldwide system for "Military Support of the Clandestine Operations of the CIA", as required by a new National Security Council Directive, 5412 of March, 1954. As a result of a CIA Commendation for this work he was awarded the Legion of Merit by the US Air Force, and was promoted to Colonel being assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

With the creation of the Defense Intelligence Agency by Secretary McNamara and the abolishment of the OSO, he was transferred to the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to create a similar, worldwide office and was the Chief of Special Operations, with the Joint Staff all during 1962--1963. He received orders to travel as the Military Escort officer for a group of VIPs who were being flown to the South Pole, November 10--28, 1963, to activate a nuclear power plant for heat, light and sea water desalination at the United States Navy Base at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

Retiring as a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force in 1964 he was awarded one of the first three Joint Service Commendation Medals by General Maxwell D. Taylor, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In Oliver Stones JFK Movie, General Edward Landsdale is loosely identified as the figure who gave the order to assassinate JFK. Pulling off a coup was Landsdale's forte.
Allen Dulles became the second Director of the CIA in 1952 and was the longest serving Director to date.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Rigged UK 2015 Election was Predicted Five Years Ago. A Demand MUST be made for another vote

The Dark Agenda of David Cameron: If the last five years is to teach us anything, it is that in David Cameron's career, nothing is a coincidence.


Nobody can deny that the result of the 2015 UK general election in early May took most people by surprise. To many, it was beyond belief. Even traditional Conservative voters were shocked by the outcome and in the run up to the poll, bookmakers had Ed Miliband as favourite for being the next Prime Minister, albeit with a very small majority. Since then, the suggestion that the vote was "rigged" has rarely been discussed, and worryingly treated with apathy, as the mainstream media is prevented from publicizing such a widely held suspicion. It is simply due to the media and opposition party's not talking about a rigged vote that people accept the outcome and treat it with such critically dangerous indifference. The scale of dependence on the mainstream media is in itself very worrying, as it reveals the frightening level of mass mind control of the British public. This was the intention of the Banking elite when they seized control the media in 1917 through the ultra clandestine Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which Rupert Murdoch is a member of today. To further this purpose, they also utilized the work of Dr Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays in 1928 when he published his book, Propaganda. Bernays went on to play a pivotal role in the formation of the CIA. However, I digress. This is despite the fact that David Cameron's thugs have outrageously threatened the BBC and other media sources of consequences should they not be favourable toward them, particularly during the election campaign. This is also despite the overwhelming record the Tory party has established for corruption and cover-ups over the past five years and the overtly glaring disdain that they have for Human Rights and their determination to abolish the Human Rights Act. However, if David Cameron is to be credited or respected for anything, it is his mastery for the art of deception and exploitation. His CV would undoubtedly include high praise indeed from his peer reviews for his career as a successful Spin Doctor and Fixer, as anyone who has examined Mr Cameron's background will already know. In the face of such masterful choreography of deceit, it is up to the people to regain their will and detach themselves from any mainstream media influence. It is up to the people to be the media. However, time may be running out for you to speak out while you still have any remnants of human rights remaining. The skilful exploiter has already laid out the excuses to rationalize the abolition of the Human Rights Act to a malleable public who are unfamiliar with the Hegelian Dialectic or as I refer to it, `The Nero Doctrine' (and The Silent Cull). Each of us spend our lives searching for fulfillment in life, yet, it is much closer than most of us realise. It is `Truth', and there is a reason why we are conditioned to fear it. If you want to know the Truth, all you have to do is turn off the TV.

 "I know that in Downing Street they are always wondering whether people have sufficient "guile" to be brought into a coalition the government is building".

    - Julia Middleton 2007, Common Purpose

Five years ago the Apathy Kills blog deviated from its usual genre to warn that a very dangerous and evil precedent was about to be unleashed upon a subdued and docile British public which would signal the death of compassion and a radical moral decline into the diabolical. The blog challenged the depths of depravity of a man who could exploit the terminal illness and subsequent death of his own child in order to gain power. The warnings were expressed through presenting one shocking revelation after another as evidence. Two films were made, which included a taste of what was to come shortly after the 2010 UK May elections, when David Cameron sadistically vilified 20,0000 victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan as well as the equally timely onset of the instability in the oil rich Arab regions which became known as the "Arab Spring". The latter event followed news reports of British intelligence services being caught engaging in covert operation in the region. Since David Cameron's Arab Spring, untold millions of lives have been lost and devastated, including the current humanitarian crisis from despairing refugees and migrants fleeing Cameron's plundering of their natural resources, which may inevitably result in a socially engineered acceptance of mass genocide and eventual justification for incremental ethnic cleansing back home in the UK. The blog has published 122 articles under the title, "David Cameron". There are 58 under the title, "A Sadistic Embodiment Of Evil" and others under titles such as the "Liam Fox scandal", the "NHS" and others directly related to David Cameron and his depraved and infernal agenda.  As well as films and articles, numerous campaigns were launched in a desperate effort to set off alarm bells and raise public awareness. In addition, we need only examine the list of protected conflicts of interest now secured through David Cameron's imposition to power by his criminal and corrupt greedy friends. However, before reading further, I present a revealing irony of déjà vu. Five years ago a middle class friend said something to me that has just been repeated again recently by someone else. Neither of these acquaintances are related in any way and have never met. On each separate occasion both expressed the now common view that among their friends, family, college/university or work colleagues, they knew of nobody who had actually voted Conservative.

Media Bias

Five years have been devoted to alerting the UK public of a mass deception and the consequences if we treat such a eugenicist agenda with apathy, ignorance and denial. The blog has made a desperate attempt to enlighten an increasingly malleable and zombified population and warn of the price we may all pay for our complicity through silence. However, sadly even the title and description of the blog failed to ignite any awareness:
Apathy Kills! Divide and Conquer Prevents Revolution...."When the Corporate Mainstream Media Controls The Question, We Don't Ask Any, thus forfeiting our right to the Truth, endorsing what is done in our name".  - Glenn Gordon
People are failing to ask themselves the most fundamental yet basic of questions, such as, "Why didn't David Cameron call an earlier election?" It was entirely due to an incremental test of time by the former PR man to gauge what level an increasingly anesthetized general public could be desensitized to. The Apathy Kills blog set out the `benchmarks' of David Cameron's diabolic agenda. One of the first on the timetable of depravity in 2010 was what was dubbed the Happiness Survey, when Cameron commissioned a £2,0000pa survey to monitor the national happiness levels. It was his long-stated ambition to measure our general health and well-being to `steer government policy'. Now, he is privately mocking the naivety of the people. Ask yourself this very important question, "If a mass genocide were to occur in the UK tomorrow, would the public know about it?" More disturbingly, would they care? The answer is more frightening than most of us are `prepared to admit to' and is likely to be, "Only if the mainstream media inform us".  If such questions were proposed fives years ago, the answers might be very different. Not so long ago, the very mention of anyone ruthlessly and savagely attacking the weak and vulnerable, such as the sick, disabled, elderly and terminally ill, would have resulted in national outrage and revulsion, perhaps leading to widespread protests throughout the country. Not so long ago, the very suggestion of sexually abusing children would have been greeted with profound nauseous disgust. Yet, today such moral depravity is treated as an unfortunate yet entirely acceptable symptom of modern society that somebody somewhere was anticipating we would eventually become accustomed to. When confronted with such a moral crisis in the human assembly line, perhaps the truth is so frightening that few are prepared to ask, "How did we get to this?"  If we continue in our failure to address it today, history will ask us how we neglected such human carnage. Instead, we avoid such questions since they imply our own complicity through silence and as a result of fearing the truth, defensive denial is the better option, especially when it is aided by a subservient media whom we rely upon to protect us from the truth. Fear is a very powerful weapon and if you want to subject the people to mass mind control, there is no better way to do it than fear, provided an alternative option is put in place to relay those fears, such as the media. By definition, this suggests order and if we are to prevent mass panic and revolution, there must be a mechanism to `control' the people. If the people knew the `truth', then imagine the mayhem. Ask any TV news reader or journalist about the news stories they convey to us. They will almost certainly tell you that they only read the `edited' script given to them. The aforementioned films included in this blog address this situation.

While frustratingly contemplating the Apathy Kills blog in 1998, it was due to a recognition of patterns in history that helped in forecasting the future. Possessing such an ability was not due to some mystical power. It was due to a natural instinctive determination to be an individual and an early recognition that there was something not right with the world I was born into. This forced a natural inclination to explore and observe closely from afar without contamination. The human assembly line was abandoned at birth and growing up, it was a traumatic experience for a child to endure. It was also a very lonely experience. In 1998, the prospect of writing anything was set aside because of personal insecurities, despite always being outspoken. There were recollections of the emotional bullying while growing up and the risk of provoking humiliation at college in 1986 during a Government & Politics class. During a class debate a rebellious youth made the claim that in the future, a levy would be placed on the water we drink and that one day we would be purchasing it from retail stores and even whenever we flushed the toilet. The risk of alienation was further invited after suggesting that if we allowed this to happen, it would only take a small step before a levy would be placed on the very air we breathe. Over the years since that time, there was the occasional message from some of those who remembered the outspoken young man at college while the older generation often referred to him as an `angry young man'. Then, 9/11 happened. However, it was due to Tony Blair's subsequent illegal war in Iraq in 2003 and the prospect of  human suffering due to depleted uranium that this blog began. There were invitations to join and speak at demonstrations. Even then it was difficult to explain to people that this was only the beginning, and that the groundwork was being laid for the emergence a much more dangerous and malevolent figure with what could only be described as having sociopathic tendencies and who could not be burdened with human morals or ethics. Even when such obstacles arose, he could skillfully redefine their meaning to an incrementally entranced population. David Cameron had learned an awful lot from his bench warmer, Tony Blair and that as a result, the scale of Cameron's much greater atrocities could be kept from the public, only for them to be discovered when the history books reveal them later, by which time, we may reap what we sew due to ignorance. It was no coincidence that after he resigned as Prime Minister, Blair was appointed the official Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East. In May 2008, he launched his Faith Foundation. This was followed in July 2009 by the launching of the Faith and Globalisation Initiative with Yale University in the US, home of Skull & Bones. He was appointed on the recommendation of David Cameron's close family friend, Gearge Bush, who was a member of Skull & Bones, (aka, the Order of Death).

Years from now, as the scale of David Cameron's human carnage begins to unfold, most of the current generation will turn away their heads in denial rather than in shame. The only reason why the world knew nothing of the scale of the atrocities of Hitler and Stalin until much later was because the media hadn't informed them, despite the word of eye witnesses returning home from war and the occasional media leak. By that stage, we could exonerate ourselves of any complicity by simply claiming that we didn't know. We had elected a media to protect all that we take for granted by nullifying our ability for compassion. We choose not to be informed about the despair and suffering of others. We bypass the homeless street beggar, not because we have no change or time to spare, but because they are reminding us of our humanity. In the years ahead from now, history will record the horrifying scale of the millions who will have perished since the 2010 Tory holocaust as outlined throughout this site. Even now, the liberal and the most devoted left wing voter is in denial of any suggestion of a rigged UK vote in 2015, despite a five year legacy of outrageous and increasingly overt corruption from a gloating David Cameron, now more confident than ever that the human conscience has been conquered and that the carcass of compassion has been laid before a sacrificial alter. Even when challenged to examine this site for the evidence revealed since 2010, those in denial attack and criticise it without even bothering to look at the information provided that warns them of the price for their apathy, ignorance and denial.

In the run up to the 7 May 2015 UK general election, it was difficult to restrain frustrated disillusionment when hearing usually fair minded and intelligent people saying things like, "Oh dear, I don't know who to vote for" or "They are all the same, no matter who you choose". The suggestion that Cameron had rigged the election was greeted with passive agreement by many and quickly discarded. A well known celebrity summed up such despair saying, "I've lost faith in humanity". 

"It is is only due to the mainstream media that the cries cannot be heard for a full independent  `non establishment' investigation into the rigging of the 2010 and 2015 UK general elections. This is especially crucial when it is known that David Cameron has harassed, bullied and threatened the media and introduced draconian laws to silence dissent and spy on opponents through the hated "Gagging Law", "Censorship" and the "Snoopers Charter". With such an abundance of evidence of ruthless corruption, does it really need to be spelled out to people when they should be on the streets? If they were, those other favourite victims of the Tory Party, the police may well sympathize and side with the mass public, whom they are sworn to protect".

Aangirfan has also postulated on the possibility of a rigged vote. However, Aangirfan is just one source that has managed to avoid Cameron's thugs.

Just as David Cameron rigged the 2010 election, which was also exposed through the Liam Fox scandal, he rigged the 2015 election. He will also rig the EU referendum to keep the UK within the EU, and he will undoubtedly rig any proposed Human Rights referendum. Anyone who thinks otherwise, has had their eyes and ears closed this past five years. Another of those most fundamental yet basic of questions is, "Why would the majority of the population surrender their God given Human Rights, which David Cameron is to abolish?", especially given the mass human suffering due to heartless cruelty demonstrated since 2010?" If we are to believe that the people would willingly sacrifice themselves to such enslavement, then it is a morally damning indictment of the English electorate. The abolition of the Human Rights Act was the very first item on Cameron's agenda upon forming his new cabinet after the May 2015 vote. There is an abundance of elusive facts to an oblivious British public, such as questions arising from the UK's apparent motivation for leaving the EU being due to the threat to its national sovereignty from the European Central Bank. The European Central Bank is nothing more than a huge kitty into which we have all been duped to throw our assets into under the pretense of an equal distribution of wealth in return. (see link below) When those assets cannot be sold on the stock market, they become devalued, thus we are told to contribute more. The EU has been empowered to enforce laws through its demand for debt repayments, otherwise it raises interest rates on those repayments. David Cameron has already willingly sold off almost every UK national asset and natural resource, including fracking rights and human resources, (eg. low wages, zero hours contracts etc.) to his greedy banking friends who form The World Bank and The International Monetary Fund (IMF). David Cameron and George Osborne gain a share of that wealth.

For the past five years the UK has had the most corrupt Government ever. It has established a record for fabricating, exploiting and manipulating false statistics, figures and polls. David Cameron has been exposed as a protector of paedophiles, an arms dealer and a child killer. The list is endless and the evidence is staggering, despite those who refuse to examine it, even when it is right in front of their faces. They still live in the fantasy, "that such highly respected figures of the elite class could never commit a criminal act" or "if it was true, it would be on the TV news". If this is the kind of social mindset that we place our collective destiny in, then to put it bluntly, we are all screwed. On your next Friday or Saturday night out, observe all around you and just for a moment, dwell on that thought..

The public have very little understanding of political or global economics
. There is a reason why it has never been taught in our schools. We are more than willing to debate the morals of providing sex education to pre-adolescent children in schools, yet it is only because the media has not raised the subject of economics being taught that nobody has even thought about the morals of teaching it. What does that tell us about our society and social priorities?

 "If Lucifer himself were to sit upon the throne of earth today, it would be because the people put him there". - Glenn Gordon

The only thing that prevents you from thinking logically is a corrupt society aided by a subservient media. Once we allow our humanity to be defined by politics we sacrifice our very souls. It has often been said that people fear the truth. Their coping mechanism is denial. As an independent investigative researcher, I anticipate abusive comments from those incapable of `reason', independent thought or objectivity. Usually they apply programmed derogatory terms related to `conspiracy theories' and attempt to sound clever by quoting familiar terms made available to them, such as, `Tin Foil Hat', only because they have heard it somewhere else. For them, it provides nurture for their ego. Yet, such comments are from people who have not even looked at any of the information provided to them. Despite links to information being posted, they ask for evidence and are subsequently directed to it, yet refuse to even acknowledge it, never mind look at it. At this point, all hope must be abandoned, since we simply cannot preach to the dead as they are just obstacles who are devoid of all reason. I have spent almost my entire life in investigative research to waste it on fools. There will come a time when Cameron's Cull reaches those complicit in human suffering due to abstinence, indifference, ignorance and denial. When it claims them, who will listen to their screams or cries for mercy?

Today, exhaustion has taken its toll. Yet, it is a natural instinct that motivates a determined will to objectively search for the truth and to tell it to others and at least allow them to draw their own conclusions. Many will misinterpret and reinvent such truth to adapt to their own corrupted view of the world. However, it is the initial recognition that our view of the world is corrupted that sets us on the path to finding who we are as individuals. History has warned us. Messengers have been sent to warn us. Great figures, legends, idols, icons and prophets have warned us, and in some small way, I hope I have contributed through listening to their message to humanity.

To those who would condemn this article, please read it first and engage the context in which it is written. I welcome all criticism, so long as it is objective and constructive. To do otherwise would be contradictory to my quest. We cannot hope to learn if we are not prepared to learn from ourselves and be self critical. I have often been described as being insightful and able to stand outside the world and observe what others cannot see. However, the price for this is not being able to achieve this on a personal level, which is perhaps why the best support you can get from someone who truly loves you is when they can point out how big an asshole you've been. As a one time artist, I would be pleased with my work and contently set it aside for a well earned break. While admiring observers praised it, I would return to it afterwards only to find it's imperfections through fresh eyes and all self satisfaction would be abandoned.

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

If we are to bring down government, we MUST be prepared to do what the mainstream media refuses to do and expose government corruption. We MUST be prepared to take on the roll of informing the public and `invalidate' a subservient media.



(NB. If the demand for such an inquiry into establishment child sex abuse has taught us anything, it is that the Government has strenuously tried to prevent such inquiries.)




Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The consequences of generational abandonment

When we allow children to suffer, we are prepared to sacrifice anything in order to protect everything we take for granted and we allow the government controlled media to justify it in our name. In 2015 we call this collective decision `politics', therefore it is acceptable. When we reach the age of enlightenment, then the only sacrifice should be ourselves. Let them make vagrants of us all, but do not let them divide us, for even now we debate among the dead and it is a spiritual war that we must embrace for that which is human may be lost.

Those in denial who fail to understand and who rely on the technology of the human assembly line, will eventually be forced to see their own hideous reflection and suffer for what they see by their own false prophecy.


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Alternative Being (short film)

This is a poem generated from a story I am writing about a fallen angel, condemned to a human existence, unable to receive human love because his love is divine and born in heaven and human love is corruptible like all things upon the earth. Now, he is forever trapped in human form since the war in heaven. He was abandoned on earth after pursuing those who rebelled against God. He slayed and beheaded those that had become malformed, laying waste to legions of demons. However, in his vengeful pursuit, he allowed himself to become angry, which was a corrupted human weakness, therefore he could not return to heaven unclean. Throughout the generations of human existence, he inhabited the body of man. Nobody knew of him. In human form throughout history, he searched for something, but never knowing what it was and was led only by what appeared to be spiritual instinct. However, the clue was in his earthly pain and his vague recollections of previous incarnations such as the 14-year-old boy in the rain soaked trenches of WWI, his rifle shaking as the crunch beneath his muddy feet were often the skulls of his fallen comrades. It was unbearable for him to feel helpless to comfort the inconsolable. He was overwhelmed and traumatized by his unyielding empathy and natural yearning to give compassion, but was restricted and weak in his human form. Even he did not know his true identity despite the flickering flashbacks in his progressive incarnations in each generation he was born into. God so loved him that he was guiding his spirit home. It was not the form of communication that humans take so easily for granted. He could be sitting on a railway station platform and overhear a child innocently say something to its mother, something usually dismissed but profound enough for him to know that it was the voice of his heavenly father. Only children, animals and those of unsound mind would recognise him as an angel of God. In the vessels he inhabited he struggled with his loneliness, trying to understand why no human could love him and that it was because he was of heavenly love which is too overwhelming and pure for a human to cope with. Unknown to his corrupted human mind in times of rest, his spirit had traveled throughout the earth, finding those distressed, in despair, frightened, grieving and traumatized. He heard the cries and their prayers and went to them, embracing them with the loving comfort only he knew. Saturated pillows of tears, with reddened eyes and stinging cheeks from tormented pain and suffering were turned to tears of peace, joy and happiness by him. He took the souls of those lives ended in despair and comforted them, guiding them to their next journey. When he woke from consciousness, he would never recall that his spirit had left him to pursue its natural instinct. Nor could any human look upon him for his beauty and radiant light of God.....   But, his journey of discovery continues today.........


An insight into understanding the New World Order (2010)

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Friday, 8 May 2015

As predicted, UK ELECTION RIGGED as antichrist takes power and mass human suffering is expected

If the UK public fail to march on parliament in protest of a rigged election, they abandon all hope and endorsed an antichrist.

Suicides among the vulnerable are to be expected to increase rapidly as the friend of war, pedophiles, the corrupt and greedy rich is placed in power again. Now, watch as the UK media stays silent on a rigged election.

Charlotte Church 'lost faith in humanity' following Conservative General Election win

ALERT: "Why did Kate Middleton look so fantastic after royal birth and `Why' did it so masterly coincide with the Master of Coincidence, DAVID CAMERON being placed on the throne....?

.....In defiance of nature, another royal parasite is born to a seemingly perfect species? By `coincidence', in view of a rigged general election. Most mothers are usually released from hospital long after giving birth and are exhausted. "Where are the `usually media publicized' royal photos of a "pregnant' royal mother?". Sorry if I appear to be a `conspiracy theorist', but this just aint f**king natural!!!!!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Council on Foreign Relations runs United States for Britain via Royal Institute of International Affairs

Council on Foreign Relations runs United States for Britain via Royal Institute of International Affairs

Draft: Social Engineering and Conditioning the Masses

All over the UK people are reading opinion polls about the outcome of the UK general election. Yet, there is absolutely no evidence of anyone ever being approached or consulted by any of the alleged pollsters. This is because all aspects of global media operate from a central command whose function is entirely to distract the public from the truth. This organisation is known as the Tavistock Institute, based in London. It provides spin doctors and advisers to politicians, bankers, media, educational establishments etc to control public perception. The British Royal family are little more than tools of this occult masonic organisation. David Cameron was groomed by the Tavistock Institute from an early age, which is why nobody knows anything about his personal life, otherwise they would be horrified. The Tavistock Institute is co-ordinated by The Royal Institute of International Affairs: The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is described by the media as a `think tank', a term which a subdued public attaches any significance or relevance to, just as they do to pedophilia, a term incrementally introduced so that the masses would eventually become accustomed to it.

(To be continued.....)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Media Bias for David Cameron

Horse face
Since Cameron is fond of vicious personal insults, why hasn't someone pointed out his marriage to a horse? Perhaps he'll take her fox hunting.

The endless photo ops of Cameron are getting out of control. On this occasion a lamb replaces his sick and dying child. It is pretty obvious that the mainstream media is bias. It's time someone started a petition to the media.

When someone exploits the death of their own children as he did in 2010, it is truly a measure of the sickening depths of depravity they are prepared to go to and we have witnessed it since.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

This is what People across the UK are Voting for on 7 May 2015

......They are voting to scapegoat and sanction the most vulnerable victims of a virus (aka, banker `global' recession) and put them in the most despairing and distressing positions. The most crucial question that everybody across the UK ought to be asking themselves is, "Who will be breathing a heavy sigh of relief if on the morning of 8 May David Cameron remains in power?" It will be the corrupt greedy banksters, elite paedophiles and the arms dealers to mention but a few.

Most people in the UK have never even heard of the Hegelian Dialectic and have no understanding on how much David Cameron has invoked it since 2010. So masterful was the campaign to cruelly target and vilify the weakest in society, that the vast population of malleable Brits have never stopped to ask, "If they demonstrate such overt heartless contempt and disregard for the lives of others, how can they possibly be believed to have the best interests of the rest of us at heart, the latter of which they clearly do not have?" Julia and Louise are just two among many that the mainstream media won't tell you about. This is because David Cameron's thug, Director of Communications Craig Oliver, has consistently bullied and threatened the UK press and media, while Lynton Crosby and his former PR man/Spin Doctor boss, Mr Cameron have utilized their mastery of the art of deception and exploitation to fool a nation. Julia and Louise are among the growing list of suicides from those being driven to the very edge of despair as their desperate pleas for help are suppressed by the mainstream media. So much so was the sadistic cruelty inflicted on them that they were even denied a voice to cry for help, and yet as a result of the vicious campaign against them, there will be many people throughout the UK who will attempt to justify it. Disgracefully, those who vote for this will attempt to either blame the victims, rationalise it or remain ignorant and indifferent. Which one are you?

Calum's List

Welfare Reform Deaths – Memorial Page

 Black Triangle Campaign


As we witness the relentless media bias in favour of David Cameron, repeating the same old photo ops on every news bulletin, a lamb replaces the 2010 iconic image of Cameron exploiting the illness and death of his own child.
When someone exploits the death of their own children, is it not truly a measure of the sickening depths of depravity they are prepared to go to? We already know the answer to that question since we have witnessed David Cameron's sadistic heartless cruelty ever since, while so many of us remain in complicit denial. Since 2010, we have witnessed the revelation of paedophiles in high places and David Cameron exposed for protecting them. While working at Carlton TV, he axed the once popular `Cook Report' TV series when it began investigating paedophiles in the Thatcher Government. Incidentally, this was also while he and Mark Thatcher were caught arms dealing and lost a nuclear war head in South Africa. A man who exploits the suffering and death of his own child would have no problems killing babies in Sirte, Libya and telling his conscientious military chiefs, "Shut up. You do your job and leave the talking to me". 

David Cameron, Arms Dealer, Child Killer and Paedophile Protector


David (Common Purpose) Cameron's dirty little secrets EXPOSED

"I know that in Downing Street they are always wondering whether people have sufficient "guile" to be brought into a coalition the government is building".

    - Julia Middleton 2007, Common Purpose

So, since we know that David Cameron's 2010 election was "rigged", how are we prepared for it again in 2015? 

We aren't, and that is the most worrying aspect. 
  • We haven't confronted and bombarded the mainstream media for their obvious bias.
  • We haven't prepared to take to the streets on mass protest on 8 May to demand a democratic independently monitored election.


They needed someone who would not be burdened with morals, guilt or compassion            
to be the ultimate death dealer
The Liam Fox scandal exposed how the Arms Industry helped David Cameron into power, which resulted in the instability of the oil rich Arab regions (aka. the 2010 Arab Spring). At the time, news reports stated that British operatives were caught in the midst of covert activities throughout the region. The same people who placed Cameron in power also need him to remain there, not only to protect their interests, but also their paedophile activities. If he goes, they're fate is sealed and their empire of greed and depravity will collapse. The UK public should be in no doubt whatsoever that such powerful people will do anything to keep David Cameron exactly where he is. This includes owning the media. David Cameron has vindictively endeavored to achieve the latter ever since he lost the BSkyB deal with Rupert Murdoch. More recently Rupert Murdoch berated Sun journalists for not doing enough to attack Ed Miliband and stop him winning the general election warning them that a Labour government would try to break up News Corp. I received an email entitled, "Rupert Murdoch is back" from Humanitarian and Justice campaign group, 38 degrees who organized a petition to stop Murdoch. It was 38 degrees who raised awareness of David Cameron's, Gagging Law.
The 900 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean were killed by British government policy

David Cameron is a known arms dealer. This is on record and is no secret. History will record how what became known as the “Arab Spring” began almost immediately upon his imposition into power. The Liam Fox scandal revealed how it was the British arms industry that placed him there. Meanwhile, during the turmoil in the oil rich Arab regions, UK news reports showed David Cameron openly parading a delegation of UK arms traders as part of his entourage on his tour of the Middle East to sell weapons during the destabilisation of the region, which included Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria. His previous arms dealing activities brought about the destabilization and turmoil of African regions. He and Mark Thatcher were famously exposed during the Thatcher era when they were caught selling nuclear material in South Africa. However, due his PR background and expertise for cover-ups, Cameron was able to ensure his name was not included in the revelation, while the son of then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher remained exposed to the world and has been kept out of the public eye since. Most people in the UK will not remember Liam Fox. Most will not remember Andy Coulson. This is because they are not meant to remember them. Cameron’s former Director of Communications, Andy Coulson indicated that he had information that, if necessary, he may one day reveal to the public. In the meantime, while current news reports struggle to enlighten us of the horrific magnitude of the crisis and subsequent fate of, not hundreds but millions of refugees, "the one person responsible for such cataclysmic human suffering is David Cameron" since it began in 2010. One day when Cameron is long gone, history will record the scale of this silent unreported holocaust and when the children of future generations read about it in their schoolbooks; they will ask their grandparents, “Why did they let it happen?”

I have made two films (see links below) about this subject in the hope that it would awaken the conscience of a nation. Yet, I am sad to say that I have failed.




Have you heard about TTIP? If your answer is no, don’t get too worried; you’re not meant to have.



The Mayfair Tax Loophole for the super rich... The government doesn't want you to see this.


Finally! Exposed! The Deficit Myth! So, David Cameron When Are You Going to Apologise?

Former Tory peer calls Conservative manifesto 'the mother of all lies'

The Governments Two Biggest Lies: 
Apart from a record of rigging, falsifying and fabricating figures, statistics and polls...

1. The last Government caused Britain's economic crisis:

 FACT: The economic crisis was "Global" NOT `National' and it was David Cameron's Banker friends who caused it, whom he has now sacrificed the rest of us and the next generation to in order to bail them out, plunging us into endless debt.
David Cameron reaffirms his promise to his greedy elite friends

Economics. It's not rocket science:

Bankers need to be assured that their profits will keep rolling in and are secured and protected. In order to achieve this, they need a population subdued and condemned to endless debt so that borrowing increases. It also controls the masses, preventing revolution as this offers a sacrificial scapegoat. The more borrowing, the more interest it generates for the bankers. If you fail to keep up your payments, they take your property and assets and sell them for profit. This is why David Cameron wants to destroy the welfare state and force people out of jobs or onto low wages, to force them to borrow. This is why George Osborne rigorously defended banker bonuses, because he and Cameron get a share of that profit. This is also why was born immediately upon Cameron taking office, owned by a major Conservative Party donor, Adrian Beecroft. This is also why David Cameron sold the NHS to Goldman Sachs on 15 March 2012 during and excursion trip from Washington to Wall Street. This detour was blacked out by the mainstream media.

Sir Ian McKellern

2. The economic crisis was due to over borrowing:
FACT: As Nigel Farage rightly pointed out in addressing David Cameron during the first all party leaders debate, "You lot have borrowed more within the last 5 years than the previous lot did in 13 years".

THE UNREPORTED CRISIS OF ETERNAL DEBT: David Cameron - Proof That He has Been Bought And Paid For


The Media Bullied To Rig the Election and to keep the British Public from awareness, making them Complicit through Ignorance and Apathy

Peter Oborne: On HSBC & leaving the Telegraph (EXCLUSIVE)

Research: Conservatism Devalues Life, Increases Suicides




When we avoid a humanitarian crisis by giving it a political ideology, we obliviously become complicit in creating an "acceptable level of Evil", even to the point where we are incredulously in denial of its existence only to appease our own conscience and justify our view of the world. Through the media, Politics provides comfort. "The media is the first hostage of power". Control the media and you control the people. (see 1917) "This article is `not' a political viewpoint" and we MUST be prepared to step beyond the realm of politics for the sake of the will of the human spirit, otherwise we forsake it. Providing sanctuary to outright malevolence by rationale is to nurture it. It cannot be reasoned or negotiated with to appeal for at least the most miniscule sign of compassion, since by nature its determined objective is to eradicate compassion from society completely, which may have gone unnoticed in the UK since 2010. Try to imagine how society, or more specifically `you' have changed in just five years under a eugenicist Government. However, so utterly indoctrinated have we become, that the very idea of social engineering will cause such discomfort among most that they will seek refuge in the human assembly line of TV dinners and the daily social programming of the early evening news and the mind numbing daily soap opera. Many are totally oblivious of the now familiar programmed terms that define them, such as "Career `Minded' Professional" and "Recharging our Batteries". Trivial as they may seem, few ever stop to ponder our language and how we use it to communicate thus failing to notice the line it crosses to control us, since we are conditioned to take such things for granted, yet ironically we are in denial that we are being controlled. I have absolutely no doubt that such terms and phrases originate from the Tavistock Institute for whom, again coincidentally, David Cameron worked for. Yet lost among all this is our individual desire to be human again until we only realise what has become of us upon our last dying breath and perhaps finally acknowledge the fate to which we have just sacrificed the next generation to.

The Day Compassion Died and Apathy Reigned

What has happened to compassion over the past five years? If someone weak and vulnerable was brutally assaulted by an attacker, it would cause national outrage. However, when the attacker is the Government, the public accept it. How did we come to abandon the Sick, Weak and Terminally ill.....    (Read full article here)

"When the devil takes his throne upon the earth, it will not be by force. It will be because the people unwittingly put him there".




Political Impartiality

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