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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 8 September 2012

HAARP, AIDS and Global Population Reduction

1980 NBC News Clip on "Contrails" That Can Change the Weather

Considering that this was in 1980, imagine how it has progressed since. Back then, most of us had never even heard of the "Ozone". Now, it is even less frequently heard, which is a typical demonstration of control than anything else.

However, I digress. The reason for adding this film is because every so often I run into the "Educated Fool", usually recognizable among the primitive gathering of professionals in a trendy bar on an early Friday evening, or Saturday nights, paying for a round of drinks by card, too stupid or ignorant to be aware that aside from contributing to the mass consolidation of our private data, this idiot or bimbo is holding up the rest of us waiting to be served. Of course, they do know this much. Their flexible friend acts as nothing more than the  Bernaysian status symbol, not to mention the Freudian ego aspect. The more commonly programmed term for the "Educated Fool" is "Career `Minded' Professional". Sadly, most are oblivious to what such terms/labels as the latter actually signifies, some even boasting their personal position on the ladder. Anyway, in one such occasion, and remaining tight lipped while observing a debate, and being unaware of my penchant for debates, they began doing the English thing, i.e. talking about the weather, only because I threw the proverbial spanner into the mix and knocked them off their collective stride, while sipping on their white and red wine. Then I took my place, with a pint in hand. At least that ought to have given the Borg some indication that I was the virus about to disrupt their program, as I could sense the waves of disapproval vibrate among the commune, muttering, "Does not compute". However, the sudden change of subject to the weather upon my arrival, did not have the same anticipated effect as Garlic might have on a vampire. So, they guardedly invited me into their trivial convo about the summer we've had before upping the ante to their extravagant vacations abroad. This led to discussion on the 2005 tsunami. At some point, in the hope that the deployment of the topic would serve as a deterrent, it acted as a red rag to a bull instead, as I introduced the notion of weather modification and environmental manipulation. The cautious response was a glance of approved humiliation to one another, as they introduced that familiar demeaning term, "Conspiracy Theory", unaware that they had just stepped upon a landmine. Immediately, I asked what any of them knew about science before embarking on an explanation of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). One of them even suggested that if it existed, they would have been taught it in school. However, tempted, I hesitated before brushing this silly remark off and continued to explain that Thomas Edison was a fraud. When they objected to this, I got agitated, regrettably calling their Managing Director an idiot, as I emphasized my point that weather modification was possible as far back as 1910, as discovered by Hungarian genius, Nikola Tesla, who destroyed his notes when he realised the dangers of pursuing his experiment, which alarmed locals. These notes were later found among the stolen records Tesla had left behind, as he lay dead in a seedy New York hotel room. Rothschild Bankster, JP Morgan had sent his Pinkerton's (FBI) to retrieve them after he had abandoned all funding and support to Tesla and handed over all his work to his jealous rival, Thomas Edison to develop and take the credit for. By now, I became aware that I had a captivated audience, and proceeded to lay out the history of this development up to the present day. Although, some in the group and adjoining table remained, not doubtful, but respectfully inquisitive, with one suggestion that such technology would never be used today. This prompted my explanation of a UN treaty being signed between the US and the USSR, promising that neither would ever use weather and environmental control as a weapon. Tempted, as I was to digress to an explanation of the purpose and origins of the UN, it was wiser not to go there, as this stage, that particular topic may have been too much for them to handle. I went on to add that the Carter administration had other plans for mass depopulation, following on from Henry Kissinger's Iron Mountain Report, and later developed into Maurice Strong's Agenda 21. Apart from being the US Presidential Adviser, Henry Kissinger was also the aide to David Rockefeller and representative to the Rockefeller Foundation. The Global population reduction program was assisted by providing financial and trade incentives to regions who would drastically reduce their populations by adopting the program. Most of these regions were Third World, formally referred to as Under Developed countries. Again, as previously mentioned, due to the control of information, this is a term we rarely hear today and was withdrawn from school text books. The Program focused on Africa, with the introduction of a man made virus, masquerading as a mass immunization. The Smallpox vaccination was in fact a Trojan Horse, carrying the AIDS virus, which decimated huge regions of Africa throughout the 1970s.

I may still have copies of the 1977 UN documents for further reading, which can be added if requested. However, bare in mind that I've had this information since approximately 1984, so may struggle to dig it out.

AIDS did NOT emanate from Green Monkey's as we were told. Besides, it is biologically impossible. The origins of the virus was traced by several International newspapers and led back to a military lab in the US, presumably a subsidiary of the Rockefeller Foundation, home of global Eugenics programs, funded through Tax Exempt organizations, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). You can read much more on this on my website and searching for keywords, HAARP, AIDS....