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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

UPDATE: Bin Laden. How Dumb do they think we are? What happens when the Media distractions don't work??

They really do think we are dumb. Either that or they rely on it, and if anybody really buys this nonsense, then they got it right the first time, and we are dumb and deserve everything we got coming to us. 

Now, the corporate mainstream media (CFR, Council on Foreign Relations) is deliberately and desperately trying to distract us by focusing on whether or not the Pakistani authorities knew of Osama Bin Laden's alleged presence. This is clearly a deliberate attempt to draw attention away from the Truth Movements evidence that the whole thing is a staged hoax and a downright fraud.

Media preps for staged (CIA, MI5) False Flag attack
Isn't it a bit too convenient that this should happen as revelations surface about Obama's birth certificate and experts falling over themselves to prove that the one shown by Obama is a complete PhotoShop fraud? Isn't it a bit too convenient that as Obama's popularity was critically waning that we predicted another staged "false flag" attack, just as in the case of Bush and Blair? Instead, in this case, the CIA wheeled out their backup plan, asset Tim Osman, aka Osama Bin Laden. This guy has more f***king lives than a kitty litter, since we've been told over the years that he's dead so many times, but they rely heavily on us forgetting this, due to countless media distractions.

However, the option of another False Flag attack is still open, since the globalists are panicking and speeding up their agenda, and this was highly likely at the top of the list at this years Bilderberg meeting. Immediately after nations began toppling to World Bank debt enslavement, due to the manufactured global recession, they turned their attention to the Middle East and almost overnight the Economic Hitmen brought down one Arab region after another. What are the chances of each Arab nation becoming unstable almost simultaneously? What are the chances that people would begin to smell a few rats? Or, if you still prefer to live in denial, perhaps it's all just one big coincidence.