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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Current Events In Egypt Predictable - Profits Of War

Previous articles throughout this blog have demonstrated the overall objective of the so-called Arab Spring and forecast the expected outcomes. Events throughout the region have been particularly predictable due to the outrageous arrogance of its orchestrator in 2010, David `Coincidence' Cameron. If you have kept up-to-date on previous articles, you will already be aware of the glaring evidence, and since Cameron habitually derives immense pleasure from shoving his intentions right in our faces, even the blind would struggle to avoid it, leaving denial and indifference as the only other options.

In previous posts we described how the deposed former Egyptian President, Mubarak fled Egypt with all its wealth, and how he would have been blocked at various CIA/MI5 checkpoints en-route, where his vast treasure was likely to be confiscated. Like the wealth of Iraq, Tunisia and Libya, it now resides in the bowels of the Bank of England, where the British Queen visited to inspect it shortly afterwards. However, most importantly we predicted how, as a result, civil instability would remain in Egypt due to the military not following up on their promise to the people. Although, this was not due to any reluctance, but because of inability due to absent resources. In the lull that followed the revolution, David Cameron immediately embarked on an arms sales tour of the whole Arab region. This was also documented in my films, and Cameron characteristically made no secret of his intentions, since a news crew accompanied him on his first port of call, Egypt, where he had a group of arms traders in tow. He knew what was to come in Egypt, since the army could not feed the people, due to their country having just been plundered by Cameron, leaving the people to starve without its resources and wealth. It was only a matter of time that the Egyptian people would take to the streets again, and with a steady supply of arms, profits are to be made from another war. That time was exploited to arm all opposing faction in Egypt, including the CIA proxy, The Muslim Brotherhood.

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