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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

David Cameron's Sadistic Evil Knows No Boundaries

When Do We Reach A Point When We All Say, "Enough Is Enough?"

Not content with mocking, abusing and attempting to destroy charities through taxes on donation, these evil, sadistic b*****ds now resort to alternative methods to destroy compassion. Cameron and Osborne mocked and ridiculed impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer sufferers in Parliament. They followed it up by deriding and abusing Cancer Charities. They subject Cancer sufferers to cruel and sadistic tests for work capability. They deliberately deny Cancer sufferers medical treatment. They sack disabled people from their jobs, then follow it up by cruelly mocking and abusing them when The Express newspaper approached Works and Pensions Minister, Iain Duncan Smith. They banned the public from feeding the homeless. Cameron gloats in parliament over his sadistic bill to end the NHS. They openly declare their abhorrence for Human Rights, with an expressed wish to abolish it. They force millions out of their homes in a mass displacement program, last seen in Nazi Germany. Then, they try to steal charitable donations through taxes. Now, keen to express their contempt for charity and compassion, they have set their sights on charitable fundraising and awareness.

WAKE UP. If you do not believe in religion, fair enough. But, what we are clearly witnessing in the UK today is an orchestrated attempt of total destruction of all that is good, presided over by an unmistakable Satanic Government. How much more in our faces does it have to get? Thinking that so long as it does not affect you, isn't going to make it stop. David Cameron has overwhelmingly and overtly demonstrated his sadistic intent, and nobody is immune. While he quietly commits barbaric atrocities in Egypt, Libya and Syria, having learnt the lessons from Blair going into Iraq in 2003, he does such heinous acts in your name, since your silence is consent. If you do believe in God, then surely we will be judged for our apathy and choosing not to want to know the things that are done in our names. Therefore, we can hardly complain when it is brought home to us, and it will. Cameron just has to rationalise and justify it since we did nothing while he inflicted torture on others, far from our shores.

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