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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 28 July 2011



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 WARNING: This film is very disturbing and heartbreaking, but we should watch it, as it demonstrates the unfolding New World Order we are set to live in unless we do something today. I must admit, that I personally find it hard to watch and have wept watching it.

However, the main point is that I strongly feel that Kelly Thomas should always be remembered and never forgotten. Kelly was a harmless and innocent homeless man with a mental illness. He was savagely set upon by a group of LA police officers and viciously beaten and tasered in July 2011. He died shortly afterwards from horrific injuries and from choking on his own blood. During the beating, Kelly can be heard pleading with his attackers, begging them to stop and crying, "I'm Sorry". With a mental age of a child, he called out for his dad. The two main attackers are set to get away with his murder, with the charge reduced to 2nd degree manslaughter.

It has been almost a year since the attack and it has shocked many. Most people won't even be aware of it, since the corporate mainstream media don't consider it news worthy, demeaning Kelly to something less than human. However, because of this, we are in danger of allowing it to become just another statistic, which is the reason why I set up my "Apathy Kills" project. Kelly should never be forgotten and he truly deserves a special place in all our hearts. These videos are extremely harrowing and heart wrenching, but I passionately feel that Kelly deserves to be remembered and if you are religious, please pray for him. Kelly Thomas deserves much more than this. Kelly Thomas April 5, 1974 -- July 10, 2011 R.I.P.

We each possess a very special gift, the capacity of selfless love and compassion beyond our comprehension. Don't let them eradicate it or distract us from our potential any further. We owe it to our children and the human spirit and in remembrance of Kelly Thomas and other such victims. While we possess the strength and courage, our lives are purposeless unless we help others, and I speak as a hypocrite.

Pray. If you're not religious, just `Love' selflessly and unconditionally, otherwise it is just this worlds interpretation of Love, which is corruptible, like all things upon the earth. A great man of flesh once said, "What good is Love if you only Love those who Love you?" For this, they tortured, savaged, betrayed, humiliated and killed him for his teaching. If I told you his name, you might dismiss the whole sentiment, and the fact that we allow ourselves to do so is a frightening revelation of what we have become. The only thing they cannot tax or make a profit from is Love, and they're working on that too.

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