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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 8 October 2011

David Cameron is pure Evil

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Nazi legislation sweeping across the UK and the people do nothing

Remember, they're laughing at you
because they believe you're too dumb
If you are one of those people who think that what is written here is political opinion, then you have much more waking up to do than you self delusively and arrogantly think, since similar observations were made on War Criminal, Tony Blair.
  • With the unelected Nazi Tory coalition heaping on one draconian 
  • totalitarian legislation after another, the Brits barely even notice it, only because the corporate owned mainstream media don't inform  them about it. The malleable Brits would rather be spoon fed deception and lies from Channel 4 News, (founded by Margaret Thatcher in 1984) and the notoriously right wing BBC.
  • Now, the Tories have introduced a limit on bailing out banks. You may think that this is a good thing. However, you must remember that it was the banks who got Britain into the crippling situation it is currently in, NOT the last Government as the Nazi's would have you believe, since it is a "global" crisis. Remember that traditionally, the banks are the Tories bed buddies, and they steadfastly refuse to prosecute them and safeguard and protect them and their bonuses. What smirking George Osborne's announcement this week means is that if your bank folds and you lose your life's savings, the Government no longer guarantees a return. In other words, your savings are no longer protected, so that £20,000 you saved as a nest egg, you can kiss that goodbye as Cameron and his buddies steal it for their Swiss account.
  • George Osborne announced planned legislation to abolish employment tribunals, meaning that an employer can abuse and discriminate you as much as they wish, including drastically reduce your wages.
  • Legal Aid has been abolished for those who cannot afford to protect themselves.
  • Teresa May announced plans to abolish Human Rights. Bilderberg member, Kenneth Clarke was reigned in by heartless Bilderberg waterboy, David `Nero' Cameron for drawing attention to it.
  • Charities being targeted and funding withdrawn for helping the vulnerable, such as children, the sick, disabled and the dying.
  • New measures announced to further scapegoat such weak, pathetic people who drain earths resources. 
Think this is all exaggerated? Or, perhaps, you'd rather take comfort in convincing yourself that this is another blogger expressing political ideology and loyalty. If this is the case, then remember that I have previously attacked War Criminal, Tony Blair for murder, who profited in £millions from peoples blood, and even worse, he ruthlessly tried to justify it, just as Cameron did, as the first leader to visit Egypt after its downfall, with a sales team in tow to sell weapons. The sadistically cruel Cameron along with high ranking Freemason, Nicholas Sarkozy also recently brazenly visited Libya to take stock of the Gold and Oil they had just stolen.

If you're reading this, then instead of doing nothing, do something now, instead of taking comfort in false hope. Remember, Cameron's entrance fee to hell are those he takes with him, including you.