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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Boycott David Cameron's Loan Sharks,

Wonga's Ice-cool chief Errol Damelin can take the heat

Errol Damelin is unrepentant. He is a cruel Tory parasite profiting from people's misery, plunging more into debt they can never escape from, due to extortionate interest, split 3 ways to go into the pockets of Cameron, Beecroft and Damelin.

Not many people know where Damelin got his backing from to set up He got it from major Tory party doner, Adrian Beecroft. It was Beecroft who advised David Cameron to scrap "Unfair Dismissal" laws, which Cameron duly did, no doubt with a hefty backhander from Beecroft. Abuse of Human Rights seems to be set to David Cameron's legacy, which he has profited from since his unelection, as one infringement after another attacks our civil liberties, all at the request of his elite friends, including financial terrorists, Goldman Sachs, who Cameron conveniently visited in New York just a few days before returning to parliament to gloat sadistically over signing the death warrant for the NHS. 

  ITV should be forced to ban their unethical TV ads.