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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 29 March 2013

UK MEDIA SYRIA PROPAGANDA part 4: Manufactured Opposition & A Child Killers Wife

Again, the media deliberately omits the facts to mislead us by creating a false impression of `balance' in this Channel 4 News report on the Syrian crisis. They neglect to mention the familiar history of manufactured opposition to overthrow prosperous regimes, who make the critical mistake of wasting the wealth of their natural resources on the people, rather than sell it at cut price to the globalists, who can sell it to the people at huge cost for profit. It is obvious that the journalists at Channel 4 either didn't do their research or did not want us to know about the "template for the current crisis throughout the Islamic world", i.e. Iran in 1951 and the presence Roosevelt's nephew, a CIA operative. The one thing that we should all take note of here is that in Islamic Muslim doctrine, "usury" is highly regarded as sinful against God.

We have already witnessed the scale of the depths of hell that David Cameron will stoop to as a former Spin Doctor/PR man. From exploiting the illness and death of his own child during his election campaign to the Paralympics that followed the London 2012 Olympic Games, where he saw an opportunity to viciously vilify the sick, disabled and terminally ill. We witnessed him and George Osborne mock impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer sufferers in the House of Commons, followed up by verbally abusing and insulting Cancer Charities. And, let us not forget how George Osborne was forced to do a U-turn on implementing a Tax on Charitable donations, due to public outrage and disgust. Now, we are greeted by another sickening publicity stunt from a Child Killers wife, who bribed her way into a children's charity, akin to Obama being awarded the Nobel `Peace' Prize, while he was dropping bombs on and gunning down innocent civilians and using killer Drones as arcade games to indiscriminately kill. Take a good look at Samantha Cameron's face. This is the face of a despicable parasite, obviously expressing the strain of rehearsal for the stage, lest we forget that nothing or very little is known about Samantha Cameron's background and there are those who are determined to keep it that way.

It is grotesquely sickening to see this obscene creature faking concern for children while her husband has clearly demonstrated sadistic pleasure from torturing children, including, abolishing free school meals for poor children. Even sympathetic teachers expressed their heartbreak at having to bring food to work to feed hungry children. This is the wife of a man who deliberately targeted children's charities for cuts. A man who feigned adoration for children for the TV camera, then followed it up by deliberately implementing cruel sanctions against families. The list is endless. Yet, here we have this heartless piece of scum sadistically insulting the intelligence of the British public so that her diabolic husband can profit from war.

The Hilarious Spectacle of Money Being Flown Into Cyprus

If I were a standup comedian, the events I have seen in Cyprus this week would be excellent material. The news reports show money being flown into Cyprus? I found it hilarious. They may as well be flying in toilet paper, and they have tight security guarding it. Perhaps they need to protect it from little Andrex puppies. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

UK MEDIA SYRIA PROPAGANDA part 2: UK War Crimes In Libya Set For Syria, promoted by NWO Whore, Angelina Jolie

Here we see hypocrisy in its absolutely most disgusting form, disguised in compassion, which William Hague's party has a sickening record for despising and actively strives to eradicate from British society. It is a UK Government that makes no secret of its wish to abolish the Human Rights Act amid a cull and widespread displacement of its most vulnerable people back home. Yet, astonishingly, here we see its representative in Syria expressing a false concern over a Humanitarian crisis that his Government perpetrated. William Hague represents an abomination that will be recorded in history as having established a sadistically cruel record for inflicting a Humanitarian crisis upon its own people. Does this strike you as a man with genuine concern?  

Perhaps we should be reminded of the atrocities his Government inflicted in Sirte, Libya

When David Cameron's military chiefs expressed genuine concern, his responded with the rebuke... 
"Shut up. You do the killing. I'll do the talking".
Now, we are hearing exactly the same rhetoric from Libya being applied to Syria, and as of, 27 March, the Channel 4 News talking point in rounding off its week long Syria cover story is:

The very fact that the media has instigated a `debate' on this validates the globalist agenda and by default, it is us who endorses it, especially since the most predictable outcome is NATO intervention. I cannot bring myself to listen to the docile vampires on BBC's Question Time, completely oblivious of their own indoctrination by the likes of Channel 4 News.  History does indeed repeat itself, as we witness the Colosseum, filled with bloodthirsty vultures as they look to Nero to acknowledge the upturned and downward thumbs that will decide the fate of the victims in the middle of the arena.

NEXT: NWO Whore, Angelina Jolie and War Criminal, William Hague promote arms sales for another war and another attempt to establish a globalist Central Bank in Africa

UK MEDIA SYRIA PROPAGANDA 3: NWO Whore, Angelina Jolie and War Criminal, William Hague

Following the merciless slaughter of 30,000 Libyans by the UK and France, representing NATO, the NWO mouthpiece, Angelina Jolie showed up in Libya to congratulate those who inflicted such barbaric atrocities. Now, this parasite has arrived in Syria, thirsty for more blood, conveniently alongside and supporting one of very people responsible for such widespread Humanitarian atrocities across the Arab regions, ever since his boss, David Cameron launched the Arab Spring project in 2010 shortly after his imposition as British Prime Minister. Try to imagine Josef Mengele expressing humanitarian concern for the prisoners of Auschwitz. Although, the comparison to Mengele is commonly attributed to William Hagues colleague, Iain Duncan Smith, (a.k.a. The Minister For Manslaughter).  

Angelina Jolie has previously tried to win support for the globalist invasion of the continent of Africa to plunder its natural resources and establish a Globalist Central Bank, to control an imposed African Union, similar to the EU, so that it could sell off those resources for corporate profit. However, her scam was exposed when it was revealed that her manufactured ruthless Ugandan dictator, Joseph Kony had already been missing, presumed dead for the previous six years prior to the Kony 2012 campaign, and even when he was alive, Kony was only minor warlord. In addition to this mass brainwashing campaign, called "Invisible Children", its co-founder Jason Russell, had a mental breakdown and was arrested for public order offenses in March 2012. It is not unreasonable to assume that his meltdown was due to his biological reaction to the CIA mind programming.

Since the media expects us to forget about Angelina Jolie being exposed as a fraud, those who control it are so confident in our tractability that they make another attempt by sending the NWO propagandist to another African region, also experiencing an alleged humanitarian crisis. This time it is Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The question we are diverted from asking is, "How on earth could she have failed to have noticed such a crisis during her "Stop Kony" campaign, coincidentally almost exactly a year earlier, especially since Congo and Uganda are neighbours?"

Alex Jones has referred to Angelina Jolie as a "useful idiot". However, I believe that she knows exactly what she is doing. She is a member of the ultra clandestine Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), which is the diplomatic and public name for the U.S. branch of the Illuminati. She is also connected to the Illuminati bloodline through Brad Pitt, which might provide some insight to her fashionable pastime for adopting children, which to her and Madonna seem to be akin to grabbing a can of beans from the shelf of their favourite supermarket. Angelina Jolie's father, actor, Jon Voight may provide another Illuminati bloodline connection.

NEXT: Manufactured Opposition & A Child Killers Wife

UK MEDIA SYRIA PROPAGANDA part 1: Selling Another Libya

  UK Channel 4 News has devoted a week covering the humanitarian crisis in Syria. In the past I have been highly critical of Channel 4 News political bias. Although, admittedly in this past couple of years it has adopted a more independent approach. However, it is still not immune from fabricated news and actively participates in it, albeit perhaps to a lesser extent than its rivals

If anyone was to argue that their view of the world is not formed by what they hear and read in the mainstream media, then they are self-deluded and arrogant, since their lifestyle confirms their daily programming, even if they do not watch TV or read newspapers. Furthermore, the convenient chronological omissions from the Channel 4 News cover story on the Syrian crisis reveals exactly how the media has caused us to forget how the so-called Arab Spring began in relation to its `convenient timing', the latter term representing the familiar character of its main protagonist, David Cameron. How easily have we forgotten the events that followed immediately after 10 May 2010? Tunisia was the first to experience instability, with off-peak and (censored) independent news reports verifying the presence of British Special forces in the region. Following a meeting with President Barak Obama in Downing Street, David Cameron was prematurely expressing his enthusiasm for going into Libya and removing Gaddafi, and as my films demonstrate, we already know the horrific consequences of that overtly sadistic action. It is not difficult to imagine that Obama was in London to restrain Cameron and stick to the program and deal with Egypt first, especially since Cameron had been given his long awaited new toy and like a spoiled brat couldn't wait to play with it, as America had to take a back seat and hand the console to Cameron, since Obama had to fulfill a timetable of withdrawal. How many of us can recall the names of the deposed alleged dictators of Tunisia and Egypt and what became of them? Again, this demonstrates the role of the media in distracting us from asking crucial questions. If reinforcement of this were needed, we need only refresh our memories on the Liam Fox scandal, which lifted the lid on how David Cameron was `placed' in power by UK arms manufacturers, which subsequently resulted in the timely instability of the oil and gold rich Arab regions. And, if it couldn't get any further shoved into our faces, Cameron arrogantly and overtly flaunts a delegation of arms dealers upon every follow-up visit to each fallen nation. If this wasn't a blatant display of "Screw You" to the citizens of the UK, then it is difficult to imagine what else could be. 

However, a point I strongly feel it crucial to consistently make is that David Cameron can always rationalize his wanton malevolent barbarity through justifying that it is done in our name, since by default we do not object and copiously defend our indifference by our endorsement of media distractions from any association. Therefore, a position we may be faced with one day is that whether or not we believe in a divine being, we may all be judged collectively.

NEXT: Channel 4 News interviews UK War Criminal, Foreign Secretary William Hague

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Revolution NOW: Democracy Is An Illusion for Entrapment

Divide & Conquer is designed to Prevent Revolution
Apathy Kills
Global Uprising. Their End Is Near
The next time you vote, remember this. Government DOES NOT work for you, so what are you voting for? There seems to be only one other alternative. However, abstention only validates an imposed dictatorship, so you return to the ballot box. From the moment you cast your vote, you endorse what is done in your name, but you can always rely on the media to protect you from having to know about it, thereby justifying an acceptable level of evil. Eventually, that evil will come back to us who harvested it, hence, it is we who permitted it to devour us. Look at the world today and witness your own pain. Somebody somewhere is gleefully rubbing their hands, saying, "You let me in. It is with your permission that I do these things".

However, we do have an alternative. "Rise up now". Take to the streets. Appeal to the military Generals and forces of law and `order' to stand down and return home to their families. Remind them that their duty is to the people, NOT Government. Tell your boss to go F**k themselves and burn the career ladder from the bottom up. Get off the human assembly line and don't allow them to force you to pay for the indoctrination of your children through a university education system, which gave birth to the Illuminati in Ingolstadt, Germany in 1776. Beware of "Divide & Conquer" and infiltrators who seek to corrupt us. Tell your enemy across the street that you need their help and you can settle your disputes later. Take back the will of the human spirit. Now, you know your purpose in life.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Enslavement By Consent

Evil in your name
Without realising it, every day we give rationale to justify evil in our name. We do this just to make it more palatable for our acceptance. We rely on our media to protect us from knowing about it so that we don't have to suffer the pain of guilt. But, one day we each will experience that pain. I am prepared for the day when my eyes painfully swell, as my  cheeks sting with tears.

Someone recently referred to my view as a worrying new development in society, since we sanction such evil. It is not new at all. We have been endorsing an "acceptable level of evil" for years. We just gave it an ideology and even a name. It is called, `Politics'. Little wonder people refuse to engage in conversation about it, with the excuse that it is a `sensitive subject', oblivious that they are just avoiding guilt by association.

Whenever we hear disdain from those who succumb to the indoctrination of the "Divide & Conquer" enslavement strategy, about those on social welfare, who have lost their jobs or cannot find work in a "recession", just remind them that if they are unhappy about their taxes being wasted on the poor, what they are endorsing them to be spent on instead. Then show them the disturbing image of a parent holding the bloodied dead body of their baby in their arms in Gaza or Syria. Much worse than this, they will be in denial, feigning ignorance. However, although they may be fooling themselves, and attempt to insult our intelligence, they are insulting a much superior being, who sees right into our very souls from the moment we were born. Perhaps one day, they will be introduced to the parents of that dead child.

If you don't support campaigns against Workfare and Bedroom Tax and their equivalent across Europe and the US, you are endorsing the encroaching global enslavement of humanity, since wages are being driven down, inflation is rising and the paper IOU's in your purse or wallet are increasingly worthless. DO NOT apathetically think for a moment that such enslavement programs will not happen to you. It will, and soon you will have nothing left to trade for your false freedom, since all is being plundered by the globalists, hence Cyprus, Greece etc. The only remaining asset you'll have left is your soul, and the bastards are even currently devouring that through eradicating the will of the human spirit, hence "apathy" (the hidden virus). You may try thinking about that the next time you scan your retail loyalty card, or apologize to the human android you accidentally bump into on the street who doesn't hear you due to their earplugs and instead responds with hostility for disturbing their programming, due to resume during the daily consumption of the TV soap opera that they are in such a rush to get home to.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

UPDATE, 2nd Draft: Cyprus Bailout: Savers Lose Money In EU Deal. The Real Warning

Anyone old enough to remember either of the two World Wars would see history being repeated today, as they listened to the old wireless radio announce that another country has fallen to the Nazis, as the dominoes fall in their rampage across Europe. If there is one thing to be said for the Illuminati, they are certainly consistent in their patterns.

If ever there was a reason to withdraw all your cash from banks, this is it. Remember in the U.S. how they prevented savers from withdrawing their own money from banks? What they are not saying is that the person who pushed for this on Cyprus was, the most malevolent being in the world today, "David Cameron". This is why his Chancellor, the equally viciously sadistic, George Osborne is busy trying to secure Bankster Bonuses without capping, in a bid to retain the city of London as the Financial Capital. 

Every asset and resource is being drained from each country, so that nobody can redeem against it, hence the reason why the globalists are grabbing all the worlds gold and oil stock, (eg. Syria, Libya etc.) since they, along with our natural resources are all that is left to redeem our currency against, thus devaluing every currency globally, making it worthless. In other words, we are forced to sell off our assets, including our "human" resources to pay for the very air we breathe, eg. Carbon Tax propaganda. Next the bastards are coming after our very souls.

However, it would be foolish to believe that in withdrawing all our cash from our Bank accounts would save us, since those paper IOU's are to be rendered worthless. What our action will do is to remove us from being traded on the stock market, since "we" are products on the stock exchange. Take your birth certificate number into any bank and ask them how much it is worth and they can look it up for you. Withdrawing your cash will prevent them from offering you up as collateral and remove you from their stock listings. Of course many of you will have encountered hostility from your Bank Manager when you withdraw particularly large amounts of cash from your account. The reason for such hostility is that since the manager is most likely a Freemason or has been indoctrinated in masonic principles, they view you as an ungrateful serf, who has enjoyed all the privileges of life from birth, due to them. Since the Banking System is the fundamental cornerstone of Freemason predecessors, the Knights Templar, it only seems a natural process to appoint their own as custodial guardians and accumulators of earthly wealth, just as they purchased the five most powerful and influential newspapers in 1917 and appointed their brethren as editors, followed by the accumulation of all the world media ever since, which has manufactured and shaped each new generation up to the present day, hence controlling the population and preventing revolution. They are keen to encourage you to set up a Trust Fund for your new born child. In other words, willingly offer it up as a sacrificial lamb for enslavement, giving them the authority to raise the child by indoctrination, which you are expected to be grateful for. When the child reaches puberty, it will have already been prepared for payback, just as you were, hence the masonic term, "debt to society". It will be subjected to further programming through all the various mediums of youth culture, eager to please their hidden masters through egotistic and self deluded ambition by elevating their status after coming out of university. In all likelihood, they will meet and marry someone with the same built in program, equally as keen to ascend the career ladder by becoming the career `minded' professional. You may notice how attractive that term is in the job ads, but how many actually stop to think what it really means? The falsely happy couple may divorce after a few years and with very little effort, almost immediately find a new partner, and with insentient ease, forsake all the feelings and emotions they experienced with their previous partner, who is not the only person they left behind, since they are oblivious that the other person left behind is themselves. There is an order to this pattern, almost like a package. However, our `humanity' was already surrendered from the moment we were born and at some point in life we must pay the price for being restrained from returning to it, most commonly through repeating the same cycle when another soul is sent into the world to continue the corrupted process, and we witness another familiar Illuminati pattern. 

However, I digress. When all the cash is withdrawn, with little or nothing left to redeem it against, it is most likely that we will instinctively return to our primal behavior, and panic in the streets grows out of control, as we selfishly kill each other for the last loaf of bread. This is entirely due to reaching the point where we are suddenly confronted with the realisation that we had lost our humanity and are so frightened because we cannot reconnect with it, since all our lives we have been conditioned to be completely oblivious to it. Many will suddenly find religion and all the churches, mosques, synagogues and temples will be crammed with people in despair crying out for mercy from the God they abandoned in life. How many of us will realise that in such an apocalyptic scenario, the best we can do is to selflessly tend to the most vulnerable first, even to the point of self sacrifice? We must be prepared to renounce our ego and our material value. How many of us would be prepared to walk through the panicking hoards to grab that last loaf of bread and take it back to a sick old woman or a mother trying desperately to save her child? Of course, it raises the question that in doing such good deeds, we are only prolonging their agony. However, it is not the bread that feeds them. That is of little consequence. It is the love and compassion you give that comforts them, forsaking your own needs. In realising your own humanity, it brings faith. It takes you back to who you once were before the world corrupted you and prepares you for the journey back home. Even a small act of kindness can have a huge impact. How often do we use the term, "...restores our faith in human nature?"

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


When your Government inflicts inhumane sickening, sadistic acts of barbarity and you don't hear about it on the evening news upon your return home from the career ladder, does that make you any less complicit?

Especially since it is the job of the Government to protect you from knowing about it. They even provide you with a standby excuse to rationalize and justify it to save you the pain of guilt, should you learn of the depravity afterwards. 

Of course, by that time you'll already be programmed to accept it as an unfortunate modern symptom of `normal' society.


By the time the incremental human carnage reaches you, there will be no more excuses left, since by such times, you will have been fully indoctrinated to self destruct by remote control. Even if you do somehow maintain your freedom, you have forfeited your right to it, since by default, you sanctioned your own enslavement through your apathy, which years previously had sacrificed the will of the human spirit.

When an angel stands at the top of a tall building, he observes the man beside him, as he contemplates suicide. The man wishes to escape death upon surveying the dead before him. The angel is there to remind him that the only thing he can take with him is his selfless love and compassion for others. The career ladder took him to the top of the building, whereupon he learned that his earthly wealth and material possessions are worthless.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Capping Banker Bonuses. The only Capping for Bankers should be Knee Capping, followed by Public Hanging

Butcher of Britain
Right where he belongs, Bankers Best Friend, modern day Heinrich Himmler and Eugenics Program Manager, Evil George Osborne, a.k.a. "The Butcher of Britain"

In other words, "We are all being held to ransom" by these bastards, blackmailing us and hold a gun to our heads. Five years ago, they threatened that if penalties were issued to Bankers, they would start charging us for withdrawing our own cash from ATM machines. This is why they are desperate for a for full implementation of a "Cashless Society", such as those idiots in Sweden who screwed all of us by allowing it to happen in their country. This only ensures the transition to the embedded RFID chip much more smoother. 

If you really want to fight back, then it is absolutely crucial that you STOP shopping with cards and use "Cash only". How many of us are willing to commit to this?


Iraq War: US marine confesses to horrors and throws his medals

After watching The War You Don't See there was clip towards the end that reminded me of what it must have been like during the time of Christ, when the Romans occupied Israel. As Iraqi prisoners are being dragged out, a soldier is heard saying, "Where is your God now?" The Romans would also mock Jewish and early Christian prisoners saying the same thing, referring to the same God. In this shameful clip, so called Christian troops destroy the House of God, just as they are continuing to do now in the middle east. These idiots have actually been conditioned to believe that the Islamic, Jewish and Christian God are individually different Gods, oblivious that there is only one. The Mosque they are destroying may as well be a Christian church or a Synagogue.


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bill Gates Confronted: Eugenics & Social Darwinism

Bill Gates Confronted

A former Oxford PR man (a.k.a. Spin doctor) demonstrates how to justify Evil, part 1

Take a close look at Vince Cable here. This is clearly a frightened man under duress. Don't worry Vince. Perhaps they'll release your family after this and the Lord Rennard sex scandal will disappear too.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

UPDATE: 2010 - 2013: Satan's PR Man * Selling Evil * Killing Compassion


If there is one thing that can be said for Evil, it is that it can always be rationalized to convince the people to justify it, almost to the point that it doesn't exist, thereby relieving us of the burden of guilt. The relief from complicity is so intoxicating that we aggressively dismiss any notion of deception. A good PR man can sell an abundance of malevolence and eradicate the competition, such as compassion and conscience.

 2010 - 2013: How have we and the World changed in such a short period?

If you are one of those people who does not live in the UK and think that British politics does not affect you, one thing that you should be made aware of is that this is NOT a political issue. Politics is just an excuse to justify matters done in your name. It is the mask to give you the false impression that you choose your own destiny. This is very much a "Human" crisis.

FACT: The creature above was the one who embarked on a global tour in 2010 to demand that all nations implement ruthless austerity measures. He pressured EU leaders to strangle Greece to the point where Greek citizens in despair were committing suicide in record numbers. Afterwards, he and his colleagues mocked this suffering of the Greek people, just as they previously mocked Cancer sufferers back home. During his tour, he actively promoted and encouraged the rise of Nazi right wing extremism. He makes a point of antagonizing other European partners. He insulted the French, not once but three times and famously fell out with former French leader, Nicolas Sarkozy, the first occasion being in 2009, when Cameron directed a "cruel personal" insult that he and George Osborne are well known for. When Francois Hollande became Frances new leader, Cameron insulted France upon their first meeting. On his recent trade visit to India, it was made clear by the Indian people that he was unwelcome. It was also obvious that India's leader was uncomfortable by David Cameron's presence, perplexed by Cameron's hypocrisy in enticing Indian students to Britain, while demonstrating blatant racism. Cameron later went on to make a speech, but stopped short of apologizing to the people of India for a massacre by British troops during their imperialist occupation of India. In a previous visit, he insulted the people of Pakistan, during devastating floods, which claimed huge casualties and suffering and displaced 20,0000 Pakistani people. His remarks had a huge impact on the lack of charitable aid going to Pakistan.

The list is endless. David Cameron has mocked and criticized other nations for not being tougher on their citizens, even to the point that he addressed the UN, with the aim of killing as many birds with one stone as possible. He and George Osborne have been quietly referred to by other world leaders, as "thoroughly nasty".