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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 29 March 2013

UK MEDIA SYRIA PROPAGANDA part 4: Manufactured Opposition & A Child Killers Wife

Again, the media deliberately omits the facts to mislead us by creating a false impression of `balance' in this Channel 4 News report on the Syrian crisis. They neglect to mention the familiar history of manufactured opposition to overthrow prosperous regimes, who make the critical mistake of wasting the wealth of their natural resources on the people, rather than sell it at cut price to the globalists, who can sell it to the people at huge cost for profit. It is obvious that the journalists at Channel 4 either didn't do their research or did not want us to know about the "template for the current crisis throughout the Islamic world", i.e. Iran in 1951 and the presence Roosevelt's nephew, a CIA operative. The one thing that we should all take note of here is that in Islamic Muslim doctrine, "usury" is highly regarded as sinful against God.

We have already witnessed the scale of the depths of hell that David Cameron will stoop to as a former Spin Doctor/PR man. From exploiting the illness and death of his own child during his election campaign to the Paralympics that followed the London 2012 Olympic Games, where he saw an opportunity to viciously vilify the sick, disabled and terminally ill. We witnessed him and George Osborne mock impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer sufferers in the House of Commons, followed up by verbally abusing and insulting Cancer Charities. And, let us not forget how George Osborne was forced to do a U-turn on implementing a Tax on Charitable donations, due to public outrage and disgust. Now, we are greeted by another sickening publicity stunt from a Child Killers wife, who bribed her way into a children's charity, akin to Obama being awarded the Nobel `Peace' Prize, while he was dropping bombs on and gunning down innocent civilians and using killer Drones as arcade games to indiscriminately kill. Take a good look at Samantha Cameron's face. This is the face of a despicable parasite, obviously expressing the strain of rehearsal for the stage, lest we forget that nothing or very little is known about Samantha Cameron's background and there are those who are determined to keep it that way.

It is grotesquely sickening to see this obscene creature faking concern for children while her husband has clearly demonstrated sadistic pleasure from torturing children, including, abolishing free school meals for poor children. Even sympathetic teachers expressed their heartbreak at having to bring food to work to feed hungry children. This is the wife of a man who deliberately targeted children's charities for cuts. A man who feigned adoration for children for the TV camera, then followed it up by deliberately implementing cruel sanctions against families. The list is endless. Yet, here we have this heartless piece of scum sadistically insulting the intelligence of the British public so that her diabolic husband can profit from war.

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