Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Eugenics Culture & The Long Term Consequences of Abandoning The Vulnerable & Human Compassion

It is important to every one of us that we take note of what this news item is telling us, since it was repeated over other news networks. Why? Because if we don't, then it demonstrates categorically the extent of the control that the corporate mainstream media has in shaping our view of the world. The correspondent states that, "Our attitudes towards the disabled have changed!" If this is the case, then it is a frightening and damning  indictment to how the human natural capacity for compassion has changed towards those distressed and in despair, made much worse by our abandonment of them.

However, the rhetoric may well have been applied by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in an effort to indoctrinate an oblivious society into a socially engineered acceptance of Human Carnage. It is a condition that we may only become aware of when it eventually reaches us, by which time, we will have already sacrificed our right to expect any clemency.

The impact of the statement on `our attitudes towards the disabled...' will have gone unnoticed, since most people will have automatically accepted it as a symptom of modern society and go with the flow. Yet, the irony is that these are the very people who are most likely to denounce `conspiracy theories', emphatically denying that anybody has control over them, and failing to recognise the contradiction. How many people listening to the early evening news item paused to ask themselves, "How on earth did we let this happen?" Few will be in a position to even recollect the transition of the human state of mind and consciousness. That critical period is clearly defined throughout this blog, so if anyone still possesses an old diary, it may be wise to make a cautionary note for our grandchildren. Few will be unprepared to acknowledge the frightening consequences of our indifference, for if we fail to take account of the stages of our social evolution today, then how much more will we readily accept in forty years from now? By the mid 21st Century, human disability may be a thing of the past, but only because they are exterminated.

What was unthinkable yesterday is reality today, due to the fact that we allowed it to happen, and we may well be held accountable.


In 1991, a very decisive speech was made that was to mark the impending transition of human consciousness that had been planned almost 300 years earlier, although its presence had been known, academics had only begun to engage it then. When that benchmark had been reached, the figures that are in power today had already been positioned, almost 10 years before we had even heard of their names. Such figures, which may seem important to us are irrelevant to those whom they serve. To them, they are nanobot subordinates performing a function as part of a much larger, incomprehensible agenda.


THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RELATIONS: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States

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