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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 9 June 2013

A brief historical overview of the `New World Order' agenda timeframe as periodically reviewed at Bilderberg Meetings

As revealed on infowars, shadow chancellor, Ed Balls attended the Bilderberg conference on Friday, shortly after David Cameron's attendance. Both Ed Balls and George Osborne have attended on previous occasions along with Bilderberg regulars Kenneth Clarke and Peter Mandelson. Since each national budget is allotted by the Bilderberg Group, based on the national assets to be surrendered, it is common for those who are potentially to hold the nations purse strings to attend the ultra secret Bilderberg meetings as a priority over their respective party leaders. They receive their orders from the Bilderberg Group and relay them back to their leader, who then adapts policy around it. Ed Balls conveys his briefing to Ed Miliband and ensures he adheres to it on behalf of Bilderberg in collaboration with the Government. This is why Ed Miliband is showing signs of moving to the right, as advised by Tony Blair, who advises both David Cameron and Miliband on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations, a.k.a. CFR. (The Royal Institute of International Affairs is the UK Illuminati branch). I believe this is why David Miliband quit UK politics, since he knew that Government really has no authority, other than controlling mass mindset of the people. I believe that the job he was offered in the U.S. originated from Tony Blair on behalf of the CFR. It doesn't matter which political party gets into office. This is why they so quickly change their whole doctrine as soon as they gain office. It is entirely an exercise in steering public opinion. The predictable outcome is that the mass majority will inevitably choose an unpopular manifesto, despite hating it. The Bilderbergers as an Illuminati network know that the public will choose an "acceptable level of evil". As this level increases over a period, people automatically forget how things used to be and every effort is made by media to distract them from dwelling on the `past', as it becomes an almost taboo subject. In this way, the public can be justifiably accused of choosing their own fate at some future point by unwittingly succumbing to the Divide & Conquer strategy. For example, according to a recent Channel 4 News and other deceitful media sources, more people in the UK favour austerity against the poor and most vulnerable and are less concerned with their taxes being spent on killing children in Iraq, Afghanistan and David Cameron's Arab Spring. It is crucial that we understand the definition of the term "Government". Govern means `control'. Ment is an abbreviation of `mental'. Its function is to control the thought processes of the people, i.e. social engineering or social Darwinism. The Eugenics Movement emerged from the Victorian Darwinism, which was to dictate the agenda for the new 20th Century as follows:

  • the overthrow of the Russian Tsars to establish an Atheistic nation as an accepted ideology.
  • the commissioning of occultist and Aleister Crowley devotee, Alice Bailey to write the globalist manifesto, The Externalization of The Hierarchy and to establish the publishing company for the UN, the `Lucifer Trust'. (renamed in 1922 to Lucis Trust to avoid unwanted attention).
  • to seize control of everything that humanity depends upon for survival, i.e. natural resources. This was accomplished in 1910, when Rothschild agent, JP Morgan confiscated free renewable and sustainable energy from Hungarian scientist, Nikola Tesla and awarded credit to his own agent, Thomas Edison.
  • to seize control of all global wealth through the establishment of the U.S. Federal Reserve Act of 1913, based on the Bank of England model and to be applied continentally as `Central Banks'. This also meant that for the first time, people could be taxed on their labor, i.e. income tax, which we automatically take for granted today, hence conditioning the masses.
  • to reduce the earth population, while at the same time seize nations through WWI and WWII. The first attempt at establishing the new Order was WWI, which gave birth to the League of Nations. The second attempt was WWII to appease the U.S. as the first masonic nation in harmony with the first atheistic nation, the USSR. This developed into the United Nations, with the Rockefellers rewarding the U.S. by the donation of the UN Building in New York.
  • to seize control of mass communications and media to prevent public awareness and revolution, already aided by the creation of 2 major political ideologies. "Divide & Conquer Prevents Revolution". To this end, in 1917, JP Morgan associates purchased the 5 most powerful and influential newspapers of the day, including the Washington Post, and appointed their own agents as editors. Rockefellers CFR was to administer this role. Soon afterward, Disney was purchased and eventually every media source was encompassed.
  • to choreograph human behavior through bodies such as the Rockefeller Foundation, and commissioning the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, a.k.a the Father of Public Relations. Bernays published his book, `Propaganda' in 1928. 
  • to seize control of mass popular culture when the Illuminati military wing emerged into the `light' in 1947 under the National Security Act, known as the CIA. Hollywood was then seized under the pretense of the McCarthy Witch Hunts.

These steps and the conditions for their implementation were scheduled to be implemented from 1910 - 1930.

With David Cameron creating a climate of compassion fatigue, apathy and a socially engineered view that certain humans are a waste of resources, we will soon be conditioned to accept that the most vulnerable in society (weak, imperfect) ought to be eradicated. This includes the poor, sick, disabled, terminally ill and elderly. Healthcare is no longer to be considered `care' but `business' and profit. To this aim, the NHS must be destroyed and taken over by Economic Terrorists, Goldman Sachs, as David Cameron discussed in his unpublicized visit to Goldman Sachs on 15 March 2012.

You may notice a distinct pattern here in the UK, as the 1917 model is applied to running every human dependent resource. In just 10 years, non-specialist `managers' are appointed to run everything we rely upon for survival. For example, until fairly recently, doctors surgeries and hospitals were managed by doctors or those who entered their profession due to compassion as a motivation. Charities are managed by those appointed externally, experienced in business or banking. Education is managed and driven by `targets'. 

Try stepping outside the world for a moment or even stepping back in time and observe as an individual entity.

 Protest Preparations for UK Bilderberg meeting in Watford, 2013