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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

BREAKING NEWS: UK Media Complicit on Slavery being reinstated & Global unrest

Slavery is to be reinstated in the UK, re-branded `Welfare to work', called `Workfare'. The UK media has been willing accomplices in the Nazi Government plan. Yesterday, 18 October, as ITN, Channel 4 News and the BBC announced more devastating news was on the economy, they added that those on welfare were to blame. 

Since May 2010 the UK media has been actively engaged in widespread campaign to deliberately put on a spin and stage everything that David Cameron says and does, despite its blatant transparency and Cameron's bad acting. The UK media has had an almost total blackout on all recent protests and demonstrations against the New World Order, including those in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and throughout Europe. On the 18 October protests against new Government plans to reinstate slavery for Corporate companies were held in Islington, London, yet received no media coverage. 

It is somewhat ironic that those who routinely turn on the TV news after a days work are themselves unwitting slaves, since they hang on every word of the corporate mainstream media, despite their protestations that they don't. So, why don't they opt for the truth and seek out alternative media sources. The answer is simple. They fear the truth, as it implicates them as accomplices in human carnage and denial safeguards them against it. The welcoming message through the Government controlled media is, "Let us spare you the burden guilt", and we, like it or not are grateful for it, perhaps until we are knee deep in other peoples blood.