Thursday, 4 April 2013

AN ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF EVIL: Giving It a Platform To Sell Itself. Esther McVey Can Sleep Soundly

A "Minister for Disabled People" ??
When I first heard this, I instinctively thought it was a cruel joke in extremely diabolical taste. Only a blatantly sadistic abomination, like former PR man/Spin Doctor, David Cameron could come up with something as ironic as that.

Take a good look at this vicious monster, Esther McVey and remember her. She insists that she can sleep at night. Of course she can. Demons masquerading as Human can easily sleep, since Evil is their very nature.

NOTE: When is someone going to address the suicide crisis instead of the "fake housing crisis" that suddenly popped up overnight, invented to justify such barbaric ethnic cleansing in David Cameron's pogroms? I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to remember how these demonic creatures cruelly mocked the suffering and suicides of the Greek people, not forgetting Cancer sufferers, Charities and the end of the NHS, which Cameron promised to destroy on behalf of Goldman Sachs in order to justify selling it for profit.