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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

CAMERON'S CULL: The Apathy Virus and the Death of Compassion

Tiptoe Totalitarianism and the Eugenics Genocide

Next time you hear someone try to justify welfare cuts, remind them of the blood they have on their hands, since they would rather have their taxes spent on weapons that have killed and destroyed the lives of so many. Remind them of the pain and despair caused to the most vulnerable and defenseless, and the countless unreported suicides. Remind them that what is far worse, is that they have tried to justify such sadistic and malevolent cruelty (for their own diabolic selfishness, fooling none but themselves). Remind them of this, when the cull reaches them and they wake up tomorrow morning only to find that they cannot purchase that loaf of bread for their breakfast, because overnight, all the money in their bank account is rendered worthless, nobody will even spare them a crumb, neither bailiff nor priest. When they open their mouths to scream, nobody will hear them.  For, if anything is worse than evil, it is to give it an acceptable level.  What is worse than death, is making it slow for the victim.

`The Apathy Virus', hidden, silent, invisible, unobserved. When `everything' is taken for granted, you don't notice it is behind you.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Since January 2012, I was wondering when the Sarine Chemical Warfare backup plan would be wheeled out in Syria, and right on queue, here it is. Since, the mainstream media were exposed in manipulating atrocities such as the "Houla massacre" to blame on Asad, which they have managed to conveniently convince us to forget, only due to our programmed dependence on them, they have left it for a certain period until it was safe enough for the next phase of manufactured news, hence the pre-planned Sarine scare. Don't be surprised to hear over the next few days how horrific the effects of Sarine are, with of course, the mandatory `baby, hospital or school' thrown in as indiscriminate targets of Asad.  Oops! Sorry. I'm supposed to apply the term, Asad "Regime", since it sounds more derogatory, pretty much like "Conspiracy Theorist" or "Guitarist on the X-Factor or Britian's Got F**k all Talent.

Why don't they just get it over with and fly a huge banner between 2 McDonalds sponsored planes over Damascus, saying, "Oi Asad. Give us your oil, gold, water and all your other natural resources. Everyone else has, so you must be getting pretty lonely. We need more people to buy our junk food and designer labels, and since you can't sell your own outside of Syria, might as well force your people to buy ours instead. . . ."

Not to mention, the timely new development in Syria conveniently distracts us from asking any further questions about the Boston Bombings.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

CIA Manual Found In Boston Bombings

In previous articles, I emphasized the term, "known by their fruit" in reference to the New World Order. It related to the typical patterns that become distinguishable in `black ops'. The format applied to the Boston bombings has not changed since the framing of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, controlled by his CIA handler, David Atlee Philips (a.k.a. Maurice Bishop). The same familiar pattern emerged again when Sirhan Sirhan was set up for the assassination of Bobby Kennedy and the real killer, security guard, Thane Eugene Cesar was conveniently relocated to live out the rest of his life in the Philippines, without ever being tracked down and interviewed, other than his expressed dislike for the Kennedy's and his committed assertion that there would be a race war in the U.S. should Bobby Kennedy ever become President.  

The same pattern was to emerge yet again in 1993 during the first bombing of the World Trade Center. The FBI hired former Egyptian army officer, Emad Ahmad Salem to build the bomb for the attack. Unfortunately for the FBI, Salem had a conscience and recorded his conversation with his FBI handlers. An almost identical pattern of events were recorded around the framing of Sirhan Sirhan. Another oversight in that case was that Sirhan's alleged motive for killing RFK was for the freedom of his Muslim brothers in Palestine. Sirhan was NOT a Muslim, but a Christian.    

However, despite the CIA instruction manual, the `Coincidence Theorists' will likely come up with yet another rational explanation. So we can all rest easily and not worry about such ridiculous notions, as described in the Project For a New American Century (PNAC), designed by some of the insane Globalist criminals who attended Margaret Thatcher's stage managed funeral recently.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Face of Jesus revealed / The Gospel of Judas

Hans Zimmer - chevaliers de sangreal

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Being creative by nature, artists constantly explore various methods for creative expression. While growing up, I always sketched three dimensional drawings in an effort to bring to life some form of creative expression. Artists almost always have a rebellious instinct and go out of their way to defy convention and tradition, often in constant search for the truth in a battle to struggle free from the remote controlled mainstream. Among my first religious works was a preparation for a painting of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. However, for me this had to be different. It is probably one of the most dominant recorded interpretations in art throughout history. Scholars and artists had tried to captivate and depict the crucifixion of the Son of God ever since that momentous event, perhaps hoping to capture or understand something about the character of Jesus himself. In their efforts of self expression, artists instinctively strive to evoke human emotion in their audience as never done before, perhaps subconsciously hoping that they will find what they struggled to discover in themselves. However, it always infuriated me how so-called art critics would analyze an artists work. Such overbearing, self-deluded arrogant academics know nothing of art or psychology. I rarely ever looked at paintings, unless they were hanging in a museum, and religious depictions were too common to take any real notice of. Perhaps it was my creative instinct telling me that such works of art were personal to the artist and as such to be treated with respect and dignity, although from another point of view they were fascinating depictions of moments captured in time.

The vision I had of how my finished painting of the crucifixion of Jesus would look may have been the result of the personal trauma in my own life. Mourners were gathered at the foot of the cross, as the centurion who supervised the events mercifully restrained his men from removing them, especially since one of them had already broken the legs of the two thieves crucified on each side of Jesus. This centurions leniency was not out of compassion, but out of honouring Jewish tradition and a certain amount of sadistic contempt. However, compassion was not lost. After the calm had settled and the sky had become unusually overcast amid the eery silence, filled only by the sounds of wailing and sobbing, the centurion observed all around him looking for an empathetic response to the darkening skies. He looked into the eyes of the bereaved and saw something different from what he had witnessed throughout all his military experiences. He saw grown men sobbing uncontrollably. He saw some of his men struggling to contain their own emotions, trying to maintain their masculinity. As the centurion surveyed all around him, he observed that all eyes were fixated on the face of the man on the cross, who regained his last moment of strength to raise his head to the sky, as he cried, "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?”

For the viewer, all that we could witness were the lower part of the bloodied legs, bound tightly to the bark by a blood soaked rope and the huge nail buried deep into the heels of the feet, securing them to the ledge supporting the rest of the body upon the unshaven thick timber. The glistening splinters on the skin could barely be seen among the odd patch of visible flesh, otherwise covered by the crimson blood. It spilled over the ledge, dripping onto the large pegs below hammered firmly into the ground, securing the timber to it, surrounded by a pool of blood that saturated into the earth. We could see the tormented expressions on the faces of those gathered as they looked up, some with arms outstretched, begging to be taken too. Their tear drenched eyes were painfully red and cheeks stinging with tears from bloodshot pain filled red eyes, just as one of the few figures still standing was a Roman soldier, who had cast his helmet to the ground, almost hoping that the support of his spear held in one hand would prevent his knees from buckling, as they trembled with weakness as the quaking earth and gathering wind swept through him. The centurions glare began to follow the same trajectory as the mourners, staring upwards, as his eyes held the unbearable pain of guilt in a man so accustomed to killing, subconsciously asking himself, "What have I done today?" The expressions on the faces of those gathered invite us into the scene, hopelessly begging to follow their captivated gaze. We want to see what they see. But we cannot. The reflection of the face of the man on the cross might have been captured in the eyes of one of those witnesses, had they not been so filled with tears.

However, unfortunately I didn't get to complete that painting in 1979, due to being distracted by another image I had seen in an encyclopedia collection. It was the Shroud of Turin.

Debate had already gathered about the authenticity of the shroud. While reading about the image, the author commented on how it seemed that the shroud had waited almost 2000 years for man to discover photography. This was my inspiration to sketch the face on the shroud. Saddened by the death of John Lennon, I had just completed a sketch of him, which I still have today. The only other portrait I had done was for a couple, who wanted a drawing of their nephew. I could see they were visibly moved by the result. Being meticulous, I spent considerable time on portrait drawings. The face of Jesus Christ was no exception. When it was completed, I discovered that the further stood away from it, the closer it drew us in. Sadly, in 1984, my mother passed away suddenly from Cancer. I was unaware she had Cancer, to the extent that I had already purchased a ticket for a ship to England, but for some unknown reason kept delaying it. Just weeks before, I had written a message on the reverse of the Shroud of Turin sketch. I placed it on my mother as she lay peacefully in her coffin.

Shortly afterwards, scientists were to conduct what was described as a thorough examination of the Shroud, hailed as finally revealing its authenticity. Carbon dating was relatively new in 1988, but was seen as revolutionary in terms of its accuracy. After delicately cutting a small piece from the Shroud, it was subjected to the carbon dating process. As the world waited in eager anticipation, a press conference was called, adding tension to the long awaited announcement. The results revealed that the garment alleged to have captured the actual image of Jesus Christ dated back to the middle ages era, and as a consequence, the Shroud was declared a clever hoax. However, rather than being dismayed, I was convinced that something was wrong. These suspicions were confirmed later, when science was embarrassingly shown to be incompetent. Among all the factors that a scientific mind should have considered the most crucial prior to conducting such a huge defining experiment, was the one most neglected, "common sense". The sample cut from the Shroud was taken from one of the most contaminated parts of the cloth, the corner, where it was held by many hands over the centuries while on display to the public.

Did Jesus command Judas to betray him? If he did, what would be the significance? The latter could raise far reaching questions and the consequences could potentially rock Christianity. Many who do not understand or cannot comprehend the role of Judas in the Bible simply dismiss it, or choose to dismiss the Bible altogether and create their own rationality to form a pattern that they can accept, which for them is the safer option. The fate of Jesus was already written and would have occurred with or without Judas. It could be reasonably argued that it is difficult to imagine that Jesus would not have been recognizable by the authorities when they came for him. Likewise, Jesus knew the destiny of Judas from the moment they first met. The debate could rage on, and in doing so, we miss the point and the significance of the `betrayal' of Christ. He gave us a clue earlier on, when he said, "If the world hates you, remember that the world hated me first". The message provides great comfort and reassurance for those in despair and alone. However, for many it is difficult to detach ourselves from the resulting speculation and conspiracy theories, so ultimately our own individual conclusions are a matter of `Faith' and our own personal relationship with God, which like it or not, we each do have a relationship with him, including the atheist. There is also the matter of separating the huge distinctions between our disputes with `God' and our disputes with `Religion'. For some, it is all dangerously too confusing, so we choose neither. We have formed unreasonable expectations if we choose to find all the answers within our view of the world today, which is corruptible. A priest, rabbi, imam or scientist cannot provide the answers either, since we are all corruptible. If we choose one and dismiss all others, it makes us contemptible and very lonely indeed, with arrogance as our only companion. For many, it is a matter of knowing what the `question' is and while our focus has been distracted, it is this dilemma that has escaped us most. As Christ himself said, "The Spirit is willing, but the Flesh is weak". Revealingly, these were among his last words before confronting his fate. How much more telling is it that among his dying words were, "Father, forgive `them' for `they' know not what `they' do". In this statement, Christ was revealing to us the seed that had been implanted and carried through each generation in each of us right up until today when we wake up in the mornings and look at our own reflection in the mirror, yet still fail to acknowledge who or what we truly are.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

THE ILLUMINATI: Known by their fruit

A long time ago, the Romans would savagely beat and torture Christians, with these words, "Where is your God now?" As recently as 70 years ago, Nazi's would savagely beat and torture Jews, with these words, "Where is your God now?" In more recent years, they would savagely beat and torture Muslims in Iraq, with these words, "Where is your God now?" Today, when they have caused us to abandon God, they prepare to savagely beat and torture us, with the words, "Where is your God now?"

Every order has a design or pattern to it, which is often alluded to throughout these articles. So, who wrote these words into an ongoing 2000 year old script?

(NB: Hopefully, over the next few days, I'll elaborate more in an article I've been planning to write for some time)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

UPDATE: False Flags & The Now Predictable Patterns: Boston Marathon Bombings....

 Knowing the Illuminati tradition of "Predictive Programming"
always helps us to forecast exactly what they are planning. For example, need we forget The X-Files spin-off, The Lone Gunmen Pilot episode, prior to 9/11? 

In my previous articles, it has been demonstrated how global events have occurred over a familiar pattern, particularly becoming more overt since the mid 1800's, as the Illuminati have, as integral to their doctrinal agenda, been emerging from the dark into the light incrementally at various stages in through history, becoming increasingly more brazen. This is the very nature of the "Light Bearers" as they see themselves. Their intention is to reach a point where humanity accepts its own fate in damnation, through our conditioned indifference, resulting in the justification of our own carnage. They place their own self-deluded, egomaniac, sick twisted so-called `god' in the future position of announcing, "Mankind abandoned those who suffered, sacrificing them for their own selfish pursuits and vanity. The price you must now pay is your very soul".

YouTube Censors "Family Guy" Clip Which Predicted Boston Marathon Attack

While speculation is always dangerous, and the enemy of the Truth, it also gives credibility to the Coincidence Theorists who will be quick to denounce any Conspiracy in the Boston Bombings. However, the problem with such androids is that they always suffer from what I call FPD (Familiar Pattern Deficiency). They lack any will whatsoever to accept any evidence, no matter how much it gets right into their grill. This is why I cynically refer to them as Coincidence Theorists and the Familiar Patterns they refuse to acknowledge is a typical demonstration of  ".....they shall be known by their fruit". 

When we reach a point where we defy logic, it is only a short step to mass suicide by remote control.

Facebook Page Set Up For Boston Marathon Bombings Days Before Boston Marathon Bombings

More to come........

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Dynamics of the NWO Religion

The question that seems to have been neglected, (only due to our dependence on the mainstream media) is the reason for the aggression coming from North Korea?  The answer dates as far back as 1781, when Alexander Hamilton founded the first central bank in the United States. When Hamilton's bank charter expired in 1811, the international bankers started the war of 1812. By 1816, another privately owned U.S. bank was started with $35 million in assets. Only $7 million of that was owned by the government.

Years later, when Abraham Lincoln needed money to finance the Rothschild manufactured American Civil War, the same international bankers offered him loans with huge interest rates demanded in return at the expense of the American people. Infuriated by their demands, Lincoln approached Congress to pass a law authorizing the printing of U.S. Treasury Notes. He printed over 400 million "Greenbacks" and said,
 "We gave the people the greatest blessing they ever had, their own paper money to pay their debts."
This was debt and interest free and paid the soldiers, government employees, and purchased war supplies. The international bankers were extremely unhappy and wanted Lincoln to borrow the money from them, so that the American people would owe tremendous interest on the loan. Lincoln's solution made this seem ridiculous. Shortly after Lincoln's death, the government revoked the Greenback law which ended Lincoln's debt free, interest free money. A new national banking act was implemented and all currency became interest bearing, debt instruments, again. The Tsar of Russia was sympathetic to Lincoln's civil war effort and sent a blockade to Canada to prevent Rothschild foreign reinforcements from entering the war on the side of the confederates. From that moment on, the Rothschild's had vowed a terrible vengeance on the Russian Royal family. It was also the only remaining head of state not bankrolled by the Rothschild's, unlike those all across Europe, including their blood relatives, the German Kaiser and the British monarchy. Since they had already established the U.S. as the first masonic state, they also needed an atheistic state to generate a balance of global power that they could control. This would create an ideology personifying religious virtues as human  aspirations and not due to any divine being. In this way, creating the illusion that mankind was responsible for its own destiny, meant that it could easily be manipulated and corrupted, inspiring widespread rejection of religion. Since the people no longer had somewhere to take refuge in times of extreme hardship, war  and civil instability, they were forced to rely solely on Government, which would have to borrow to feed its people, thus generating huge profits through interest. Otherwise known as "usury", interest was a capital sin within religious doctrine, hence Christ's outrage at the money changers trading in the holy temple. While the Knights Templar had caused the Christian world to abandon devotion to religious principles, Islam remained as the only stumbling block in vehemently opposing usury, hence the Arab Spring of 2010.

Today, these bankers have accumulated almost all the earths resources and use them to blackmail every nation to surrender its remaining assets, stored in the Knights Templar Bank, Switzerland. This is done through the UN imposing sanctions. Since Gaddafi supplied the poorest African regions with wealth and valuable resources and traded with their own currency, he had to be eliminated in order to establish an African Central Bank. North Korea is now in the same position. With the prospect of the region running out of resources to feed its people, it needs to trade with the west. However, it cannot approach its allies, since all their assets are now in the hands of the bankers, and with the seizure of the worlds oil, all pipelines flowing across Europe, Africa and Asia are currently being consolidated too as soon as Asad is deposed in Syria, with Iran to follow. North Korea cannot export, since nobody will buy from it. Even if they do, the rate will be set by the globalist bankers who will almost certainly offer breadcrumbs for North Korean exports, while the cost to import would be staggering, effectively starving the region into submission. Therefore, in their despair, North Korea has only one choice.....
"These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people." - Abraham Lincoln

Friday, 12 April 2013

Arts, Media and Literature publications

The Scapegoat: Logic Does Not Apply When Subdued

 Joseph Goebbels children

"Divide & Conquer Prevents Revolution"

It's only common sense. When in times of great hardship or virus outbreak, the most vulnerable need protection.

However, if you intend to expand on your victims and increase their torture, you need someone to blame.

It is the job of Government to ease the public conscience by whatever means necessary. So please, be thankful to your Government for providing you with a good nights sleep.

Sadly, in the UK, Common Sense does NOT prevail

Copyright © 2013 Glenn Gordon All rights reserved

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tony Blair was my greatest achievement - Margaret Thatcher

Tell Ed Miliband to flush out the Blairites from his party. These parasites need to be reminded that the purpose of Government is to "Serve The People", NOT the banksters who fund the national  treasury.

It is the sworn duty of Government to "Defend, Protect and Provide for the People". This includes, protection from any virus outbreak, which in this case is "recession". They need to be reminded that the first casualty of recession is `jobs'. You cannot tell the people that there are jobs in a recession and expect them to swallow it. This is not only obvious. It is illogical and in defiance of reason and reality. However, sadly they do foolishly fall for such deception, and they have a former PR man (i.e. David Cameron) to sell such unnatural nonsense, and the Blairites are jumping on-board to endorse it. At this point, I should remind all, that Tony Blair is currently an adviser to David Cameron.

Instead of protecting the most vulnerable victims of this insidious virus, the Blairites are endorsing the Tory sadistic scapegoating and vilification of them. Furthermore, not one single dissenting voice in the Labour Party has countered that ConDem mantra that the last Government got us into this mess, by telling the truth. That truth being that, as is blatantly evident globally, it was the Banksters who created the crisis, since it is they who finance Governments. The offered incentives to each Government to persuade them to surrender their national assets. Then, they devalued those assets as they were sold in the stock market, hence demanding more as collateral. We are the only remaining natural resource, hence the urgency to force the people to work for little or nothing. David Cameron made a promise to Goldman Sachs during a meeting in Wall Street on 15 March 2012, that he would run down the NHS so badly that it would be beyond repair, thus justifying selling it, with Goldman Sachs making huge profits from charging for all healthcare and survival. The bigger agenda is population reduction.

You can read more on these issues throughout this blog.


Friday, 5 April 2013

Osborne Links Philpott Case To Benefit Reform - How disgustingly low can these sick, depraved bastards get?

Just when you think that David Cameron couldn't possibly sink to the lower depths of hell, he and George Osborne sadistically go and do it. They exploited the Olympics/Paralympics to vilify the sick and disabled. They exploited the misery of the people to gain profit through Government load sharks, such as Tory Party donor, Adrian Beecroft's They exploited Cameron's Arab Spring to profit from arms sales. They exploited the exposed wealthy Tax frauds to lecture us on `morals' from the most "immoral" Government the UK has ever experienced. Now this disgusting new low, in exploiting the tragic deaths of six children. We shouldn't even rise to the bait of "debating" the issue of the welfare of the UK's most vulnerable victims of a virus (i.e. recession), since the "Divide & Conquer" strategy was designed to prevent Revolution. Please wake up and don't be fooled by former Spin Doctor/PR man, David Cameron's despicable deception. 

Please DO NOT debate welfare. It is a ploy to make you the instigators of human carnage, thereby justifying what these scum have in store for you. Don't fall for it, and lobby the mainstream media NOT to participate in Osborne's debate.

NOTE: UK Government False Flag Imminent Next Year

Please take note today:

From sometime next year (2014), it is highly likely that the UK Government will stage a False Flag incident. I believe that it will be with Argentina over the Falkland Islands (a.k.a. Islas Malvinas) or terrorist related, since the conditions have already been set.

This is to be done to secure David Cameron's re-election.

Since Cameron was never `elected', but placed in Government by the Arms Industry, hence the Arab Spring, a False Flag or other staged major incident is likely.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

AN ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF EVIL: Giving It a Platform To Sell Itself. Esther McVey Can Sleep Soundly

A "Minister for Disabled People" ??
When I first heard this, I instinctively thought it was a cruel joke in extremely diabolical taste. Only a blatantly sadistic abomination, like former PR man/Spin Doctor, David Cameron could come up with something as ironic as that.

Take a good look at this vicious monster, Esther McVey and remember her. She insists that she can sleep at night. Of course she can. Demons masquerading as Human can easily sleep, since Evil is their very nature.

NOTE: When is someone going to address the suicide crisis instead of the "fake housing crisis" that suddenly popped up overnight, invented to justify such barbaric ethnic cleansing in David Cameron's pogroms? I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to remember how these demonic creatures cruelly mocked the suffering and suicides of the Greek people, not forgetting Cancer sufferers, Charities and the end of the NHS, which Cameron promised to destroy on behalf of Goldman Sachs in order to justify selling it for profit.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

AN ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF EVIL: Preparing the Next Generation For Sacrifice

Since May 2010 - May 2013: How have we changed? What have we allowed David Cameron & George Osborne turn us into?

The worst form of Evil is to give it a rationale to justify itself for the acceptance of the people. From the moment we find ourselves debating its merits, we give it an acceptable level, which will eventually devour us all. Who then will listen to our screams?

 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. - Isaiah 5:20

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

CAMERON'S CULL: Benefit Blitz and Mass Displacement



Divide & Conquer: part 3

Unfortunately, the Brits are either unbelievably gullible or just plain stupid. Admittedly, it does sound harsh. However, when trying exhaustively to waken these people up to their own entrapment, it is their stiff upper lip mentality that subverts them most and utterly subdues them. George Osborne knows exactly what he is doing here. His Spin Doctor former PR man boss would have rehearsed the script with him, familiarly mocking how dumb the people truly are to fall for it, again. Yet, rather than admit that they have been duped, the people would prefer to sacrifice human morals, forgoing how they have changed in just 3 years in the social engineering of an acceptable level of evil and the incremental eradication of compassion. Sadly, at the cost of their own pride and arrogance, they would rather disavow themselves of any such conditioning and remain in denial, oblivious of their own complicity in human carnage.

So. I write this as I have previously done, as a "Warning". Permitting An Acceptable Level Of Evil today is an endorsement of increasing the level tomorrow, thus sacrificing completely the will of the Human Spirit. When at some point in the future we reap what we sew, we forfeit our right to cry out for help, since the children of the next generation will turn their backs on us for submitting them as a sacrificial offering.

Being deceived by the masterful art of "Divide & Conquer" forces us to choose our place at the cost of others. Abandoning them is the damnation of our very souls.

Denial, like our earthly possessions can only last a lifetime, but the treasures we gather in our hearts through the selfless love and compassion for others can be a legacy inherited by the next generation, observed from afar by the natural home of the eternal soul.