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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 23 October 2015

Apathy Kills Film - 11 May 2010: The assault on our very souls begins, our ability for compassion gradually eroded through an epitome of malevolence

In the UK on 11 May 2010, a diabolic precedent was set in motion, oblivious to the masses who were to become so incrementally docile and critically infected by a most malleable, malevolent and esoteric virus, "Apathy". It was delivered from a manifesto and agenda of absolute compassion fatigue, upon which a rationale and justification of mass extermination could be reached. And yet still, many remain unconvinced or are in systemic denial, while their measure of pain is negotiated within the covens of global cabals, as these sociopaths distribute and devour every earthly resource at the UN dining table. Only our recognition and recall of our natural capacity for overwhelming selfless love and compassion can save us, since this was our natural state from where we came. Such unfathomable love cannot be contemplated in a corrupted state. - Glenn Gordon

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"Silence Is Consent!"

"How many more atrocities are you prepared to permit in your name? The more you allow by saying nothing, the closer to home they will come to you. By then you will have already sacrificed your right to protest. By then, your human rights have incrementally become a privilege granted by Government, self ordained as God. Now, take a good look around you in 2013. Reminiscence and reflection of yesterday may be a luxury today. Reflect on that thought in 30 years. Damning and Throwing stones at the Truth today only bruises it. It does not make it go away. Denial is the first stage of submission, written on the slow motion epitaph of human carnage". - G. Gordon

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  1. Mesmerizing. Interestingly, 4/5 of the images you used I have posted at some time or another but you put them all together well. Your final words are beautiful. I know exactly how it feels to be on the outside as I have lived here since I was a child... when you are caught up seeing the truth there is no going back if you are to have peace of soul, no matter how disturbing the world is. That inner knowing brings peace brings strength to survive and reach out....

    In my humble opinion... smile

  2. Hi

    Thank you for your kind words. I hope you'll add your self to my followers list.

    I've just had a quick look at your YouTube Channel and have subscribed to it. Please watch my film, "The War You Don't See". You can find it in the blog. It tells of the severe restrictions that journalists are subject to in eporting what is really going on in Rothschilds wars for global domination, particularly in Iraq. Altho, I should add that this is particularly harrowing to watch.

    I'm currently making a film about how the words "Islam/Muslim" were so easily associated with the word "terrorist" by the corporate owned media. Hitler did exactly the same with Jews. I often have to correct people when I hear them say that Muslims and Jews hate each other, which just goes to prove their ignorance. I tell them that Islam prohibits hatred of anyone, as its doctrine is of love, peace and understanding. Muslims and Jews could co-exist happily, if it were not for Zionist run Israel and its brutal Nazi oppression of the Palestinians. Jewish and Israel are two entirely different things.

    I always did wonder if the CIA would start making their agents redundant after the end of the Cold War! Nah, They just invented a new enemy.

  3. Interesting blog! (Although the date is set to the year of 2015 for this entry?) Will be reading it through over the next few days!

    Friar Don, OBR

    1. Thank you. I wanted to keep this as my header and first landing page. The only way to prevent it being moved further down is to date it for the future. I'll probably do the same in 2015. However, if I reach the age of 90, I'm screwed :0)

  4. Don't despair my brother, there is a Wisdom in Everything. Read this -

    Peace be with you,

    Brother into Eternity

    1. Thank you so much. I will read this with interest.

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