Monday, 2 April 2012

GCHQ 'snooping'. Are we complicit in our own servitude?

Following on from the controversy of the increasing encroachments of Big Brother, at some stage we must acknowledge that we have brought this upon ourselves and Aldous Huxley was right about us loving our servitude. We routinely shop online. We pay by Direct Debits. We subscribe to retail loyalty schemes. These and more is the strongest evidence that we submit ourselves to our own enslavement every day. For example, the latter of these, loyalty schemes. Every time we swipe our loyalty cards, we grant access to our weekly/daily shopping habits. From this act alone, we reveal our most intimate details, even to the point of how often we use the loo or the visitors we have in our homes and our relationships, our personal hygiene and sexual exploits. Then, as soon as you walk outside, there is a camera to add all this information to and before you reach your destination it is already known by someone, even when you phone them to let them know you're on your way. Sounds frightening, doesn't it? Imagine if your DNA is being used in an experiment, eg. creating a clone of you. Sounds far fetched, eh? However, not so if it's already been done and developed right now, using your blood and your molecular construction. Imagine if all this information is eventually consolidated onto one single chip to be embedded underneath your skin. Yes. That too has already begun, in Holland, as I discovered last year. If you don't pay your bills, say something inappropriate, the chip just has to be switched off as a penalty, just like in the Hollywood movie, The Net. Yeah. Hollywood again. You won't be able to buy or sell, eat or drink without the chip. Where have we heard this before? In 1987, while studying Politics, Psychology and Sociology in Belfast, I was active in supporting CND. During one my classes, I made the comment that in the future we would have to pay for water, even to the point of paying for every time we flushed the loo. I was ridiculed ans everyone just put it down to being just the typical outspoken Glenn, as usual. It didn't help matters when I added that when this happens, it will only be a small step until we start being forced to pay for the air we breathe. Some would mockingly remark at Glenn's revolution, comparing me to John Lennon or Citizen Smith and knowing I had been around upon seeing my trademark graffiti, "Apathy Kills!"

If we don't get off our knees now, it will be too late tomorrow. The career ladder is an ascension to indoctrinated serfdom. Also see my article on Channel 4 News report from 2010, revealing the plan to catalog all life on earth.

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Backlash grows over GCHQ 'snooping'. Yet the subdued Brits are still asleep.

Backlash grows over GCHQ 'snooping'

Are there no depths to pure evil that David Cameron will not stoop? Will people finally wake up and realise and accept what a "False Flag" is and their purpose, such as 9/11 and 7/7?  Well, don't be too surprised that as soon as people do show their teeth against Cameron, another False Flag will unfold. The Falklands has already been placed on standby for a staged "False Flag" incident. Or, will the Brits still be so f**king dumb and not bother to realise how much of their civil liberties and personal freedoms have diminished since 9/11. They have yet to realise how much the murder of Mark Duggan by the police had been played down as the cause of the the mass riots throughout England last year, and that police largely stood by, making no effort to rescue building being attacked. Transparent Cameron then conveniently announces plans on spying on Social Media. For God sake, Wake Up! Otherwise, tomorrow, the embedded chip will be so much easier to implement.

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