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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 20 July 2012

Colorado Shootings False Flag to Disarm Resistence to the NWO

Given draconian laws sweeping across the US at an alarming rate and the increasing despair of its citizens, the US shadow Government is determined to stamp out any resistance to the brutal oppression by the banking elite. The US constitution has been almost decimated, and the New World Order are determined to get rid of the one hurdle prized the most by the majority of Americans, "The right of the people to keep and bear Arms". It was first used in the text of the Bill of Rights (coming into law as the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States). However, the Second Amendment doesn't end there and is fruitless if not seen in the context in which it was intended. Its objective was make a provision for the people to defend themselves, family and their property against all enemies, with an emphasis on identifying said enemies as "Foreign and Domestic". Considering the period at which this law was established, it must be seen as major achievement for Human Rights. Who would have thought those civil liberties would have come under serious threat over 200 years later?

Therefore, it would seem a reasonable assumption that every effort would be strenuously made to disarm the American people today. The NWO have made it abundantly clear that they will achieve a One World Government whether through consent or conquest. They have already gained our consent through our silence, (hence the name of my campaign). The other is through their historic strategy of staged False Flags. We may not hear much of the news from the US in Ireland or the UK. However, there have been concerted efforts to change gun laws in order to disarm Americans, and the pressure has been mounting. Cue, the shootings in a cinema in Denver, Colorado, ironically timed during the screening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The Illuminati are obsessed with their symbols and rituals. The obvious outcome of these horrific shootings by a 24-year-old Phd student is to generate mass hysteria for a nationwide demand to ban guns from the hands of civilians, thus disarming any resistance to the NWO.

It can come as no surprise that David Cameron had discussed his plans for further oppression of UK citizens during his meeting in March with financial terrorists, Goldman Sachs. Cameron took a diversion from visiting Obama to fly to New York to drop in on Wall Street to meet the proprietors of Governments. Days later, the sadist flew back to the UK to gloat in Parliament over the death of the NHS. Yet, not a single dissenting voice could be heard from the media about Mr Coincidence's timely visit. No questions were raised about selling of the last remaining resource, the people, who now face the prospect of paying the banks to survive, with a guaranteed fortune in profits generated through big Pharma. Ironically, Mr Coincidence had just announced that austerity measures in the UK were set to continue until 2020. Every move. Every announcement Cameron makes is so overtly in our faces, yet not a single whimper from the corporate controlled media on his blatantly obvious predetermined malevolently cruel agenda. The silence is deafening, and so long as the people remain dependent on the controlled mainstream media, nobody will notice the human carnage gathering around their feet, despite the mounting stench of corpses right in their faces.