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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Alternative Being II

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. What defines this most is when we awaken and become aware of our true spiritual form. It is characterized by an awareness of a natural capacity for forgiveness, faith, selflessness, empathy, tolerance, real love and compassion. These are the attributes of the soul, forgotten and inhibited once we are born into human existence and the weakness of the flesh. In such an awakening, we realise that we were not sent into the world to serve ourselves but to serve a greater purpose and that this involves various forms of self sacrifice. As spiritual beings we possess the ability to comfort the inconsolable, to accept the weakness in others, to defy apathy, to defy ambition and to defy temptation. We do not need to see to believe. If you have lived a life without ever knowing love, it is because you are alive, belonging to divine love. All things upon the earth are corruptible, including love. If we redefine human morality, we adapt to an acceptable level of evil, thus reinterpreting what is God given to rationalise our human existence. Such an existence is smaller than a grain of sand. 
The attributes of the soul are difficult to reconcile in a world that suppresses them.
Faith, Forgiveness, Empathy, and Selflessness are heavenly virtues inherited by the human spirit before the flesh is corrupted on earth. Once we recognise this as our natural form, we come closer to our natural home which is beyond this world, but we must accept the sacrifice of human rejection and persecution.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Grenfell Tower unanswered questions

Since the Grenfell Tower inferno tragedy, the corporate mainstream media is preventing the truth from being pursued by avoiding the most important yet basic questions from being asked. We are being told that a grieving resident claimed that the fire was caused by his `refrigerator exploding':
  1. This apparent confession comes from residents who obviously knew the man. Why is the mainstream media strangely silent about it. The Government can barely prevent leaks, yet we are expected to believe that residents who witnessed this claim can keep silent about the identity of this unfortunate man whose fridge apparently caused the fire.
  2. There are no questions raised about the safety of home appliances, particularly certain refrigerator brands.
  3. Angry residents have claimed that their ongoing demands for safety were ignored by the authorities. The majority of the residents in Grenfell Tower were poor people from ethnic minorities and immigrants, including Syrian refugees.
  4. Angry residents and locals stated that the reason why the residents concerns were continuously ignored was because they were poor people living in the heart of a highly prestigious and wealthy area of London and that the tower block was an ugly eyesore to the rich. In other words, they just didn't fit in and made the place look bad. This must have devalued the area. Cheap cladding was used to make Grenfell Tower look prettier for the surrounding wealthy elite. 
  5. Residents claim that when they raised their ongoing concerns, Conservative party representatives commented that they ought to be grateful instead of complaining.
  6. It is not unreasonable that greedy property developers wanted to profit from the area and undesirables were an obstacle. (NB. While he was London mayor, Boris Johnston came under fire for forcing residents from their homes to allow wealthy party donors to profit from redevelopment).
Former Prime Minister, David Cameron had a past reputation as "Mr Fix it". This was partly due to his strong media background as a PR man. This included protecting paedophiles in power since he axed the ITV's Cook Report after it began investigating prominent high profile paedophiles in the Thatcher Government. David Cameron was the Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications, it won the ITV franchise. While current Prime Minister, Theresa May was his Home Secretary, Cameron prevented various inquiries into historic establishment child abuse cases. Each appointed investigator was forced to resign thus preventing political child abusers from being exposed and brought to justice. So, it may be difficult for the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy to trust an inquiry to bring anyone in power to justice for corporate manslaughter. Since being forced to resign as Prime Minister and sacked as Chancellor of the Exchequer, both David Cameron and George Osborne have had a vicious vendetta against Theresa May. Since both were known for their vindictive cruelty and immorality, they had a reputation for skillful exploitation, therefore nobody should be surprised if the media is being used to meet their agenda. Since becoming Prime Minister in 2010, arms dealer David Cameron established a society of "Profit over People". He would have viewed his successor, Theresa May as failing to honour his toxic legacy. An example of this is the headline in The Daily Telegraph on 17 June 2017 in response to angry protests in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster. The newspaper sought to exploit the situation for political gain by branding the protestors as `hard left' infiltrators exploiting the pain of the victims and their families. Such headlines have all the characteristics of Cameron's influence.

To exploit the pain and suffering of others for political gain is abhorrent and The Daily Telegraph is a typical example of how low the right wing media is prepared to stoop. After the terror attacks in Manchester which killed 22 innocent people, including children, the people of Manchester called for the boycotting of The Sun newspaper when it used the suffering of the victims for political gain. They had previously caused outrage in Liverpool after The Sun blamed Liverpool football fans for the Hillsborough disaster.

It should be noted that it was the victims, their families and local residents who brought politics into the Grenfell Tower tragedy as it highlighted the devastating divisions between rich and poor amid an increasing climate of right wing anti immigration following the Brexit referendum. For The Daily Telegraph to exploit protestors demands for justice is utterly despicable. The tragedy also highlighted the fact that despite the warnings, the Conservative Government did not consider the lives of poor people a priority. However, this should not come as a shock considering the Tory party barbaric record of cruel disdain and torture of the poor as epitomised by Cameron and Osborne. Toilet paper such as The Sun and The Daily Telegraph only reinforce this NeoCon extremism by vilifying the audacity of the poor for having a voice instead of being kept in their place.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

London attack: Theresa May says 'enough is enough' after seven killed

Addressing the Sheeple: History repeating itself

Yes, enough is enough! People have got to stop being afraid to ask the most basic yet most obvious questions just because they are inhibited by a subservient mainstream media. Why is it so monstrous to consider the coincidences of such attacks in the middle of an election campaign, especially when you are beginning to struggle against an opponent who is branded as a pacifist and most bizarrely in the wake of the accusation being reinforced after a TV debate? The people who are most outraged by such questions are the same people who will most defiantly protest that they are not being controlled and can think for themselves. Yet, with the aid of the media, few will recall the events surrounding the 7/7 London bombings in 2005. At the time Tony Blair was struggling in the polls during a general election. Then the attacks took place. It was during the 9/11 attacks that the Tavistock Institute/Chatham House wheeled out the now familiar mantra to be quoted by George Bush, that "Democracy was under attack". This guaranteed the people's total dependence on the Government. Many reading this article won't even be familiar with the terms, "False Flag" or "Hegelian Dialectic". Ignorance is by choice, thus condemning the next generation.

During the 7/7 London attacks Benjamin Netanyahu was Israel’s Finance Minister He had been warned in advance by his embassy not to attend an economic conference organized by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in collaboration with the Israeli embassy and Deutsche Bank. 

Netanyahu was staying at the Aldridge Hotel in Mayfair. The conference venue was a few miles away at the Great Eastern Hotel close to the Liverpool subway station, where one of the bomb blasts occurred. 

Rudolph Giuliani, who was mayor of New York City at the time of the 9/11 attacks, was staying at the Great Eastern hotel on the 7th of July, where TASE was hosting its economic conference, with Israel’s Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as keynote speaker. 

Giuliani was having a business breakfast meeting in his room at the Great Eastern Hotel, close to Liverpool Street station when the bombs went off. 

Monday, 29 May 2017

The Fallen Risen again

While there is light upon the earth as flesh ye shall bear witness to the trials and temptations of humanity.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Rejecting the Spirit

Evil is the energy that we provide sanctuary for from the moment we define our humanity by politics - GG

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Lesser of Two Evils

From the moment we define our humanity by politics, we lose our souls. 
Politics presents the people with two evils. Although we may chose the lesser of two evils, we still chose evil. The overall aim is to socially engineer an acceptable level of evil throughout human society. The objective for creating the false left/right paradigm in 1776 was to subvert the natural instinct of the human spirit thereby eliminating the human relationship with God. The only salvation for humanity is to adopt a concept not of this world where all things are corruptible, including love. That divine virtue is Faith and it is because it is beyond human comprehension that it cannot be controlled nor corrupted. It does not require either rationale or reason. It is in harmony with the human spirit, which is subdued from the moment we are born into the flesh. It is only in the moment of our last breath upon the earth that we reconnect with the spirit and remember our natural home in the heavenly realms.

- Glenn Gordon

Monday, 24 April 2017

Faith and the Spirit

There is this thing they call, "Faith" and immediately it generates the familiar connotations, but we cannot explain, describe or interpret something that is not of the flesh. It is of the spirit which is the only thing that science denies because they cannot claim ownership and to them it defies only `human' logic. Speak to them of angels and demons and they will readily claim human ownership defined as a science which holds all reason in this small pale blue speck of dust. When you are dead and circle the earth within only a few seconds in your brief visit throughout your journey of the universe, all knowledge and love will be natural. In the vastness of the heavens, the one that so demanded Gods love for himself was expelled to an insignificant corner with only one star to command his time.....

Monday, 20 March 2017

Spiritual Journey

When we are children our natural instinct is to explore, but when we explore beyond our natural human instinct it is because we are trying to find our way back home.

Monday, 13 March 2017

The Arrogance of Academia

You don't need an education to tell you how intelligent you are. The least intelligent are those who believe you do. They conform to the human assembly line. You conform to the human spirit that God gave you.

Apathy: An Acceptable Level of Evil

What I find most disturbing today is that my generation has been so subdued
that its blind apathy has led it to an acceptable level of evil. How much further must our social conditioning lead us to the boundaries of abomination where the sexual abuse of children and their self harming is socially endorsed as an unfortunate but acceptable symptom of modern society? If this is our position in 2004, how much further will our humanity sink into the abyss in the next generation? Must my spirit imprisoned in flesh have to travel through the ages to ask the same questions of each generation?

Monday, 30 January 2017

The Sroud of Turin and the Virgin Birth

The blood on the Shroud of Turin was missing the Y chromosome. This shows that there was no male contribution to the DNA of the blood which strongly suggests that the person wrapped in the shroud was the offspring of a Virgin.